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Not all painters and decorators use a spray painting machine or use spray painting as part of their interior or exterior residential and commercial painting services. What separates every day painters and decorators from professional painters and decorators is the ability to spray paint and spray prime primer and paint onto various surfaces using a spray paint machine. Brushing and rolling and spraying is like riding a bike or driving a car. You can either ride a bike or drive a car or automobile or you can't. The same principles apply to painters and decorators. You can either be a painter that knows how to spray and can spray, or you are the painter that can't spray paint to a surface or has know knowledge about various types of spray painting. A good majority of painters out there do provide professional spray painting services but there is a large collection of painters and decorators out there that don't spray paint.

From a professional painters perspective, painters and decorators out there themselves size up their fellow painters and team mates by weather or not they are able to spray paint primer or paint or lacquer or other types of painting products onto surfaces. That's basically what separates the so called professional painters with a minimum wage hourly rate from the professional painters that earn a hundred dollars an hour or more. Any painter that can spray paint is also capable of brushing and rolling, whereas not all painters that can lay down a good brush and roll primer or paint finish can grab the closest spray painting machine and spray or respray what ever needs to be sprayed or resprayed. Anyone out there on the internet looking around for a painter to complete spray painting should be well informed not all professional painters, painting contractors, and painting companies can offer you the services that you are looking for.

Spray painting is basically an art that takes practice to make perfect like just about anything else you do in life. Simply grabbing a paint machine and loading it with primer or paint and pointing and shooting is just not going to cut it. Producing well sprayed fine primer and paint primer and paint coatings and finishes requires plenty of practice to perfect and isn't something even a professional painter with no spray painting experience is going to pick up and become an expert in inside of a shift or day or two. A professional painter taking up a painting machine for the first time is still going to likely need a couple of dozen houses, homes, properties, or painting projects to practice on to hone and sharpen up the spray painting techniques that produce perfect painting finishes and coatings, perfect results, and happy painting customers and happy painting clients. What ever spray painter you take in to complete your painting, a competent and efficient spray painter should be able to show you at least a couple hundred spray jobs.

So if you are looking for a professional spray painter to complete some professional spray painting for you it really comes down to the painter that you hire. They are either spray painting types of painters or they are not spray painting painters. They are either inexperienced spray painters that can spray paint or they are experienced spray painters that can really spray paint. There really isn't too much wiggle room you're simply either a professional spray painter or you're not. Most painters that spray paint are capable of spray painting absolutely anything while other newbie spray painters that are just getting started are likely not feeling so confident on being able to spray paint absolutely everything that they come up against. When considering hiring a spray painter to address your painting needs or painting wants or painting desires be sure you ask a couple of pointed questions to help you determine if the spray paints are you have in mind is really the right spray painter for the job at hand.

Our professional painters and decorators are veteran and journeyman spray painters and decorators. Wow 99% of the other painters and decorators out there in Calgary are likely starting their careers with the good old brush and roller, and then rolling themselves into using a spray painting machine to three or four years later, our painters seem to have all started our professional painting careers spray painting primer and paint with the gold spray painting machine. A painter starting their painting career using a spray painting machine and then learning to use a brush and roller brings to the table significantly more painting and decorating skills and experience than your average everyday so-called professional painter out there. Our professional spray painters on average have completed approximately 8, 000 to 10,000 square feet of spray priming and spray painting per day for years and decades. Simply sad that's a couple million square feet per painter and dozens of millions of square feet completed by our painting team.

It's your house or home interior or exterior or your property interior or exterior. Spray priming and spray painting with a paint machine provides the best looking results. using a paint machine to spray in primer and spray and paint will get a lot of primer and paint on the surfaces and that will provide a better looking result and a much longer lasting result simply because there's more primer and paint on the surface to offer your surface protection. if you're considering bringing in a spray painter to complete spray painting for you you're much better going with a very experienced spray painter or a team of spray painters with a couple million square feet or more of spray painting experience. there are a couple of good painters in Calgary that have such skills period but the reality is that most of the painters and Calgary know that the rest of the painters and Calgary aren't the super high quality spray painters or the right painters for the job. 

Make the right choice and consider calling in our painting company for a free painting estimate or a free painting price quote to address all of your painting and repainting decorating needs and wants. Our professional spray painters can demonstrate to you thousands of completed spray painting jobs, thousands of happy customers,, and thousands upon thousands of near perfect and near flawless spray painting finishes.