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Interior Painters - What You Should Expect To Get The Best Professional Painting Results

Interior Painters - What You Should Expect To Get The Best

Hey guys welcome back to our painting blog. Cheap Calgary Painters here again. We are here in another house interior repaint here in Calgary, Alberta, and we are painting the interior of this home. We're doing all the ceilings, all the walls, but no trim. We're doing all the kitchen cabinets. All these cabinets here will paint these in place obviously. 

I came over here yesterday on the Sunday and picked up all the cabinet doors and brought them back to the shop for sanding. We will follow that up with having them all primed and then having them all spray painted. We will be spraying all the cabinet doors by HVLP - high volume low pressure spray painting machine to give it a absolutely flawlessly smooth finish. You know, almost like a car like finish.

And because we want the painting to last, it's all going to be in an oil-based product so it's nice and durable, the paint's not going to chip off, you know, from like the wife's fingernails, pets and animals scratching the cabinets up, and it's not going to wear off with the grease or oil on your fingers through the years you use your cabinets. 

We will actually be using and painting them in an industrially enamel oil-based product and will spray it all in with an HVLP like I said. And in the end it'll be like he and she or you just bought brand new cabinets. But that's the trick is using the HVLP versus brushing and rolling, or using your conventional airless sprayer with a fine finish tip that less experienced painters try to get away with. 

We take it to the next level that's what we do in 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting. So at any rate just the walls and walls and ceilings are going the same exact color same sheen. It's a eggshell Sherwin-Williams harmony paint that we use in occupied office spaces, hospitals, schools, and in residential and commercial settings you might frequent often. 

It's very safe I really like to use that type of product when I'm working inside someone's home or inside somebody's commercial building office space and what have you. What we're doing is going around and pulling all the ceiling vents out. All those registers, everything, and we'll take them back to the warehouse paint shop and we'll spray them in as well with an oil-based product.

I really don't like putting you know latex or wall paint you know on on metal at all. It's not really not designed for that, so we take it back to the warehouse paint shop in the north east, and we'll again we'll use an oil-based product on the metal, which will make it super super durable. We'll again we'll use HVLP it'll look like he just bought you know brand new vents for his ceilings and walls.

So what we're doing is lots and nail holes we're patching all the nail holes took off all the light plate covers completely protected the floor here We have all the you know contractors paper down on the floor right now we'll fill in all the exposed tile areas with the you know drop cloths and more paper and stuff like that.

All those furniture here covered with plastic. You still have to cover this furniture here obviously and the lights, the chandelier, thing here and there again. It's covered up we'll slide this bed from side to side when we're doing the ceiling. The floor is covered thoroughly. Same thing here through the bathroom everything's covered been taken out. 

Ceilings and walls are the same color, kitchen cabinets are the same color as the walls, but that's going to go in an oil-based product like I said for added durability. Again here it's like someone came in here at one point and did this trim. You can see that's latex paint, look at the brush marks in that, look at this, that type of stuff does does not fly with me or our Calgary Painters.

The perimeter of all the walls always would be covered. To me, yeah you can throw drop cloths down but to me, drop cloths, they bundle up, and paint gets behind the drop cloths, and here you know, the paint drops hit this paper, it's soaks in, you're not dragging around paint or primer on the bottom of your work boots, and you know, walking on somebody's carpet or tile or anything like that. 

So yeah it cost a little extra money to to cover a whole floor in people's homes and office spaces with this paper. Labor wise it takes longer and material wise it takes more but that's how I do things so we can scale the extra mile I want everything to be flawless. I don't want one paint sprinkle on this on this customer's floor whatsoever so we protect the floors and we pull everything up pull all the plastic off put all the furniture back and it's original position and leave go from room to room. 

And just when we're done it'll be flawless, we'll have another super duper happy customer, and that's what it's about. So like to thank you for stopping by and reading this short little blog post about one of our residential interior painting projects. And then what we'll do with these kitchen cabinets like I said is we'll all the doors to the cabinets are at the warehouse and what we'll do is spray all of them this evening. 

And we're going to let the the oil base paint cure for 3 days so it's nice and hard and then what we'll do is bring it back over here to this house the guys will all be wearing you know those little plastic you know like surging gloves and will reinstall all the kitchen cabinet doors but the new hardware on it attach it to the existing the existing cabinets here that are on the wall so the the paint will be nice and cured and hard so be no fingerprints or anything on any of the kitchen cabinets.

Because we'll be wearing rubber gloves for those like he just bought brand new cabinets so he's super happy and on to our next project. Thanks again for reading the post, we appreciate it, have a wonderful week. If you've been thinking about hiring in professional interior painters to complete any type of painting and decorating services for you, consider calling in 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting.

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