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Popcorn Ceiling To Flat Painted Ceilings

Hello out there again and welcome to this popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceiling blog post on our cheap Calgary painting internet website. In this here changing popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceilings blog post our professional Calgary Painters will review just about everything you need to know to get your popcorn ceiling removed, and a new primed and painted flat ceiling or smooth ceiling into place inside of your house or home or property.

Removing old popcorn ceiling textures from ceilings and replacing it with a flat ceiling or a smooth ceiling seems to be a popular ceiling refinishing finish option that plenty of Calgary and surrounding area residents seems to be very interested in. Removing old popcorn ceilings and replacing the old popcorn ceiling texture with a new knockdown ceiling, or a new splatter ceiling, ceiling painting, or simply removing old popcorn and replacing with new popcorn ceiling texture finish also seem to be other popular options customers call often about.

Taking on a popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceiling project from start to finish is likely a much bigger project then you might think it is, or expect it to be. A little bit of insight now into exactly how a typical popcorn ceiling to flat ceiling refinishing project gets completed, and what your particular site location options are, can take you a long way to helping you decide if you want to proceed, and the process or steps and or options that will need to be completed to see your new ceilings finish up to a new beautiful finish.

You'll also get some information and tips on what you can do to make your house, home, or property ready for a new popcorn ceiling to smooth flat paint grade painted ceiling, how to help you get very close to near perfect premium quality results, and of course how to help keep your prices and costs down where possible and appropriate. Every house and home and property is different so prices and production times can and likely will vary from one house and home or property to the next.

One of the best ways to help you get the best results on your popcorn ceiling to flat ceiling is to make sure that you hire an experienced ceiling refinishing professional. If you find and hire an expert experienced ceiling refinishing professional you have a substantially much better chance of getting much higher quality results then you might get delivered to you from other local popcorn ceiling removal companies that doesn't have as much experience.

If you hire in the wrong ceiling refinishing expert, painter or the wrong Calgary ceiling texture removal refinishing expert you might not be completely satisfied with your results if you are expecting perfectly flat ceilings. Your best bet is to go with a qualified professional popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceilings expert that professionally house paints, installs, removes, and repairs ceiling texture and drywall repairs every day in the normal course of business. You need a pro house painter and ceiling refinishing expert in one. We can help.

Removing your old popcorn ceiling and getting it ready to be converted to a flat painted popcorn ceiling or to a new type of ceiling texturing finish is an extremely dirty job. Really dirty. You are very likely to find many local ceiling finishing and ceiling refinishing companies want you to completely empty out your house, home, or property to convert your ceiling from popcorn to flat. You may likely be inconvenienced by being required to completely empty your home of all of your property and possessions for the ceiling conversion process to be completed. 

And of course you will have to load all of that stuff of yours back into your house, home, or property again once your ceiling is finished. It's good business practice and the default safe option to getting your ceiling converted from popcorn ceiling texture to flat or smooth painted ceiling finishes. It's also completely possible for the most part to just leave everything right where it is in place and work with a seasoned ceiling refinishing expert that can ceiling refinish your ceilings in occupied houses, homes, and property.

The next thing that you should be aware of is that you will very likely require repainting of your walls or at least touch ups and repairs on some walls in every room of the house.

Depending on the type of popcorn ceiling removal process that your ceiling technician or painter uses you may find that you have more than just the ceiling to contend with. You may see a lot of local ceiling texturing companies and ceiling refinishing companies remove popcorn ceilings by spraying and popcorn ceiling texture with water and then scraping the popcorn texture off once it's softened up. This is a very good method to remove popcorn ceilings and popcorn ceiling texture from your ceilings.

Well that may do wonders to help get your popcorn ceiling texture off your ceiling, however, when you go to remove the wet tapes that are now extra sticky because they got wet, you are likely to get the paint pulled off with the tape when you remove the protecting plastic that is used in the coverings of your walls. These repairs and touch ups are typically inevitable and simply part of the process. The best way to work around this or to address the issue is to simply plan on repainting your walls again the same color after you touch up and repair the affected areas. 

Repairs and one coat of touch-up paint and one coat of paint on each wall is sufficient to get your walls back in tip top shape again if they've suffered any type of damage or repair issues due to tape and plastic being removed from your walls after the popcorn ceiling has been stripped or removed and your ceiling finished. For best results and a clean and fresh experience you should seriously consider repainting walls after removing popcorn ceilings and converting to a flat ceiling.

If you have been thinking about changing the color in your walls this is probably a pretty good time to have your ceiling finishing expert and painter go about repairing and painting your walls in your new color. You should certainly plan on at least minimum repairs being required along the way of converting your popcorn ceiling to a flat painted paint grade ceiling. You will likely get better pricing and lower costs all around by painting or repainting during the popcorn ceiling removal process.

If you have never painted out walls connected to a new flat ceiling you should consider hiring a professional. An experienced and professional painter will know exactly how to properly repaint your walls more specifically where it connects to your ceilings. The easiest way to go about doing that is to simply hiring a competent painter in the first place and paying extras for your painter to professionally paint your walls again after you've completed the popcorn ceiling removal to flat painted ceiling process. Decide to go it alone and do it yourself you could make a mess all over your new flat ceiling by trying to save a couple of bucks.

