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Cheap Calgary Painting - New Years Specials - Affordable Interior Painting Services For Less

The Best Of The Best Premium Showroom Quality Interior Painting & Interior Repainting Services Are Just A Phone Call, Email, Or Text Message Away. Save Hundreds To Thousands. Get Better Results!

Cheap Calgary Painting - New Years Specials - Affordable Interior Painting Services For Less

Professional Calgary Painting Cheap. Our Professional, Clean, Effective, Attention To Detail Painters & Decorators Help You Get Your Interior Looking All Brand New Looking & Fresh Again.

Happy New Years to you and your family. 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting provides you some of the best of the best Cheap Calgary Painting, and saves you money on painting, ceiling texturing, drywall boarding, drywall taping, drywall finishing, and drywall repairs. Our premium Calgary Painters and decorators help potential painting customers and painting clients with house and homes save a whole lot of time and money on all types of interior painting and ceiling texturing services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Most of the time, we are cheap painters, and on most paint jobs we see and take on, there is usually always a couple of common ways to help potential painting customers and clients out there save time and money on painting and decorating. 

You can count on us to do our best to help you save time and money. It's what we do. We've completed thousands of paint jobs over our careers, and have the skills, experience, and expertise to help you get the best painting results and the best painting prices in the industry. Our painters and decorators have been doing so for well over a decade. When painting prices and painting quality matter the most to you, then you have very likely found yourself the right Calgary Painting Company to handle all of your painting and decorating needs. Cheap Calgary Painting and decorating is our claim to fame. Save time and money in a phone call. Hundreds of happy customers and clients to date can't be wrong.

It's competitive out there. Anyone that has taken some serious time to call in local painting contractors, painters, and painting companies, has likely seen a lot of different prices. It's probably fair to say prices and expectations are all over the place. It can be hard for a customer to find a competent painter providing high quality painting services and competitive pricing. Our Cheap Calgary Painting teams can very likely help you with that. Our painters and painting contractors are very skilled and experienced Calgary Painting Contractors in town. It's not our first paint job. We've seen thousands of houses and tens of thousands of rooms in our careers. We do our best to provide you the best painting results and the best painting prices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas and communities.

Large, medium, big, or small, our painters and decorators have seen it all and painted it all. No matter what it is you are thinking about painting or decorating, we can probably make it look perfect, and get you painted for perfect painting prices. Before you sign up with any other painting contractor out there get a price quote from us first. Our painting business is competitive, and we only paint out showroom quality painting results. And of course we also add in over thirty plus completely free painting services with each and every job we take on. You can count on us to help you get your painting and decorating completed with minimal disruption to your house and home, and for the best prices possible.

Best Price Free Painting Estimate / Price Quote.

Most of the customers and clients that we do business with make it very clear up front that prices for painting and ceiling texturing services are the most important concern. After that comes premium showroom quality painting results, and getting the paint job completed on time and on budget without anyone burning the house or home down or dying on the job site due to some type of accident. The best way that you the consumer can get the best price on painting is to simply call in every one of the Calgary Painting Companies offering painting services and getting price quotes from them first.

After you've taken your time to call in and get free painting price quotes and estimates from all of the other Painting Contractors in Calgary, then it will likely be the best time to call in our professional house painters and get yourself and your house and home a free painting estimate from us. Our painters and ceiling texturing experts can review all of your painting and decorating needs, and all of the other price quotes and painting estimates that you have received from other painting companies in Calgary. We're not shy to tell you immediately up front if we can provide you better painting prices and better painting services or not compared to the other painters and prices you have recieved.

Lucky for you, most times we can help. Better paint that costs less, better painting strategies that get your painting completed easier and faster, better painters with better painting tools and plenty of experience and practice painting all add up to save you money. Not all painting businesses have the same business overhead. Not all painters and companies out there have the same quality painters or even see your paint job the same way other painters and decorators do.  Most of the time we can beat most free painting price quotes and most free painting estimates. And of course, we always aim for and provide showroom quality like brand new or better painting results.

