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Exterior painting is what we do. Exterior painting and exterior repainting is another one of our residential house and home painting specialties. Our small and humble residential and commercial painting company stays focused on residential Exterior Painting Services for houses and homes, professional interior painting services, professional ceiling texturing services, and a wide variety of drywall services. Call in our pro Calgary Painters for a completely free competitively priced exterior painting price quote.

Be good to your house and home and your wallet and get an exterior painting price quote from our Calgary painters before you sign on the dotted line with other local exterior painters. You could save yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars off at the cost of professional exterior house painting and get yourself a much better looking, and a much longer lasting exterior painting finish you'll enjoy for decades or longer to come.

Every house and home exterior is different. Each and every one of our exterior painting customers and clients house and home exterior painting and decorating needs and requirements are different as well. We always do our very best to consistently provide the highest quality consistent professional exterior finishing paintings and coatings from one house to the next. 

Exterior Painting Services Calgary
Expert & Professional Exterior Painting & Exterior Repainting Services.

Our work stands out as extremely high quality and bold looking. Chances are good if you've seen one of the best houses painted on the Block it could have been done by our professional exterior painting and decorating teams. Below is a list of our current exterior painting services that we offer.  Hopefully you can find what you're looking for. We provide each service independently as a single service, or we provide all services together in a typical exterior top to bottom complete repaint package.

Where possible we try to provide pricing for each type of exterior painting service that we offer, as well as a guide on how we go about each job that we do as part of our painting process, so you have a pretty good idea of what to expect should you decide to hire us to complete your painting and can get a better idea how our painting strategies apply to your house or home.

Be sure that you check back often. We update our exterior painting Services page with additional exterior painting services that we offer, and also update each individual exterior painting Services page that we offer as time allows. If you don't see a particular type of exterior painting Services listed below, rest assured that we probably paint it. Get in touch with the phone call or an email or a text message.

Roof Painting.

Not a whole lot of people out there think about roof painting when it comes to painting or repainting their house or home exterior. There are a couple of good reasons why roof painting might be a good fit for your house or home. The most common type of roof painting we see is on complete exterior makeovers that have almost every aspect of the exterior painted or repainted by professional painters.

Painting your roof can be done for a variety of reasons from strictly cosmetic in nature to color match or color coordinate a house exterior, to basic types of exterior home and house maintenance, to cover up repairs due to water damage to shingles in your roof exterior and the inability to find color matched replacement shingles for your roof. Quite a few people out there simply go about roof painting or roof coating to extend the life and long activity of their existing roofs.

Our professional exterior painters can be counted on to deliver you expert and professional roof painting services if you decide roof painting is the thing for you. We have a wide variety of professional exterior roof painting products and roof sealing products that work well on a wide variety of roofs and rooftops including sloped and asphalt and architectural shingles. Roof painting also works on metal roofing and cedar shake roofing and just about every type of roofing system there is out there.

Whatever type of roof you might have and whatever your roof Painting and protecting and decorating needs and requirements might be our competent and experienced exterior painters can help deliver you the highest and quality professional exterior roof painting applications and coatings. Protect your roof with the new coat of armor and extend the long activity of just about any roof that's in good shape or better.

Fascia Painting.

Fascia board painting is exterior painting work that we tend to do when we are doing complete exterior repaint jobs. The fascia board is commonly found below your shingles and is commonly and most often what most types of traditional eaves trough and continuous Eaves trough systems generally hang off of. Facial boards tend to take a lot of wear and tear due to water damage throughout the year. Couple of quick coats of paint on your fascia board to make your exterior look a little bit more pleasant.

Most of the time if not all the time fascia board painting is completed with the good old brush and roller. Most of the time it's the brush. It can be a little bit difficult to get the top face side above the eaves trough system currently hanging off the fascia board and the bottom sides and the insides of the fascia board connecting to the soffits generally are easy fast and cheap to clean up with a quick sanding and a couple of coats of paint with the brush and roller.

All types of wood fascia board can be painted and repainted in any color that you want. More often than not we see a lot of color matched fascia board that is color match too the exterior trim such as the soffits and the window frames and door frames and sometimes even the eaves trough and downspout or downspouts attached to the house. Well there is no right or wrong on picking the colors for your fascia the easiest and fastest no surprise method of fascia board painting is simply repainting the fascia board again in the same color.

Consider painting your fascia board when you are considering painting your exterior of your house or home. Not all types of fascia are good candidates for painting. Generally all types of wood based fascia boards used in fascia systems common all over the place clean up nice. For the best results consider priming and painting up your fascia boards with a couple of good coats of primer and paint after the eaves have been removed so your painter can lay down a better paint job before your eaves are reinstalled again.

Eavestrough Painting.

Traditional eavestrough and continuous eavestrough systems are typically made of metal or aluminium, and most if not all types of eavestrough come factory made with a primed and painted finish. Factory primed and painted metal and aluminum eavestrough systems generally hold up extremely well in most types of environments. When they do decide to go and might look better with a coat of paint, the best results will come from priming your eavestroughs first, followed up by painting them up with two or more coats of high quality exterior paint.