There are plenty of ceiling texturing companies that will remove your popcorn ceiling and convert it to a new flat painted ceiling however not many ceiling texturing companies actually do professional interior painting as well. For best results and the best price consider hiring on a ceiling texturing refinishing expert that can strip and remove your popcorn ceilings and patch and repair and mud and tape your ceilings to perfection before spray painting in a new perfect ceiling painting finish.

Popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling refinishing is a trade that isn't practiced by very many local drywall tapers drywall borders or painters and decorators in the Calgary Alberta area. You likely have just a small handful of individuals or companies that are capable of delivering you premium results. We have seen plenty of jobs that have gone South and resulted in poor ceiling finishes or poor ceiling refinishing results simply because the customer hired the wrong ceiling expert to complete the work for them.

The process:

1:) preparation.
You likely heard before that a great paint job finished starts with good preparation. If you have never removed popcorn ceiling from your ceiling before you might not know that it is extremely dirty. Much skill, time, and effort must be put into proper preparation of your house and home interior before the process starts. If you don't do a perfect preparation job the first time it will show in your work and you wish you had. That's the difference between a popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceiling expert and a hack. You might not know any better if you don't have any experience.

2:) removing popcorn ceiling.
After proper preparation of your house and home interior adequate amounts of plastic and tape to cover absolutely everything on your walls and floors and exposing just your ceiling it's time to get down to popcorn ceiling removal. There's basically three common methods used to remove popcorn ceiling from your ceilings. The first method is the good old dry scrape. The second method is the soak and scrape method. And the third method is sending or grinding off your popcorn ceiling with an appropriate popcorn ceiling removal machine. There's some pros and cons to all three methods but the soak it and scrape it is the most often used method that has been producing the best results for the last 30 years or so.

3:) skim coating drywall.
Whatever method that you used to remove your popcorn ceiling texture from your ceiling The next step is grabbing some drywall mud and skim coating two full coats of drywall mud over top of whatever is left over of your popcorn ceiling after you've tended to the popcorn ceiling removal. Of course adequate dry time will be needed between coats of drywall mud. Pay attention to dark spots the next day and between coats of drywall mud as you may run into some trouble areas that don't consistently dry out by the next day and may require an extra day or additional days to completely dry. If you cheat now you'll pay for it later so be sure that you allow adequate dry time.

4:) sanding the ceiling.
It's always a good job too start in the corners or the angles of the walls where your walls and ceilings meet. If you did a good job on your skin coating those corners should be lately filled with drywall mud and should be relatively easy to send out with a medium grit sponge and some medium grit sandpaper. You're going to be doing a painted ceiling finish so you want to make sure your corners got some sharp corners to them so that your bristles can just lightly touch the ceiling while you're painting the wall. If you miss any sanding now it will be sure to show up after you got the primer coat on. Not a big deal if your primer is sandable but you sure make extra work for yourself if you have to sand out mud that you primed over because you missed it the first pass.

5:) spray primer coat.
It's time to get the primer flying. You should always be using a spray machine to spray primer coat on your ceiling. You'll be able to spray Prime the ceiling in your house and 30 to 60 minutes or Less compared to days and days and days of brushing and rolling primer on to you soon to be new flat ceiling. Don't let anyone ever try to convince you that brushing and rolling in a ceiling is superior to spray painting in the ceiling. Those are just not the correct facts. While it might only be primer you'd be surprised how awesome just the primer coat sprayed into place can make your ceiling look. A smart way is to spray in all your angles first and then fill in the middle work your way from room to room.

6:) touch ups.
After you got your primer coat of primer spray painted on your ceiling you should allow adequate dry time and then start taking a look for drywall touch ups on your new ceiling. Certainly be on the lookout for patches that you forgot to send or rougher areas that are going to need some more mud or more primer before getting on to actual ceiling painting. Usually these areas can just be touched up with drywall mud and a knife and allowed to dry before sanding and spot priming over the corrected areas. You should set the bar high here and try to get everything patched in a dress before you get onto the painting. If not you can leave it for after the first coat of paint.

7:) spray first coat.
Once you have spray painted in the primer coat, done some touch-ups on the areas on your ceiling that requires some extra attention, sanded those areas down, spot primed them with primer, and allowed everything to dry before sanding down, you are now ready to spray out your first coat of paint. Flat white ceiling paint is extremely popular for a ceiling finish color. The easiest way is just to buy yourself adequate amount of ceiling paint and use it as is right out of the can with no additional paint color or paint tint. Any interior paint that has labeled as ceiling paint or flat white paint will do the job. We like to put generous amounts of ceiling paint on our ceilings that we convert to flat painted ceilings, be sure you do the same for best results.

8:) more touch ups.
Yes, that is correct more touch-ups. After the first coat of paint is dried over top of the dried primer, and adequate amount of time has been allowed for the paint to dry it's time for more touch-ups. You probably have identified a couple of spots in your ceiling that need an extra bit of love and attention. You can address those with more drywall mud and appropriate drying time. Once you have repaired and addressed the additional ceiling issues you can simply spot prime those with a shot of paint again and allow them to dry after sanding. If you see any other darker areas or something that looks like it doesn't have enough paint on it you can get to it on the final coat of paint.