You can count on us to try to keep your prices and costs down to the lowest prices that we can. Depending on your panting and decorating needs and your requirements, we might be able to save you substantially more than you expect. Give us a call, get a free painting estimate, review what your painting options are if you are looking to save money, and we can likely help you find a happy medium that can be achieved for your painting budget. Other times, you might know exactly what you want painted and just want simple, fast, cheap, and clean painting services. You can count on us to help and you can also count on us to try to help you save money on painting.

Best Price On Paint Products & Paint Supplies.

Most if not all of the painters and decorators in Calgary, Alberta mark up the cost of paint and painting products and painting supplies. While they might get a discount at the paint store that could save them about a third or so or maybe even more off of the cost of paint and supplies, you the customer typically are expected to pay the full retail price on the cost of paint and supplies. Depending on the paint and supplies the painter is using, you could be paying several hundred dollars more for the cost of paint and supplies, and of course your friendly neighborhood painting contractors are pocketing the rest and rippling you off.

Some types of houses and homes are in rough shape, and some types of paint and supplies might be a better fit for the type of paint job. If your painting company or painting contractor or painter is not going to provide you all of your paint and supply options, insists on one type of paint brand or another, won't pass on the discount off the cost of paint directly to you and your paint bill, and very likely won't provide you all of the paint supplies receipts, then chances are good that you are simply paying more for paint.  Other times, some brands and types of paint are more appropriate for the job and there is simply no discount. Smart and informed budget conscious consumers can usually save a couple of bucks on paint and supplies on any paint job.

That can add up to several hundred dollars, if not a thousand dollars or more on your paint bill in a large sized house. Paying more for paint doesn't mean you get better paint job results and it doesn't mean your painter is any good. It's your house and home. If your painter is expecting you to pay more then $20 per gallon of paint, you are paying much more for paint then you need to be. Our painters have painted and repainted hundreds of house and home interiors using 20 buck paint. Low cost painting that provides professional painting results and cost less up front should be a consideration. Most customers and clients simply don't know any better and an in the end it simply costs more to paint.

Each and every year our cost of paint and painting related supplies and painting tools get cheaper. Any time you decide to call us in for a painting estimate or a paint job, rest assured we come to the table using time proven and time tested painting products and painting supplies. You will save time and money using our preferred brands of paint and painting supplies and painting sundries. Better production time from the time our painters get in the door until we are completed the paint job helps keep your costs down even more. Everything about the paint we use, and the approach to painting is designed to help you save time and money on painting. We do our best to get cheaper in price each and every year.

Free Repairs & Free Preparation Around Your Home.

Almost all of the painters in Calgary try to gouge customers and clients want extra prices and extra fees for repairing and preparing your ceilings, walls, trim, and siding surfaces. Patching and repairing common surfaces around your house and home is simply part of the paint job. Most of the time houses and homes are in pretty good shape and only require minor repairs before the painting process can proceed. Other times major repairs like replacing drywall or siding or trim might be required along the way, but more often than not, 99% of the houses and homes we see are easily fixed and repaired with drywall mud and spackle and a little bit of dry time. You shouldn't be paying more for obvious and easy and simply to fix repairs around your house and home.

Most houses and homes that require minor to medium sized repairs can quickly and easily be mudded, filled, sanded, and made ready in just an hour or two. Somehow you are expected to pay several hundred dollars extra to maybe a thousand dollars or more for a $25 an hour painter or decorator to repair and ready for surfaces for painting. Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of paint jobs later, and this rule of thumb is still holding true. Unless there are significant repairs around your house or home, most house and home interiors and exteriors can completely be patched in under an hour or two. Professional painters that eat mud and eat paint all day know well that it really doesn't take that much longer to patch and repair everything around your house and home. That's what our painters do on each and every paint job we do. And it's also what you should expect from the professional painter you hire.

You simply can't pull off a showroom quality painting finish with out patching and repairing all of the ceilings, walls, trim, and siding in and around your home without repairs, fixing, and preparation. Painting over unrepaired and unpatched dents and dings and scratches are simply going to highlight the trouble areas and make them stand out. Don't settle for less. Professional painters patch and repair everything because that's what it takes to pull of a great paint job. If your painter and decorator is expecting you to pay out extra money for repairs, chances are very good that you are being ripped off or hosed by your painting contractor. Don't feel bad. Almost every painting company in Calgary is trying to take advantage of the customer or client. But, other times, there are Signiant repairs that will cost you time and money. Make sure you really know what you're up against.