Brushing and rolling in primer and paint on your eavestroughs is one option, and most likely the most common and popular options. Spray painting in primer and spray painting in paint on your eaves provides the premium looking and the best results. Both options will work well, as long as you don't cheap out and go about painting your eaves without using a coat or two of high quality primer on a well cleaned, sanded, and prepared surface. Painting any type of metal eavestrough requires good cleaning, sanding, and dusting prior to priming and prior again to painting to get the best results.

Painting and repainting your eavestrough is more often done on customers and painting clients houses and homes that are going about a complete exterior painting makeover. Some customers are simply eager for complete new look and go about priming and painting everything on their exterior into their own new colors. Anytime is a good time to go about painting your exterior Eaves troughs on the outside of your house or home and for just about any reason. For a quick fresh up consider a color matched 2 in 1 paint and primer oil based painting product for fast quick and easy results.

Whatever it is you decide to do about painting eavestroughs on the exterior of your house and home it's extremely important that you prime all types of galvanized metal eavestrough and all types of metal Eaves troughs before you go about painting. Our competent and experienced house painters can help you with all of your exterior painting needs anytime that you decide that it's time to paint. Our friendly and cost-effective and very competitive price painters and decorators can help you with all of your exterior painting needs.

Soffit Painting.

Another type of popular exterior painting that are professional painters seem to do a lot of is soffit painting. Your soffits are the underside of your roof system that connects your roof to your walls. Wood soffits and aluminium soffits of all different types of colors and styles are readily available for your house or home. Traditionally we only paint and Prime wood soffits either brand new soffits or previously painted soffits. It's quite common to paint the soffits of your exterior on your house or home when one is going about painting the siding on the house or home exterior.

Like any other type of high quality painting service that we offer, our professional painters always recommend that adequate preparation and priming of the soffits is completed for one goes about painting your soffits. Soffits can generally be brushed and roll painted or spray painted with just about any type of exterior primer and then top coated or finish coated with just about any type of exterior paint. Most of the time, or more often than not, simply brushing in and rolling in soffits with high quality exterior primer and paint products is more than enough if completed by a professional. For best looking results again spray priming and spray painting your soffits provides the best looking results.

When you are considering painting your wooden soffits it's best to go about painting your soffits at the time you were painting the siding on your house or home exterior. While it is true that soffits can be painted at any time with or without painting or siding, there really are benefits to painting your siding and soffits at the same time. This will traditionally help you save money on painting labor required to allow the painter to complete the soffit painting. If you're in the market for just soffit painting, be sure you use primer coat first, followed by two or more coats of high quality exterior paint products. Most often or most of the time the soft color is color coordinated or color matched to match the rest of the trim colors around the window trim door trim etc.

Painting soffits is no easy task. It can be difficult to get appropriate ladders into place safely all around the home to get up to first floor. Second floor and third floor soffit painting can be very dangerous and very time consuming for the inexperienced. Not to mention up and down the ladder all day but there's also a substantial risk of the ladder slipping out underneath you or you simply falling off the ladder. For best results and for the least amount of risk possible it's always best for you to spray and brush and roll with a competent exterior painting professional with plenty of exterior residential painting experience.

Downspout Painting.

Yet again another popular exterior painting service that we offer is water downspout painting. Your downspouts and responsible for moving water away from your house or home foundation that makes its way from your roof into your eavestrough or gutter system and finds its way doing the water slide down the downspouts attached to the sides of your house or home exterior. More often than not we go about downspout painting on exterior paint jobs where the customers have elected to repaint all of their exterior trim or take on a complete exterior paint job makeover from the roof down to the parging at ground level and on everything in between.

For the very best in results it's always wise and good painting practice to remove the downspouts from being attached to your exterior of your house or home. Once you're downspouts have been removed from your house exterior, a good and thorough cleaning and sanding and dusting cleanup job is appropriate. Most downspout systems are metal or aluminum or galvanized metal and come factory made with a factory primer and a factory finish paint job installed. As such a good sanding to rough up the services required before a good coat of high quality exterior primer products are installed followed up by two or more coats of paint.

Once you're downspouts are removed from your house or home they are extremely easy to paint. One painting strategy we use is to simply lay down your downspouts on the tops of two or more buckets that allows us to spray Prime and spray paint just about all of the downspouts in one shot. Spray painting your downspouts provides the best looking finishes but brushing and rolling in the downspouts can provide a pretty good job too. Most important thing you can do is to make sure that you Prime first and then paint your downspouts to make sure that your paint stays stuck to your downspouts. Naturally being on the exterior of your house or home or downspouts will see a lot of water on the inside and on the outside of the downspouts. Couple of good coats of thick primer and paint protect any downspout system for a decade or longer.