9:) spray second coat.
And now you are ready for your final coat of finish paint. Most if not all of the issues in the ceiling should be easy to see and address by now allowing you to get on with spray painting in the second coat of paint. For best results make sure that you provide generous amounts of ceiling paint for the second coat of paint or what painters call the finish coat of paint or finish coat simply. You may find even more scratches dents and dings and repair areas while you are spraying in your second coat of paint that you may wish to touch up later. Simply spray paint your paint into place wait for things to dry and then you can get out those tougher areas again.

10:) review finished ceiling.
After the primer and two finish coats of paint have been installed on your ceiling you can basically consider your ceiling painting finished. You've removed all the popcorn, skim coated two coats of drywall mud over top of the mess that the popcorn removal process left on your ceiling, sanded it down look for touch-ups, spray it off a full thick primer coat of primer onto your ceiling and then you followed up with two thick coats of flat white ceiling paint to help your popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceiling with the best possible. If you find any tougher areas that still need more mud and paint you can simply address those small areas using the same methods above and then repainting those tough spots.

11:) touch ups on walls.
I'll let your ceiling is converted from a popcorn ceiling to a flat painted ceiling and everything is left to dry now it's time to remove all the plastic from the lights on the walls and the floor and get that mess out of your house. Removing the popcorn ceiling texture and the plastic inside of your house after painting is how you find out how good your professional ceiling finishing expert is compared to the next guy. If adequate amounts of preparation have been completed on your house interior you should just simply be able to roll up all of that popcorn ceiling texture on the floor and roll it right out the front door or the back door of your house and into the garbage. You'll likely notice that the tape comes off okay and some places and in other areas it seems to pull the paint right off your walls.

12:) paint or repaint walls.
The easiest way to address touch-ups from the tape tearing the paint off of your walls is to grab yourself some spackle or some thick drywall mud and install two to three coats of drywall mud into the damaged areas. We usually just keep adding my we don't usually send the drywall patch areas between coats. After all these areas are filled and level with the rest of the walls again a light sanding is required. After all the sanding is completed you can get on with brushing and rolling in your walls. You should simply brush in the top angles or cut in the top angles twice using a brush. Then you can brush and roll one coat of paint onto all the other areas.

And that more last covers absolutely everything that you could possibly need to know about most types of popcorn ceiling removal tool at smooth painted ceiling finishing and refinishing. For the very best results you should be thinking about hiring in and contract and with a season professional that has plenty of popcorn ceiling to flat painted ceiling finishing experience. You will get the best results possible going with an experienced professional. Very lucky enough to find yourself with ceiling text during refinishing expert that also does flat painted ceiling finishing and refinishing you can likely get yourself some of the best looking results possible if you're looking for a new interior finish you'll appreciate.

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So called professional Calgary House Painters seem to be a dime a dozen. If you've been sniffing around online, on the internet for Calgary Painters, you've likely seen that most consumers out there have several hundred Calgary Interior Painters, painters, contractors, and painting companies in town to choose from. Reality is most of them suck, are out to get you, don't have the practice and experience, and yet still both demand and expect top dollars for inferior finishes.

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Most of them have about the same amount of professional painting experience that you the pro Calgary Painter looking to hire in a pro painting contractor to do some work for you does, and pretty much have no idea, or very little of any idea on what it takes to pull off pro paint and texturing finishes and see your job completed from start to finish. Some do, the significant majority don't. That's what you as the typical consumer are up against when you are in the market to hire painters for painting or texturing.

We try to hire in about a dozen so called professional painters out of the competition every year, and you'd be surprised what the so called local professionals turn out and try to sell to customers for double, or triple or more of the going rate. Seems all of the best of the professional painters in Calgary in town and around town seem to really charge the actual lowest prices and actually deliver the best results, yet the no experienced painters and decorators charge two, three, or four times more, and don't have that obvious fine finish final touch yet.

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You as a consumer should be thinking about getting the best professional painting results first if you are considering hiring in residential painting Calgary service providers, and the best professional painting prices second. Reality is that 75% of the Calgary House Painting pros, painters, painting companies, and painting contractors out there that you will call in for one of those free painting estimates, and or one of those free painting price quotes in Calgary, simply don't have the practice and the experience to deliver you consistent, room to room, and floor to floor high quality showroom quality results you'll admire. 

The so called pro painters or Interior Painters Calgary you hire in could wreck your house or home with that so called professional painting finish they are trying to sell you. And kaboom, just like that, you could be looking for a lot more than just a paint job, or a paint job redo as a result of hiring in the wrong painters. The wrong paint being used on the wrong surface, interior paint used on the exterior, both paint drips and paint runs left to dry on walls, siding, and trim, and in just the amount of time it takes for paint to dry hard you need a new interior or a new exterior with your new pro painter finish.

Turning out consistent painting results on every surface in every room of your house or home interior takes plenty of time and practice. There's just no way around it. Any pro painters out there that eat paint and dust all day knows there is lots to turning out premium quality results, and high quality results sometimes just take time. It really depends what the painter is walking into and what you should be expecting your finished painting results should be, but brand new looking and very well painted should be the results everyone is pushing for from the very start of any potential paint work you contract with a painter to complete for you.

Everyone out there under the sun that has previous hired house painters and ceiling texture experts understand most types of house painting, residential painting, commercial painting, and ceiling texturing services in Calgary are expensive. Material and supplies and fetching what is needed cost time and money, but professional painting labor cost you even more. Materials and supplies can be 10% to 20% of the job and labor and a bit more for over head covers the rest on most paint jobs. Custom coatings materials and supplies can sometimes cost more than the painting labor.