Every house and home is different. Perfect looking and consistent looking painting finishes and painting results should be what you are hiring in your professional painter to complete for you. There is no point in painting a pig when you have the option to paint everything and make it look all brand new looking again. If you hang around and watch them painters actually complete the repairs, you will likely see and observe that it took about an hour plus to patch and repair all of the interior or exterior of your house, and perhaps an additional hour to sand it all down and clean up the mess from the dust before continuing on with the repairs. If your minor to medium sized repair concerns are not part of the paint job you are paying for, you are likely dealing with an inexperienced painting contractor that might not deliver you the perfect painting finish you are expecting.

Furniture & Property Covering, Moving, Returning.

Any professional painter out there that has completed any amount of paint jobs in an empty house or home knows full well that empty houses and homes get painted and completed a whole lot faster than a house full of the customers property and furniture. Depending on the type of painting and the type of decorating you might need in your house and home, covering up, moving, and returning property and furniture back to the original place and location is simply part of the job. Plenty of painters out there likely want more money from you to move your stuff around. Most times, customers can just leave everything right where it is, and the painter can move it around, work around it, and get the paint flying without too much difficulty. It depends on the paint job. Painting just walls isn't too much inconvenience to most customers houses and homes.

For ceiling texturing and ceiling painting and trim painting services it's a much different story. Covering up everything from top to bottom is a essential and a firm requirement that you simply must do, and have to do to keep things clean and not make a mess. Moving and covering furniture and the customers property is simply part of the paint job. Depending on the size of the home, being a small, medium or large sized house or home, this can add up to extra hours and days of time required to get things out of the way, the painting competed, and returned to the original position. Your painter wants a clean finish too. Proper covering of property and walls and floors around the house is essential to pull off a clean and fresh finish. 

There are plenty of painters and decorators out there in Calgary that simply won't even entertain the idea of covering up your house or home or property possessions for free. That's on you, or it's extra. More money. Higher costs for you. Some of the painters we know and do business with or compete against, simply won't even put in a price quote or an estimate or a bid on your job unless the house or home is completely empty. Some of the property we see in and around customers houses and homes cost more than the paint job. Hopefully you find yourself a painter or a decorator that can work around your property with little effort and for free. Moving and returning furniture and covering up everything is simply part of the paint job on just about every paint job out there. 

Don't pay more. Plenty of painters and decorators out there will happily cover, move, and return your property in your house or home as part of your paint job. You shouldn't be paying more to ready your house or home for the painters to come in and do the painting thing. You might be asked to move a few pieces here or there so the painting can start, but that's about it. Think twice about rolling with a painting company that cuts corners by having you empty your home of your property or leaving it up to you to move and cover your things up. Professional painters that paint and repaint house and home interiors all day every day know covering and moving property only adds an hour or two to the job and a couple of extra bucks in plastic and tape and masking paper.

Time & Money Saving Professional Painting Strategies.

Professional painting finishes that sell and make customers and clients happy they hired your painting company to complete the painting and decorating for them requires high quality painting finishes the painting company can sell. Most of the customers and clients that come our way for a paint job are looking to save money on professional painting. Professional painters that eat paint and mud all day know what it takes to paint out the highest quality painting finishes. It takes plenty of time and plenty of practice to consistently paint out the same painting finishes across a variety of surfaces. Using the same paint, tools, painters, painting strategies, and the same approach to painting each and every job can bring higher quality painting finishes for less to the table.

Everyone knows a professional paint job when they see one. Just as well, everyone knows when an amateur has professionally painted the interior or exterior and made a mess all over the place. It happens. Most painters and decorators out there that professional paint for a living or a career have a painting way or a painting process that they know provides excellent results. Most try to apply the way of the painter or the painting process they use the most to all areas in all locations that they paint. It typically provides the same results in the same amount of time if the same painter is using the same painting tools, painting strategies, and painting products and supplies. Once the perfect painting strategy is locked in that's more or less what the painters will use and stick with.