Consider painting your downspouts if you are considering painting the trim on your exterior to get the best painting results. Most of the time the downspouts and the soffits and the fascia system and the trim color are all typically the same colors all around the house exterior. Your soffits can be painted any color and any Sheen that you want as long as you go about preparing the metal surfaces with a higher quality sanding to rough up the surfaces before priming and painting. Once everything has been primed and painted completely and allowed to dry restoring and returning and replacing the downspout back into place is fast and easy. If you're in a rush and on a budget your downspouts can be painted left hanging on the exterior of your house or home.

Siding Painting.

By far the most popular type of exterior painting that are professional exterior painters complete is siding painting. Almost 90% of the exterior painting projects that we take on and up being some type of siding painting. Siding for the exterior of your house or home sides comes in all type. Stucco siding, metal siding, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, Hardie board siding, wood siding, brick siding, etc are all types of traditional and very popular types of exterior siding that our painters see a lot of and paint a lot of during the busy exterior painting seasons from early spring until late fall in our part of the world.

Like all the other surfaces on the exterior or the outside of your house or home the siding of your house or home gets exposed to the elements and the weather. It's very common to see the South sides of houses and homes or the sides of homes that catch a lot of sun throughout the day and throughout the year to be extremely color faded and to be in more weathered condition than the rest of the house or home exterior. Luckily for you and the exterior of your home exterior paint can be extremely thick and as a result can help rejuvenate even the most beaten and most weathered exterior siding out there.

Special attention should be paid to the first time you are painting the siding on your house or home exterior regardless of the type of exterior siding you have. High quality looking paint jobs that last an extensively long period of time like decades start off with an extremely high quality exterior priming of your exterior siding followed by two or more coats of high quality exterior paint. If you're exterior siding has not previously been painted priming before painting will for sure get you much better results that will last a lot longer than simply skipping out on the primer and going to two coats of paint or more.

It's always important that you have an adequate amount of primer and paint installed and painted onto your exterior siding surfaces. The easiest way and the best way to get generous amounts of primer and generous amounts of paint into place on your exterior siding is to spray paint and spray Prime everything. Brushing and rolling in exterior siding simply doesn't allow you to apply as much primer or paint as you can with a spray painting machine. More primer and more paint on your exterior siding properly installed means more protection for your exterior siding and as a result you get a longer lasting paint job.

Stucco Painting.

It would seem that one of the most popular type of siding painting that we do is stucco siding painting or simply put stucco painting. As professional painters and decorators that have painted and decorated hundreds of exteriors along the way we have had an opportunity to spray paint and brush and roll in a whole lot of different types and styles of stucco on all different types and sizes of stucco siding homes all over the city and all around the city and in and around other towns and cities all around our province.

Spray painting your stucco siding is always the way to go. Don't ever be persuaded by any other painters out there that claim otherwise. First time stucco painting homeowners and property owners who's stucco exterior has not previously been painted should seriously consider priming your stucco siding first before painting your stucco siding with high quality exterior stucco paint. Priming unpainted stucco first before painting it can help you get a decade or two or longer out of the lifespan of your stucco paint job. Previously painted stucco can typically be spray painted with high quality stucco paint unless the exterior stucco has been painted with oil paint which will require priming before latex stucco paint can be used again as the top coats.

Stucco types and styles come in a wide variety. Some types of stucco is easy to paint and some type of stucco is hard and difficult to paint. Some types of stucco finishes and stucco coatings can be spray painted from some distance away by the painter, while other types of stucco coating finishes require up close and personal attention by the painter. Whatever type of stucco finish you have you should be thinking about spray painting and a type of exterior painting finish that you won't have to worry about for a decade too or longer. Not a lot of painters out there have hundreds of exterior paint jobs that have gone the decade or 10-year marker longer without failure.

When stucco painting is on the menu for any reason count on our professional stucco painters to deliver you the best in stucco painting services and the highest in quality stucco painting results. We have hundreds of stucco painting jobs for you to review to ensure you that you are dealing with the right exterior stucco painters for your house or home. Most of our stucco painting customers on stucco painting clients would say that we are very competitively priced exterior painters and our online painting portfolio is full of dozens of exterior paint jobs we've completed for you to review. When you want the best stucco painting give us a call.

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Wood Siding Painting.

Exterior Brick Siding Painting.

Exterior Window Painting.

Exterior Door Painting.

Parging Painting.

Deck Staining.

Fence Staining.

Metal Fence Painting.

Power Washing.

Garage Floor Coatings.

From what you have now to the best looking painted property on the block. Everyone knows a well painted exterior paint job when they see one. Our dedicated and experienced exterior painters and repainters can help you with a great paint job for your entire house or home or property exterior of any size.

When using our preferred brand and lines of exterior paint products our exterior painting finishes and exterior painting coatings have been lasting upwards of a decade or 10 years or longer. Save money up front on a higher quality paint job and save money in the long run if you ever need to paint again.

Each one of our exterior painters has completed hundreds of new house and new residential multi property exterior painting projects. Big or medium or small our exterior painters have painted it all and can very likely help you with just about all of your exterior painting needs.