Every painting company is set up differently and has different operating costs and expenses. That's why it's simply better for you to call in everyone that is active in the local house painting scene and get a quote from everyone. Know what you want and need painted with what and why and make a deal with a qualified paint contractor to get painted. You should be expecting brand new looking or better where possible. Most painting companies have a long term working favorite paint brand series they prefer to paint with and won't steer you in the wrong direction on paint.

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Best Calgary Painters - Low Cost Pros

Best Calgary Painters

Hiring in the Best Calgary Painters could be just a phone call away. Thanks again for stopping in at our Low Cost Calgary Painters website and checking out this Best Calgary Painters website blog post here at 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting. Today in this here Best Painters post we cover the skills that make bills required to help local painters qualify for the so called Best Calgary Painters title. A little bit of insight could help keep your average cost to paint a house interior Calgary style and your final and total overall Calgary Painters Cost to some of the lowest prices possible. 

Painters and decorators come in all types, all shapes, sizes, and colors, and with a wide variety of painting experience. Most painters and most decorators out there have a particular way or best method they use to paint out what they think qualifies as the best painting results possible. Some painters only cater to certain types of painting or repainting such as interior painting or exterior painting in various residential, commercial, and industrial painting industries. 

If you've been thinking about hiring in a local Calgary Painting Company, or perhaps even just a single pro Calgary Painter to tackle interior painting or exterior painting instead of doing your own painting on your own, you should be thinking about getting the best painting results possible first.

And then thinking about getting the best painting prices, or the lowest painting costs, or the best painting deal possible second. Knowing how to paint out some of the best and highest quality interior painting and exterior painting finishes will take you a long way to hiring in a competent local painter to complete higher quality painting finishes and coats for you.

Not all interior painters, and not all exterior painters paint and decorate the same way, use the same painting and decorating techniques, the same painting tools, or even the same primer, paint, and stain products to complete your painting. 

Some painters are usually more often than not very happy to paint your particular brand of paint, while other painters will stand firm and insist on painting or repainting with a specific brand of interior paint or exterior paint. Some types of interior paints and other types of exterior paints are simply much easier to use, apply, and paint with.

Having a wide experience in painting different popular paint products can help zero in on a brand of paint that will maximize the look and performance of your interior painting or exterior painting project. Your professional painter estimator should be able to share with you what paint is likely to provide you the best results. 

How your local painter applies paint and which tools they use will also help take you a long way towards getting the best possible looking painting results. After all, its not the Best Calgary Painters that you will be looking at until you paint your spot again, it will be the final finish or the final coat that your local Calgary Painters leave you that you will be looking at for a long time to come.

Some types of painting finishes, such as a spray painting finish, provide the best results compared to other painting methods, such as the old brush and roller painting technique that's very popular with do it your selfers out there. Spaying in surfaces imperfection free takes lots of practice and experience, and requires years more of painting experience. 

Higher quality interior painters and decorators that specialize in showroom quality interior painting results, and higher quality exterior painters that paint out long lasting performance finishes and coatings will generally know all of the painting options available to you for your painting and decorating needs. The same thing goes for your exterior painting needs and requirements. 

How high quality your paint job actually is really comes down to the painter and the painting skills and experience of the painter that you hire in or book to complete your painting for you. Hire in the right painters and your painting will be fast, easy, flawless, and last a long time. 

Hire in the wrong painters and your painting might not get completed, will have messes and flaws, and likely require a repaint and repair. Generally speaking, you are looking for a single painter, a small team of professional painters, or a larger painting company to complete painting for you. 

You will likely get much better results staying away from the student painters or the college pro painters or the university painters outfits, and of course hiring in Kijiji Calgary Painters that only paint now and then will likely result in you finding a lower quality painting contractor that can't stay very busy pushing out the higher quality work no other painting companies or customers really want. 

Over all you want a painting company that just does painting and just does painting full time year round. Not seasonal, and not on the side. Only the pros seem to stay busy year round. If your potential painter is available immediately it's likely a sign they are not a busy and active painter or painting company. 

That's not to say that you can't do well finding and hiring a local Calgary Painter that works full time in a dedicated Calgary Painting Company and get yourself a good deal. You certainly can find those individual professionals and get yourself some fine finish painting. 

Or you could go with a painter or a painting company that doesn't exactly paint full time, have the practice or the experience to turn out higher quality paint jobs, get an inferior painting finish that likely looks like garbage and is unlikely to hold in there until the warranty expires. 

Ask any local Calgary Painting Companies owners looking for pro painters how many pro painters out there for hire and you'll get all the answers you need. Good skilled and competent painters that can consistently lay down premium finish paint paint finishes and coatings are difficult to find and get on board. 

Be on the look out for a painter that can demonstrate about a hundred completed houses to date and you likely found yourself a qualified and experienced painter that can handle all of your painting and repainting and decorating needs. Don't take risks hiring painters to paint your home.

Hopefully the painters you call in review with you a full and complete paint job make over is the way to go on most interiors. A full repaint allows all trouble spots and areas that need to be addressed to be found and fixed. Finding and repairing all issues and concerns to a new premium finish is much easier to achieve with a full repaint instead of blowing your hard earned money on say just wall painting instead of a full repaint from the top down.

