Popcorn Ceiling Repair

Professional Popcorn Ceiling Repair Services Should Have Your Popcorn Ceiling Looking All Brand New Again Or Better If You Find And Hire In The Right Ceiling Repair Experts.

Most of the potential Popcorn Ceiling Repair customers and clients that contact us typically have the same type of common popcorn ceiling repair issues and concerns. For a good portion of the clients and customers that call us in for popcorn ceiling repair, everyone is looking for a brand new looking or better ceiling repair job, and cost effective ceiling repair prices and services.

Lucky for you, and lucky for us, most of the time your popcorn ceiling issues can be addressed fast, cheap, easy, and in just about any location that you might be in. In this popcorn ceiling repair post we will review the most common types of popcorn ceilings that our experts comes across in our work day, and how we go about fixing, repairing, correcting, and addressing our customers ceiling concerns.

The first thing that you should be aware of, and should be obvious, is that every type of popcorn ceiling is different in each and every room in your house or home or property of business interior. Despite being a popcorn ceiling, the type of popcorn, the finish consistency of the popcorn ceiling texture, and the drywall board and drywall taping and mudding underneath is completely different from room to room.

The most common type of popcorn ceiling repairs we get calls, emails, and text messages about are water stained popcorn ceilings, and water damaged popcorn ceilings. Every now and then we might get the odd call about missing popcorn that has been scratched off or rubbed off the popcorn ceiling that might need a touch up or two. Most of the popcorn ceiling repairs we hear about are water stained and water damaged popcorn ceilings that require a professional touch and a professional repair.

Lucky for you again, and lucky for us, repairing a popcorn ceiling is actually pretty easy and pretty cheap most of the time. The best way to get the repair popcorn ceiling job that you can get is to simply retexture and reapply a new coat of popcorn ceiling texture over top of the old popcorn ceiling texture, or simply prime and paint and repaint your popcorn ceiling to address water stained popcorn ceilings. All of the above type of repair popcorn ceilings finishes are fast, cheap, and easy.

Of course, the same can not be said if you have water damaged popcorn ceilings that need or require repair. If the popcorn ceiling and the drywall underneath have absorbed too much water and swelled and sagged, replacing the drywall on the ceiling, retexturing the ceiling, and then finish painting your walls again with an interior painting finish of the same color again is the only really true and genuine fix.

Don't let any other type of popcorn ceiling texture repair experts tell you any differently. To quickly fix water stained popcorn ceilings your best bet is to spray paint it with two coats of oil based stain killer primer or paint. It doesn't matter which one you really use, just be sure your primer or paint is the bright white popcorn ceiling color you want or need and then call in a professional interior painter or ceiling painting expert to spray paint your popcorn ceilings with oil based stain killer primer or paint.

Those ceilings out there that need a new coat of popcorn ceiling texture installed can quickly spray in a new coat of latex primer over top of unpainted popcorn ceiling and then respray a new coat of popcorn ceiling texture over top of the popcorn ceiling with primer on top of it. Popcorn ceiling texture is it's own unique bright white color. The color of the primer you use could be grey or white primer, it doesn't matter, as the popcorn ceiling texture will completely cover all the primer.

Then there's those nasty water damaged popcorn ceilings. The type that soaked and sagged, or had to be cut out. Depending on where in your ceiling the damage occurred, you could be looking at having to repaint your walls as part of the popcorn repair ceiling job. 

Sometimes its simply easier to completely cover over the popcorn ceiling with new drywall board and drywall taping, and then apply new popcorn onto the new drywall. Because of the taping and mud work in the corners where the walls meet, you will have to repaint two coats of paint over top of the new drywall mud.

You can likely take a good look at your ceiling, and use the repair methods above to decide what type of approach to repairing your popcorn ceiling is best suited to your repair needs. Most of the time most popcorn ceiling repair jobs are single coat of primer and single coat of popcorn ceiling texture to fix missing popcorn ceiling texture issues, or oil based stain killer primer or oil based stain killer paint to block out the popcorn ceiling staining.