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Popcorn Ceiling To Knockdown Ceilings

Well hello there again Calgary, and thanks for stopping in here at our popcorn ceiling to knockdown ceilings blog post right here on our professional painters online cheap Calgary painting 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting internet blog website. In this here Calgary Painters popcorn ceiling to knock down ceilings blog post we'll cover everything that you need to know to help you get yourself rid of your old popcorn ceilings and get yourself installed with some brand new knockdown ceilings

You could also review our popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceiling blog post for information on alternative ceiling finishing options to popcorn ceiling to knockdown ceilings finishes  such as a new popcorn ceiling respray, or a new splatter ceiling. All options are available to consider for a new potential ceiling finish. If repairs are more in the budget instead of replacement we offer pro popcorn ceiling repair services if required. If none of these new ceiling finishes appeal to you ceiling painting freshens up any room that needs a refreshing new feeling and vibe or interior painting make over that really makes a difference in any room.

Our affordable painters Calgary pro paint team can help get it to you straight. You should know everything you need to know about the remove popcorn ceiling and install knock down ceiling job you are about to take on after you read everything below. And hopefully be able to better contemplate if it's something you want to do to your ceiling. If you decide to do it yourself, or perhaps assist you in finding and hiring local popcorn ceiling to knock down ceilings professional ceiling refinishing expert to get yourself a new ceiling, you will have a working example blueprint we have used hundreds of times.

Be a smart and informed consumer and roll with an experienced knock down ceiling Calgary solutions provider with plenty of hands on experience. Not all Painters Calgary has out there are also expert popcorn ceiling to knockdown ceilings professionals nor ceiling repair Calgary veterans that can bring you and deliver you some of the best.

If you ever done any type of popcorn ceiling texture ceiling removal before you probably know it's a really dirty and dusty job. If not, you should know you will need to make a real mess to make everything beautiful the way you want it. If you don't take the time out to properly prepare the job site or interior the correct way you will end up with a mess all over the place, make more work for yourself, and wreck the job before you even start it. If you're a complete newb you might even wreck your entire house interior and need a whole new interior. It's cheaper to do the job the right way the first time. Proper preparation and experience is needed and essential.

Be sure you don't hire one of those local Kijiji popcorn ceiling removal hacks that will wreck your interior faster than you can get them in the door. Popcorn ceiling to knockdown ceiling finishes are a tough job even for pros. Hiring in the right professional ceiling refinishing expert can make all the difference between getting a popcorn ceiling professionally converted to a new knockdown ceiling and you getting yourself a new complete interior makeover not of your own choosing. While you might not think there's a whole lot to it, there seems to be more and more and more crappy jobs around year after year we've been called in to look at and repair or restore and clean up and paint and or repaint.

Use brand new primer, paint, and supplies right off the store shelf. The job is already risky enough why add had more risk for trying to save a couple of bucks by using used or unused new supply paint products. You're better off using new product and new paint supplies that you can buy off the shelf and come with warranty.

For the best possible results if you're thinking about converting your popcorn ceilings to knock down ceilings you should seriously consider hiring on a professional. Ideally you are looking for a ceiling texturing expert or a ceiling refinishing professional in combination with a professional residential interior house painter. If you can find a two in one professional Calgary painter that does full service ceiling refinishing too you should be in good hands. If in doubt hire a ceiling professional and a house painter.

You might not think that's the way to go but that's exactly what you're going to need yourself finding in order for you to get some of the best results that your hard earned dollars can buy. Going with the right ceiling refinishing expert to remove your popcorn ceilings and replace your popcorn ceilings with knockdown ceilings installed by a professional painter to make all the difference on you getting that perfect ceiling finish, the best prices, the best performance possible, or not getting any popcorn ceiling to knockdown ceiling finishes at all.

Before we begin there are a couple of things that you should be aware of while you are considering popcorn ceiling removal to knock down ceiling installation conversion. If you call around to the small hand full of professional ceiling refinishing providers out there most of them are probably quoting you in such a way they expect your house or home to be completely emptied as part of the deal. The best way to help prevent any type of accidents happening is to simply empty out your house of all of your property and possessions so the ceiling refinishing professionals can work safe and get in and out promptly. Popcorn Ceiling Removal Calgary solutions providers want a safe, quick, and clean solution that works.

Sometimes if you're lucky and you're really dealing with the professionals you can just leave everything exactly where it is and the job can be successfully pulled off without you having to empty your house and home. If in doubt be sure you err on the side of caution and empty your home. If that's certainly not an option you can always pay more for your ceiling refinishing experts to cover up all of your property and take the extra time and safety precautions to get your job completed. Money talks. Hopefully you can get a deal that lets you sit with your stuff inside of your home being worked around and that ends up costing less than having to empty your house and replace all your belongings back inside after completing your job.

The next thing you should be thinking about is getting the best looking results possible. No one that you call in to give you a popcorn removal to knock down estimate is going to really know what's hiding underneath your popcorn ceiling texture currently on your ceiling. Well it might be easier to scrape or soak and scrape original popcorn ceiling texture, and a little bit harder to scrape and remove painted popcorn ceiling texture, once you got all that popcorn ceiling texture off and remove you're finally be able to get a look at the status of the drywall finish your popcorn ceiling texture was applied to.