If your local painter hasn't reviewed that with you then you are likely not dealing with the most experienced painters. Repainting everything in one shot provides the best results and costs you less up front compared to doing your painting in different parts and at different times. Hopefully your painter addresses that with you.

Repainting everything again in the same color, and hiring a local painter in your local neighborhood to complete a full repaint for you during the winter months is the best way, best time, and best price to complete your painting. You can paint any time but painters and paint cost more during the spring, summer, and fall exterior painting season.

Most ceilings and most trim and door finishes out there are typically white. Flat white paint or flat white colored texture on the ceiling. Semigloss white or off white on the trim and doors. Eggshell or flat paint or low sheen paint on the walls in any color is very common and traditional.

Any time you change the color of the surface from one color to the next color you will require two coats or more of paint to complete your painting. Sticking with white ceilings and white trim again, and reusing a color matched sample from your existing wall colors gets you fresh and new for less without any surprises.

Other times a complete color change make over is required, or your completing new construction house painting or perhaps a remodel renovation painting and new colors will be required on everything. These should all be treated as new construction painting requiring primer and two coats of paint on everything to get the best of the best painting results.

Most houses and homes require small to medium repairs along the way to a great paint job. Repainting everything at once will always provide you the best looking results and is really your best investment if you are in the market for painting. If you are investing money in painting to get the best you should be leaning towards a three coat paint job to be confident you can address most if not all repair issues.

Most houses and homes can clean up well with one or two coats of paint. Any type of new construction painting or renovation painting or complete house repainting project should factor in a primer coat and two top coats, or three top coats of paint over top of everything. This is the best painting technique to really help make your house or home interior shine and get that brand new looking or better look.

Again, your painter and decorator, or your painting company and the painters they put to work completing your paint job will ultimately determined the painting finish you will turn up with. On some types of work, it doesn't really matter who does the work, while other types of painting will provide better results if painted out by a more experienced painter. Ideally the finish coat on everything should be finish painted and touch up painting completed by the same painter if possible.

You might simply be better off hiring in one single individual painter to provide the best looking and most consistent looking room to room than hiring in a painting company with a team of painters all painting out your surfaces differently. That may or may not matter to you. When pushing for a premium looking final finish or final coat, having the same individual painter complete your work might provide much more consistent looking results.

Some of the best of the best painting results are achieved by spray priming and spray painting in your ceilings, spray priming and spray painting your trim, and brushing and rolling in primer and two or more finish coats of paint. In between coats you will want to review and re review for more dents, dings, scratches, holes, cracks, debris, paint drips, un sanded patches, popped screws, etc, and address those all as they show up between coats. 

A clean jobsite that stays clean is critical to premium finish results. Care should be taken to minimize stirring up the air such as slamming doors closed, opening entry and exit doors, and the furnace kicking in when paint is wet. After the paint is dry you can typically get back to what ever you were doing, but for best painting results paying attention to dust and debris being kicked into wet paint, a bit of well planned coffee breaks can go a long way to better looking painting results.

Can you do a good painting or repainting with just a brush and roller versus spray painting? Sure you can. You can also do a good job painting your car with just a brush and roller too. You'll see the difference immediately. The same holds true for spray painting in trim and ceilings. You will see the difference. That may or may not matter to you, but to some people seeking high end results, spray painting will make all the difference in the final finish.

What ever type of painting you are up against, you will never go wrong with a three coat paint job sprayed brushed and rolled into place by a professional and competent experienced painter. There are plenty of good painters in town that have the skills and experience to paint you out the best painting results. Practice makes perfect. 

The best results will likely be achieved by hiring in professional local painters that have completed hundreds of house painting and house repainting jobs primary using spray painting techniques to paint or repaint your surfaces. Have a frank discussion with your selected professional painter about how you can get the best looking results. 

And that's about all you really need to know about finding and hiring the best Calgary painters and getting yourself some of the best house painting and house repainting residential painting finish painting results that you're harder and dollars can buy. Most of the time it's really going to come down to the professional painter that you hire to complete your painting work that's going to determine ultimate final look of your new painting project.

At 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting, we can help you with all of your residential house and home and property painting needs. We spray paint, brush, roll, and eat paint and drywall mud every day. If you need some of the best looking painting results give us a call today. We consistently paint out showroom quality painting results and typically charge less than our competitors. 

How To Paint A Kitchen Cabinet - Brush & Roll

How To Paint A Kitchen Cabinet - Brush & Roll

Well hello out there again, and welcome to this How To Paint A Kitchen Cabinet - Brush & Roll blog post here on our Calgary Painting Company internet painting blog website. Today we're working on some kitchen cabinets. We'll be doing some Cabinet Painting. Cleaning them, sanding them down, we're going to prime them, then we're going to put a couple two or three coats of good quality paint on them when it's finished it can look beautiful as you will see.

This is a very popular project. These days a lot of people are wanting to paint their kitchen cabinets, so we hope maybe reading this how to paint a kitchen cabinet blog post might inspire you to do it yourself. It's not hard. You just have to follow the certain steps one after the other, after the other. The cabinet doors have all been sanded. They were washed down with a dawn dish detergent that takes off all the dust. If there was any spots of grease left that's taking them off so the surfaces are ready to go. 

What you do is, you take a brush, prime the edges, and then I'll take a four and a half inch roller. I'll roll the large areas out here. These doors have actually have got panels in them, and the panels are actually loose inside the frame. What I'm gonna do is, I'm going to run a bead of caulk down each one of them on the outside, and on the inside. 