Saving potential painting customers and clients time and money on professional painting of all types takes time and practice to perfect. Low cost paint, higher production painting times, expert professional painters and decorators, and mass production based painting strategies really get the paint flying and paint job turn around times down low. Low yearly over head, year over year paint and paint supplies product discounts, better tools for the job, lower cost to paint, and finishing paint jobs faster can all add up to save customers money and keep us competitive priced for your consideration. Our paintings and coatings and coverings provide end result showroom quality painted results from one surface to the next at no extra charge to you.

Our painters know what works. From the paint we use, how we put the paint on, the tools we use to apply the paint - we know what's up. We use all of our painting skills and painting strategies to help reduce the cost to paint and brush, roll, and spray with time tested and time proven paint, primer, products, and paint supplies that keep painting costs down low. Hundreds of houses and customers and painting clients later and we know most painting customers and clients love saving money and getting themselves a professional painting make over. From the time that you call in, until you are shaking our hands for a paint job well done, each and every aspect of our painting business simply helping you the customer save as much money and as much time on professional painting as possible.

Post Paint Job Clean Up & Final Painting Inspection.

Sometimes you have to make a mess to make things look beautiful. Heavily lived in houses and homes and rental properties that see a lot of wear and tear and haven't seen a paint job in 20 plus years, have 500 dents and dings and scratches all over the place, are going to require a lot of drywall mud and spackle to get the job done. When the sanding starts, you can and should expect a lot of dust. Just as you should expect that your painters will clean up the mess they made. Keeping a clean job site around your house and home as your painting being completed is essential to a clean and fresh finish. Our painters clean up after ourselves and leave you a clean everything to go with your new paint job.

That may include cleaning up and removing all of the drywall dust or spackle dust, scraping and wiping up paint drops and paint drips off the floors, and a good floor sweeping and wiping and moping to go along with a vacuum cleaning and a good wipe down of everything that the dust and paint might have settled on. Most of the painting companies and painting contractors we see out there don't provide free clean up services. You might want to look at your painting contract and notice how it usually doesn't contain clean up as part of the painting process. Some do, some don't. You shouldn't have to clean up a mess your professional painter made to simply paint your home. Keeping your house and home clean takes you a long way to getting yourself fresh and clean refresh painting results

Sometimes making a mess is just part of the process of painting. Your painter should be expected to clean up everything along the way, and again at the end of the paint job as part of the final painting inspection. When it comes down to the final painting inspection your painter should be walking around room to room with you and reviewing each ceiling and each wall along the way with you. If there is any touch ups along the way, your painter sucks and you simply shouldn't be looing at touch up areas that your painter has seen and re seen dozens of times before they informed you that the job was completed. All of those concerns should have been seen and addressed by your professional painter along the way. Before they informed you they were done the professional painting for you.

Not do say a small dent or ding or nail hole doesn't get missed. It can happen. Anything beyond that and your painters suck. Sorry about your luck. The best way to avoid all of this trouble and all of the risk with hiring a painting company in Calgary is to simply call in 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting for all of your ceiling texturing, interior painting, and exterior painting and decorating needs and requirements. We've painted Hundreds of houses and homes along the way, know how to keep your house and home clean from the start of the job until the end of the job, and can still save you time and money on just about any type of painting or decorating for your house or home interior that you have in mind. Just another one of the 30 plus completely free painting services we add into your paint job free of change to help make your paint job look the best that it can.

Another Happy Customer & Well Finished Paint Job.

Our pro painters know how to paint. We'll get your interior looking brand new looking or better. And we will help you cut your costs and time and prices on getting a complete interior or exterior paint or repaint job for your residential house or home interior or exterior. Painting houses is what we do. Each one of our painters can completely paint your interior and exterior to the best and highest painting standards any time you decide you want to paint. For prompt fast, cheap, same day house and home interior residential painting services be sure to give us a call or text at 587-800-2801. Our professional house painters and decorators low price cost effective affordable and reasonable priced professional painting estimator is on stand by to head on over and give you a free painting estimate or price quote.