Popcorn ceiling texture installation comes in two types. The first type, and the best type, is when your house builder completely finished the ceilings before the popcorn ceiling texture was installed. The worst type of popcorn ceiling texture installation is when you remove the popcorn ceiling texture and discover you're missing a coat or two of drywall mud. None of this seems to matter if you're going to keep your original popcorn ceiling because you can't see anything. It matters on the scope of the work left to complete on your ceiling to get it knocked down ceiling ready. If the taping is not completed it's taping will need to be completed before you can apply the knockdown ceiling texture.

If that's the case your ceiling finishing expert or your ceiling refinishing Pro will likely have to go about finish taping in the last couple of coats of drywall mud onto your ceiling. After an appropriate amount of mud is on the ceiling and the ceiling is finished being taped in then the ceiling require a light sanding. It's absolutely vital that all of the ridges be sanded out. It's usually best to just sand out one room at a time and get it ready. It's not easy work. Be sure to eat some drywall dust. It tastes better with a little bit of salt and pepper. Be sure to use a dust mask or a respirator.

Once the ceiling has been sanded it's best to proceed with a spray coat of primer, and perhaps a couple of extra coats of primer over any type of tough spots. Once the primer has been spray painted on your ceiling and allowed to dry all of the little imperfections that you missed will show up. Most of those can usually be addressed with a little bit more drywall mud being applied, those areas allowed to be dried before sanding, and a little bit more primer shot into place and allowed to dry.

Knocked down ceiling mud such as spantex knockdown ceiling mud or span light knockdown ceiling mud is readily available and both are very forgiving. Your ceiling does not need to be perfectly flat after the primer coats but it needs to be in pretty good shape. Once it comes down to spraying on the knockdown ceiling mud attention can be directed to those tougher areas that might require being covered up with a direct blast of knockdown mud. 

The most important thing to watch out for are drywall holes from screws, dents, dings, blemishes and scratches that you might have missed or not paid attention to and the second most important thing to watch out for is drywall ridges on drywall mud that was not sanded down or sounded out after the mud was applied and allowed to dry. Get your ceiling like 90% flat and you are in good shape and well on your way.

You want to be on the lookout for these areas when you are spraying in your knockdown ceiling texture onto the ceiling so you can either spray knock down mud directly into them or over top of them or to cover up those tougher areas. If in doubt or you are unsure think cosmetics on the overall looking appearance. If you have some questionable looking areas spray those in lightly first and then spray in the whole room with a medium spray finish to cover everything up. You want consistency room to room not different looking finishes in every different room.

With your new knockdown ceiling installed and looking good your job is likely near completion. After you have installed your new knockdown ceiling and allowed it to dry out a day or two, it will very likely need a finish coat of oil based stain killer primer or oil-based stain killer paint to top coat over top of the knockdown ceiling. It has to be oil-based stain killer products not latex ceiling paint. 

You will require a oil based knockdown ceiling finish to keep your ceiling from yellowing. If you do not spray paint oil-based ceiling paints or flat paint onto the knockdown ceiling mud there's a very high chance that your ceiling will yellow if it's not yellow already. Simply top coat with two coats of oil-based primer or oil-based paint of course spray painted onto the ceiling for the best finish possible and allow to dry before second coat.

With all of the water and latex primer and knocked down ceiling texture mud and then finally the oil based stain killer paint or oil-based stain killer primer being sprayed into place the tape that is used to mask off and cover and protect your walls is going to get really wet. Then it's going to dry and get wet again. And it's going to dry and get wet again. As soon as it gets wet the first time the tape gets really sticky.

When you have finally finished your ceiling and you remove the tape and masking paper and plastic that is used to cover and protect your walls you're going to get some tears and rips in the areas that the tape covers. When you pull the plastic and tape down the paint on your wall we'll come down in some areas and stay stuck to the tape instead of the wall. It's fair to say that at least a wall in every room is going to need touch-ups. The way to do the touch-up is to fill the effected areas with mud twice allow them to dry and then repaint the entire wall from top to bottom again. Rinse and repeat for any wall that occurs damage along the way.

This is a really good time to consider a complete repaint of all of your walls to go with your new popcorn ceiling to knock down ceiling conversion finish. Bring a new fresh and consistent look to all of your walls to compliment your ceilings. It's a great way to deal with all the damage that will come about on the walls and everything in your house or your house or home or property will simply look better with a new ceiling and a complete new wall paint job. It may also be smart to consider painting in all of your trim again or refreshing it. Best looking results you can get is a new ceiling and a new paint job on your trim and your walls to go along with your new ceiling.

Doing a popcorn ceiling to knock down ceiling is a big messy job. It takes a lot of skill and a lot of practice to cover up your interior the right way so that a perfect new ceiling finish can be installed. You will likely get the best bang for your buck and get the best results by simply calling in a seasoned ceiling refinishing professional to complete the work for you instead of doing it yourself. Our experienced and competent Calgary painters over here at 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Paintings can help. 

Our small potatoes Calgary Painting company can help you with most if not all of your ceilings and interior painting and exterior painting needs and requirements. For over a decade and a half we've been helping customers and clients with houses and homes just like yours save money on popcorn ceiling to knock down ceiling conversion finishes. Give us a call today and we can probably help you save time and money and effort on you getting yourself one of those new knock down ceiling.