And what that will do is, that will seal that panel to that frame, and make it much more solid. It's kind of flimsy the way they've set it up. That'll be a big improvement to the cabinet doors. Okay, so the caulk that I'm gonna use on this project will be this 950a Sherwin Williams. This is a good caulk. It's a latex caulk, goes on really good. It dries fast. 

I'll be able to paint it within an hour or so. It's a good product, I highly recommend it. A good caulking gun is very, very important. Dripless caulk gun. I believe I bought this at the Sherwin Williams store, but I think you can buy them pretty well at Home Depot, Lowes, about anywhere. A coat of primer is going to be applied, two coats of paint are going to be applied. 

How To Paint A Kitchen Cabinet Door.

So the caulking just disappears. As long as it's smooth, you'll never know the caulking has been done. Makes a big difference, especially with doors like these with that panel loose in there. It's going to secure them, and so when you shut your door, you're not going to get that little bit of rattle sound. 

Primer is a very important part to the painting process of cabinets. Think of primer as the foundation. You always want to have a good foundation, and when you apply a good primer, that's exactly what you'll get. The primer will bond to the wood, and then your paint will bond to your primer, and you have a pretty good system going there. 

A lot of paints these days advertise that they are primer and paint combined, and that's okay If you're painting walls and trim, things like that. If you're doing something as serious as painting cabinets you want to make sure that you have that good bond going on. You can see what I do with the smaller drawers is, I will tape them off, and I'm just painting the face plate. That's the only thing you need to do. 

You never paint the drawer itself inside anything like that. Unless it's a real old set of cabinets, 50, 60, 70 years old, they've been painting before, then you might want to do it. But this is the way you do like a modern set of cabinets. I will cut it in with a brush, and then I'll cut all these areas here in, where it's got the bevel. 

Okay, now you want to be sure not to leave any drips or brush marks. You don't have to put primer on real thick, you just want to cover the surface. But I'll go around, and I'll do these bevel edges. You got to watch them. They're a good place for a drip to start right in this area right here. Once I get the edges cut in the front plate, this area right here will be road happen to make a mistake which we all do.

How To Paint A Kitchen Cabinet White.

And you find a drip, just sand it off. You notice this production line I've got here works pretty good. This is the only way to do a set of kitchen cabinets. It gives you a good working surface. You have to be comfortable. If you're not, the quality of your work will diminish. Use a little inch and a half inch brush, then your brush should always have an angle on it. Very very important. 

You want to really work the primer into the wood. You notice there's a lot of different ways I'm turning my brush. And I'm working it in the crevices and points. And I'm always going back checking for runs, making sure I don't have a run. This is a good place. These areas right here a good place for a run. 

Now when you see me like for instance, this section right here, the grain of the wood is running this way. So in order to get it into the crevice, I'll go sideways, against the grain, but then what I'll do is, I'll pull my brush strokes down just like a painter would on a portrait. Pull them down to get like a reflection. They'll do that when they paint a pond and get the reflection same thing. 

So my brushstrokes aren't going against the grain. Everything goes with the grain. I learned a little tip from Bob Ross. Yeah Bob was the master painter. I'm sure everybody knows Bob. What you want to make sure is at this point right here, there's no dust, there's no debris. Make sure you take a little vacuum, or you take what they call a tack cloth run it across there. 

We don't want any dust any material on there now at all. We want to be perfectly clean. So I'm getting ready to start rolling cabinets. This is a four and a half inch roller cover. This is a Wooster. Using these high density roller covers when it comes to painting the project like this, don't pinch pennies unless you absolutely have to because this is a major project and you want it to turn out nice.

How To Paint A Wooden Kitchen Cabinet. 

Tools are everything. So go ahead spend the extra five dollars, buy the best. You won't fight it throughout the whole project. Applying the primer. This is the first coat of primer. I'll just repeat that process throughout the rest of the doors. So far, so good. The cabinet doors and drawers have now been sanded, washed, and primed. 

Now the primer's been applied. I'm just going to let these sit here overnight and cure. You got to be careful sometimes on a project like this that you can get going too fast and just because you can touch it doesn't mean the primer is necessarily cured and completely dry. I'm going to work my way inside in the same process. 

I'll sand them down, wash them down, caulk them, apply primer, and then two coats of paint. Eventually all this will go back together to make a beautiful kitchen. So there is the primer coat being applied to the cabinets. Which usually don't paint the inside or the shelving unit, just the framework. We'll get the doors done, put them back on, and it looks really nice. 

And constantly coming down and making sure that all my brush strokes are straight of course. This is just a primer. By the time I put two coats of paint on it, I will actually use four and a half inch roller and go ahead and roll these until there will be no brush strokes at all underneath, side, and on the framework. 

Nice thing about doing these how to paint a kitchen cabinet type of blog posts is also to pass on lessons that I've learned through the years. And here's a big one right here. All kitchens will have a stove. Whenever I painted over the top of the stove area, I would take my drop cloth and cover up the stove.

How To Paint A Laminate Kitchen Cabinet.

But one time, one of the knobs was on the front. I brushed up against it as I was painting. Instantly I smelt my drop cloth getting hot. No problems came of it, but it could have been disastrous. So I don't cover the stove anymore. Once I get finished painting, and I mean right after I'm finished painting, I'll just take a wet rag, and I'll just wipe it down. 

