Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing services.

if you have been thinking about painting and decorating your exterior you probably heard or read somewhere that pressure washing is a clean, fast, cheap, easy way to clean your house exterior or property exterior to ready it for a paint job. We have painted a lot of exteriors and that such have completed plenty of complete top to bottom pressure washing jobs on all types of house exteriors and building and exteriors along the way. Surprisingly it seems that pressure washing is overrated for most types of exterior painting on house exteriors and building or property exteriors.

Not to say that a light pressure washing on any house or home exterior or building or building exterior can't clean the place up, because it can, and on some types of houses and homes and properties out there pressure washing is a monthly or every couple of months type of thing needed to keep the exterior clean. When it comes to readying your house for any type of exterior painting and decorating, if your paint is not peeling and your house is not too dirty you can probably completely skip the pressure washing all together and get by using your garden hose. Plenty of dirty exteriors have been simply cleaned the garden hose and made good and ready for painting.

Well you might think pressure washing is pretty easy and straightforward anyone who has gone out and pressure washed a couple of houses knows full well it is very easy to make a mess or damaged the exterior if one is too aggressive with the power washer. If you have metal soffits, which is a common thing around town, there is a lot of dust hidden and sitting on the top side of your soffits that you are unable to see. if you happen to take the pressure washer up onto your soffits put enough water on them, the water will wet the dust that is sitting on the top side of your soffits and start to run and dry everywhere. You can end up with dirt stains all over your soffits that you will have a very hard time cleaning without doing it by hand.

Most exteriors are in good shape and can stand up to the pounding of an aggressive pressure washing without fear of causing any damage. generally speaking the idea of pressure washing is to simply clean the surface off the same way you would use a coin fed pressure washer at the car wash to rinse dirt and soap off of your car. You typically do not need to get aggressive with pressure washing when the idea is simply to rinse the house off and get rid of the easy to remove dirt and debris. You are trying to get rid of the dirt in the debris without making a mess in without breaking anything. Nuby pressure washers out there tackling their first couple of exteriors will generally try to aggressively pressure wash or power wash the house or the exterior much more than is really needed.

Surfaces like stucco and wood siding that is not in good shape can easily chip away or leave scratches and dents. Any type of caulking or missing caulking areas can very easily be ripped right off the windows or the casings with just a little blast of the pressure washer. And of course you never really know what it is you are pressure washing until you actually get at it. 1 minute ear pressure washing some stucco with a stone corner or something fancy you might see on a nicer house and the next thing you know as soon as you simply dust some water on the stones a couple of the really big sized ones come off and you got some expensive damage to repair. All said and done probably 95% or more of houses are homes that are out there that needed cleaning can simply and easily and safely be cleaned with the good old garden hose.

That is not to say an aggressive power washing type of pressure wash application isn't called for on some types of failed paint jobs. We've seen plenty of failed wood siding houses that required extensive pressure washing and power washing to get rid of thousands paint chips peeling up from the wood siding. We have also seen a couple of jobs or houses that were freshly painted with the wrong type of exterior paint. Customers wondering why they're freshly painted extra shiny stucco paint job they just had completed weeks earlier is peeling and chipping away everytime it rains or hails. Sometimes you need to go in with a power washer, or more specifically a gas powered power washer and strip paint job completely off the surface. We have seen set from fireplaces coat the next door neighbour stuck hole and require extensive pressure washing as well.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of exteriors later time-tested reality dictates that most house and home and property and Commercial exteriors out there probably don't need any type of pressure or power washing. If you need it it will be clear and obvious the same way it will be when you are cleaning the dirt and soap off your car at the carwash what's a coin fed pressure washer. you know then you need to use the pressure washer and you have no doubt about it. The same is true with pressure washing your exterior you won't have any doubts about it. if your painting contractor or House Painters trying to con you out of a couple extra bucks for pressure washing or power washing your home the reality is you probably don't need it. It's easy money for the painter Because unless you're watching all they have to do is get the wall wet and tell you that they completed the work unless your exterior absolutely needed it.

If you decide to go ahead with your pressure washing anyways it's usually pretty straightforward and easy. Close all the doors and windows take everything fastened to the house or the exterior off such as the mailbox, garden hose holder, etc. Pick a side and start blasting away. You more or less only needs to take care of they're really dirty looking parts and horizontal surfaces such as the tops of Windows and window seals and the tops of doors etc. It could also be a good time to try to pressure wash out any type of leaves or twigs or branches that might've falling onto your roof and into your eavestrough and made its way between your eavestrough in your fascia.

It could also be a good time to pressure wash your downspouts and behind your downspouts you should be removing as part of your exterior painting. Twigs, leaves, and grass can build up behind your downspout areas and are a good candidate for a quick blast. Houses and homes and exteriors that have shudders around the windows should have the shudders blasted as they tend to collect a lot of dust as most flat horizontal laying surfaces do. Any spider webs or cob webs or creepy crawlers or critters can be cleaned away with a pull or two or three of a high powered gas powered power washer.

You will never get the entire exterior perfectly clean. It's just not going to happen. What you can do is blast away the dirt and debris that is easy and fast to remove and clear all the dusty areas that dust tends to commonly collect on exteriors. Exterior paint on paint shelves today pretty much sticks to anything. Including dirt. The idea is to clean or rinse the surfaces. After your house is cleaned with water, the surfaces that can be sanded should be sanded and roughed up and made ready for primer and or paint. The rest that can't be sanded are pretty much ready to go with just a rinsing. With the pressure or power wash completed and surfaces sanded you are ready for painting.

One thing should be said about pressure power washing. You need to be cautious about the weather. Any painter that had pressure washed a house on a hot 30+ degree day in the middle of summer will tell you getting wet playing in the water is rather refreshing. Who's not gonna enjoy easy money getting a house wet after quickly removing anything attached to the house and setting it aside before firing up the pressure washer and making easy money beating the heat. A couple houses a day at even a hundred bucks a pop stay

Most of the time most this type of cleaning can easily and quickly be done with a simple garden hose. No big gas-powered or electric powered pressure washer really needed. If you need something to consider you might want to consider that plenty of houses and homes get painted every day all over the place without pressure washing.