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Professional Popcorn Ceiling Stain Repair Solutions.

Got a stain on your popcorn ceiling and looking for a popcorn ceiling stain repair solution and some popcorn ceiling stain repair ideas to help you get your popcorn ceiling looking fresh and new looking again? The professional ceiling painters at 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting can help you with your popcorn ceiling stain repair issues and have your popcorn ceiling looking as new as possible fast, cheap, and easy.

Nothing wrecks a room more than a popcorn ceiling stain on your ceiling. We see it all the time. The solution to fixing your popcorn ceiling stain is to get it spray painted up with an oil based or latex based stain blocker primer and paint to get your ceiling looking newer and fresher again.

The catch is, that you typically have to prime and paint or reprime and repaint the entire room. Sure you could grab the $12 spray can of oil based or latex based stain blocker primer or paint from a local paint store or a chain store and spray in the area but chances are good you'll just be making matters worse.

The correct fix is to spray all of your popcorn ceiling with oil based stain blocking primer and paint. Depending on your needs you could also try a latex based stain blocker primer or paint or even a two in one paint and primer but facts being facts the only sure way to get ride of that popcorn ceiling stain is to have your ceiling spray painted with an oil based stain blocking paint.

Our painters and decorators in our painting company have literately spray painted hundreds upon hundreds of stained popcorn ceilings in our day. Very rarely or very seldom does a latex based paint hold up well. On the other hand the time tested and sure fix that works every single time is to spray paint your popcorn ceiling with an oil based stain blocking paint or primer or even a 2 in one paint and primer.

Your best bet is to go with oil. It's not a very nice stain blocking painting product to work with but it's never let us down, nor any of the hundreds of happy customers that called us in for ceiling painting in their popcorn ceilings that have been stained. If you're lucky you will only have a small room to paint in and if you're not lucky your stain will find itself in a huge common room area requiring the entire ceiling to be painted.

So here's how it works. Most of the time the popcorn ceilings with staining issues we see are in lived in and occupied houses, homes, and properties. As we're typically hired to spray paint the popcorn ceiling an extensive preparation job is required. All walls and all floors need to be covered as the spray painting of a popcorn ceiling is more or less like painting your ceiling with a pressure washer.

On top of that, you very likely want your walls and your floors to look the exact same way they do before we start the job. You likely don't want over spray on your walls, and you are likely not to interested in having to touch up a few walls or even repaint a few walls because of a bad tape job. The key to success is to do a very good and very sharp taping job to make sure the plastic and tape pulls away and leaves no mess.

We've completed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of popcorn stained ceiling repair jobs in our time. Your house and home or interior is in good hands. Big or medium, large or small, our ceiling painting teams have spray painted plenty of popcorn ceilings and fixed hundreds of stained popcorn ceilings time and time and time again. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to take care of your stained popcorn ceiling issues and can provide you the highest in quality professional painting services.

You can't typically brush or roll a popcorn ceiling the first time. The popcorn will simply come right off on the brush and the roller as you are applying the paint. You really do need to spray paint your ceiling and if you come across a painter that tells you that you can in fact roll out and brush and roll in oil based or latex based stain blocker paint and primer products or any paint at all be sure you say no and give us all call. You'll see what we mean when your ceiling falls off and ends up on your floor.

On the other hand, if your ceiling has previously been painted with any type of latex or oil based paint products and you know what type of paint was used, you might very well be able to get away with a brushing in and rolling out your popcorn ceiling containing the popcorn ceiling stain. It's sure not the easiest work and doesn't leave such a beautiful finish but if you are on a tight painting budget that is the way to go.

For the other people out there that just want the popcorn ceiling stain removed and fixed spray painting in your ceiling is the way to go. You'll typically find that oil based painting products cost double the price compared to latex based stain blockers but the oil paint is sure to work the first time and every time. If you want it fixed, and you want to know you will be successful the first time you painted your stained ceiling finished in popcorn texture be sure you go for the oil paint.