Sometimes you'll get tiny little splatters, and you just wipe it off. It takes them right off. A lesson passed on to you. What you want to do is you want to get real comfortable. You know there's nothing really fun about painting the base cabinets. Kind of awkward because they're down low. What's important is, I'm sitting on a pad, it just makes everything go a little bit easier. 

You just don't want to put too much on. Put your brush in there, dab it on each side of the bucket, you don't have a lot on there. What you're doing is, you're just working it in the wood itself, making sure it gets in the grain. anytime you do an edge, the top edge like this, I always want to come back and make sure none of it flowed over to the front section. 

Always checking. Make sure there's no runs. Why you need a good brush there. Here's an area of concern. You got the wood grain. Wood grain is where you see the stripes in the wood right here. They're going down or up depending on how you want to look at it. These pieces are going sideways. Horizontal into it. I like to paint according to the wood grain. 

So for instance. On this piece here, I'm going to go up, and down. But then on this piece where it connects, I will go horizontal. And the same here. Here's two intersections. One and two. Well, I'll paint this piece vertical. The others that connect, I'll paint horizontal. Horizontal, and then I bring my brushstroke straight through it. 

How To Paint A Melamine Kitchen Cabinet.

And that way it stays true with the lay of the grain. When I paint, I paint according to the grain. I'm getting ready to put the second coat of paint on the frame, and the first coat on the actual door panel. And the drawers. So I'm taking this sanding sponge, not putting any pressure at all. It's just the weight of the sponge and my fingers on it just going up and down. 

We have reached critical stage painting the doors and drawers. No dust, there's no lint. Everything is completely ready to go. As the paint goes over it, you may not see it eventually when it dries. Put your doors up there. It is make sure everything's totally clean in between each coat. So you just basically just run your hand over that surface, and if you feel anything anything at all.

Take your fingernails kind of scratch at it a little bit. A lot of times it's just a little piece of lint on there, something like that. But that thing ought to feel just as smooth as can be. And that's a good tip when you're painting walls and stuff too, just take your hand and just rub it across it, if you feel something it's going to show up in your paycheck.

Now we're getting ready to do the final coats on doors and the drawers. Getting down to the very last stages here. Once I get the doors and everything on, I'll come back in, and there may be a few places where I might have to touch up a little bit. One coat of primer, and three coats of paint on it. 

The main thing that you got to remember if you decide to do a project like this, that paint, even though I can touch it, it's not cured yet. That paint will take two, three, four, sometimes up to 30 days to really finally cure to the point where it's as hard as it should be. You just have to be careful when you put it all together again because everything is still soft. 

How To Paint A Metal Kitchen Cabinet.

Now I get it. To some people this looks like real nightmare. This is all your hinges, screws, different size screws, and handles. And now it's time to put all that back together. When you lay everything out like that it's pretty nice because that way there you just come over here and get what you need. 

The surface that everybody's going to see when they walk in your kitchen down on these two by fours, so I want to be sure and put a rug there to make sure I don't put any scratches on. Now I'm ready to put some hardware on and start assembling the cabinets. 

A handy and practical tip is to make sure you don't strip the screws out. Put them in. Notice when I use a drill I use it in pulses. I don't just turn it on and try to drive the screw in. Take it in easy. You got to be careful with handles, because they will strip out real easy. Once you get them started you kind of want to work them in together. 

Surgically remove stuff, organize your screws, your handles. Put it all back together. Believe you me it makes for a much better project. Those are lifetime tips for you. Everything flows better if the project is neat. All the hardware has been put back on, the doors and drawers have been put back together, and now the final phase is to get the doors put back up. 

Sometimes when you put the doors up they'll take some adjustment. But you want to just make sure you allow yourself enough time to be able to make those adjustments. I'm pretty happy with this Behr kitchen paint, it worked well. Make sure between each coat to give it enough time to dry well. And I like the primer too. 

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Professionally.

Primer is the glue. That's what glues everything to the original wood, and then the paint just goes on top of it, and becomes one strong system. You know, I've been in construction my whole life. Because most of the time I have worked by myself putting on these cabinet doors, I've got a way of balancing the door with one hand, through in drilling. 

Everything ready to go. But if you're a beginner, get some help. Have somebody hold that door for you as you line up the screws and you tighten them up. You could have spent all this time on this kitchen making these cabinets look so nice, and at the very end you slip, nicked the cabinet. You're moving the door up and down, you're scratching the face of the cabinet. 

You could really do a lot of damage to the nice kitchen that you just finished. If there's somebody available to help you hold the doors as you put them up ,it's always a good idea. If not just go slow. It's all about balance. And you can do it. It's just a little bit harder. Okay now a lot of times the cabinets will need to be adjusted. A little bit left, or right. 

And these hinges are pretty good hinges, in that they have adjustment that you can either slide the door up and down, or you can slide the door left and right, or move the bottom over, move the top over. You can have a lot of trouble with drawers getting them in and out. It has these two orange tabs on it. Another tip is when I pull the drawer out, I just reach underneath there, and I compress them, and the drawer just slides right out in the slot. 

It's in there, back and locks into place. Okay got all the doors up the drawers up. It's always nice to finish a project like this, and be able to stand back and go wow. This would be pretty high on the scale between one and ten when it comes to painting. You know you're getting up there probably eight nine maybe even a ten. 

