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If you've been searching around on Google or on the Internet looking for window painting or window painters to paint or repaint your interior windows or your exterior windows on your house home or property you found the best window painting page on the internet.

We provide premium quality professional Window Painting and window repainting services in and around Calgary Alberta Canada and surrounding areas and communities. Be at big Windows small Windows medium sized windows or any size windows at all we can provide you with swim with the best window painting services your hard-earned dollars can buy. For over a decade-and-a-half now we have been me window painting industry leader riding super high quality window painting services for about half the price of our window painters competition out there. We be most price quotes.

Each one of our professional window painters can offer you three types of professional window painting services to suit your needs and your budget. the very first type of professional window painting services that we offer is professional window spray painting services. Spray painting your windows provides the best-looking results and the most protection for your windows. Be an interior window or an exterior window spray painting your windows gets a lot of paint on the windows and provides better protection. Spray painting the windows also provides the flattest looking finish possible. No brush marks no bristle marks no roller marks.

Preparation for spray painting your windows takes a little bit more time and effort and cost a little bit more money and material such as paint masking paper and tape required to mask off and prepare the area from the window for paint. Generally speaking both the inside and the outside of the window needs to be taped and last off prevent any overspray from getting on the inside or the outside of the window. Painters use masking paper tape and plastic to cover windows so they can spray a vast amount of paint onto the window and pull away the masking leaving you with the painted surface and paint only where you want it.

That's not to say that you always have to mask off or tape out all types of window frames at all times. You really only need to mask off the outside of the windows if you are not planning on repainting the walls. some painters will always mask off both the inside and the outside of the windows prior to spray painting. this is more likely when there is a drastic colour change between the window paint colour and the wall paint colour. Generally speaking again white trim paint which is common in our part of the world takes three coats of paint a wall colour to cover over top of the white paint. Or simply masking off the outside and the inside of the windows you can prevent over spray and save yourself a coat of paint around each and every window.

Sometimes it just makes sense to completely skip masking the outside of the window. Because there's so many windows or the total cost of tape and masking paper and the amount of labor required to mask off all the windows cost more than actually just go in the boat putting a third coat of paint on the walls to cover the trim paint for the window paint. This is usually done on a case-by-case basis but for the typical home or property out there it's generally good business practice to mask off the inside and the outside of the windows when you are spray painting windows. Tape and masking paper and plastic will generally cost under $100 and cost per house.

The second type of window painting services that we offer are brush and roll painting services or brush and roll window painting services. Not a whole lot of preparation is required to apply a brush and roll window painting finish. Generally speaking a competent painter can get away with a single piece of tape on the inside and the outside of the window frame and then use a brush and roller to first brush and then rolling a new coat of paint on the window. After an hour of dry time a second coat can generally be applied and the tapes pulled from the inside and the outside of the window while the paint is still wet in an effort to minimize bleed through of the paint underneath the tape.

The third type of window painting services that we offer are simply brush window painting services. Just like the brush and roll painting services that we offer simply brushing in your windows is a low preparation type of painting that can simply be done with a brush. if you were really good you can get away with out having to tape up anything. If you're not so good you wish to go to the better-safe-than-sorry route you can still get away with using a single piece of tape on the inside or the outside of the window. Well not as good as I window spray painting finish or brush and roll finish simply brushing in window frame can make any old looking window look freshly painted.

Whatever type of window painting you decide is the right type of window painting for you we can help. We come to the table prepared and able to beat most window painting price quotes you may have received from those other window painters out there. 99% of the time we can help you save time money and effort finding and hiring a window painting contractor to complete your window painting for you. Our professional window painting Services work the best when you call us and last for a price quote. Most of the time we can help you save money on window painting by simply giving us a phone call.

Absolutely be sure to check out our growing window painting profolio collection found above in our portfolio page. We've completed hundreds of window painting jobs and have a huge collection of window painting for folios from our jobs to share with you. We update our window painting catalogue of window painting portfolios as time allows be sure to check back often for updates. We also have plenty of window painting reviews on our Google my business listing that you can review to see if we are the right Window Painting company for you.