You should be able to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself. You will probably get much better cabinet painting results, and complete your job faster by hiring in professional painters or professional cabinet painters to complete your cabinet painting for you. You could call in 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting and talk with the friendly and experienced Calgary Painters to arrange a free painting estimate or a free painting price quote.

How To Paint A Door - Brush And Roller Edition

How To Paint A Door - Brush And Roller

Hello again out there, another pro Calgary Painter here and this How To Paint A Door - Brush & Roller blog post on our low cost Cheap Calgary Painters internet website. Today we will be covering a fast and easy to way to paint a door. If you need to know how to paint a door this blog post should help get you going the right direction.

How to paint a door, or repaint a door if you prefer. It's in rough shape, and we are going to make it look all beautiful looking again as we provide this customer a full top to bottom Interior Painting finish make over. Professional Door Painting with a brush and a roller or spray painting a door provides high quality and durable Door Painting results. 

All right, so today we're going to be doing door painting So this is the technique, and the tools you'll need for 90, 80, to 90 percent of the doors that you'll be painting. So first I'm going to introduce to you all the tools you need to paint a door you should have present with you. And then show you the technique that you would use for majority of doors. 

This is one of the more complicated doors you'll see, it's usually budgeted for about an hour and 30 minutes to paint a door like this for the first coat. The second coat on anything is usually about seventy percent of the first coat, so the second coat will probably take about you know 60 minutes or so. On some dark color to light color door painting projects three coats, or four coats of paint might be needed. 

So tools we need. Obviously we got our paint, and this this paint is called grand master or grand entrance sorry We got our multi tool for opening our paint can. First thing we'll do is sanding the door and then dusting if off. Just to get it scuffed and clean, up so it's not a crazy smooth type of thing, but it's really to get it scuffed up so that there's a lot of friction so that paint can adhere or stick really well. 

How To Paint A Door With A Roller.

We got a brush, or a duster brush, so we can wipe away and dust away all the dust so that it's nice and clean before we do the actual paint application. In this case we're not going to be taking off the door handles. But sometimes when you have weird cut angles for the doors you'll remove the actual door knob put it to the side so you know which door handle goes onto what door and then you put it back on the door at the end of completing the door painting. Or the next day if possible.

All of your coats of paint should be done above drop cloth always. Don't take any unnecessary risks and try to pull hero and paint a door with no drop cloth. And of course you will need a small, new, clean, and wet rag for wiping up drips and splatters of paint that might fly onto other surfaces as part of the door painting process. Doesn't happen often but it's handy to have a wet rag handy to address drips.

I also have a putty knife. So in case I get paint on the glass, I can always kind of edge it and just like get it off quickly before it dries, or even wrap it. You'll see me doing it if I hit the glass, I'll wrap my rag around the putty knife blade, it and I'll just give the window a scrape with the rag covered putty knife to get paint off of it if I make a small mess.

Of course I also have a paint brush. I have a wiz roller, or a small roller with a new sleeve. This is just to give it a very good coat of paint once you've brushed on the paint and before it dries. You paint a coat on and smooth it out and it gives a really smooth surface for the paint to dry and make your door look new and fresh looking again.

And doors, especially with semi glosses, the more glossy the paint that you're using, the more likely it is to show the imperfections if you have brush strokes. Low sheen paints can help address that particular issue, as can simply thinning down the paint before painting Or you've brushed in different angles any of those kinds of things so you're going to notice that. 

How To Paint A Door Without Removing It.

I'm going to be doing everything very uniform. As Ii move through probably I'll do everything in a downwards direction. This particular paint has a little bit of a gloss. The glossier you paint you get, the more delicate you have to be with the actual direction of everything you are painting. It shows the most blemishes put it that way. Not an issue at all on doors that are in good shape.

Then I've got my tray. And I don't know if you can see it here, but on the ground, I've put out a drop sheet all the way across. And so that my door doesn't move too much, I'll usually put like something behind the door, so that it's not moving. Or I'll have to hold the door. As I found some newspaper, I'm just going to jot it in so the door doesn't move too much. 

So first things in this case. I'm going to do some taping. If you're really good at cutting you can probably skip the taping. But in this case, most of the time, you'll do some taping. I'm going to tape this at the bottom, the weather strip at the bottom of the door. Which is a rubber. Which we won't be painting, and there's kind of a vinyl piece here that's black which will actually look pretty sharp because we're applying a red paint. 

So the red paint will have this black contrast, and I'm just going to tape that as well. Once again you could just cut it if you were really good at it but for demonstration purposes I'm going to tape it. So when I'm taping, I'm really just focusing on the one edge first. And then I'll just roll my tape over, and I like to do it in sections so it's just not too much tape to manage. 

So that looks good. And then I'll just do another section. So maybe two, or three sections of tape. And once again, as you get better, maybe you can do the whole thing in one piece of tape. So get the edge and then I'll roll the tape over underneath. Oh yeah there we go. So as we move on and obviously inspect it's pretty much the next stage which will be sanding in a minute. 

How To Paint A Door Without Brush Marks.

So i'll get the weather strip now. Weather strips are a little easier to cut because it's a big pronounced edge, but we'll do it. Okay so next step sandpaper, rag, brush and we'll give it a scuff sand to clear any dirt, mildew, dust, peeling paint. So you can see it's creating like a roughness, and that'll have a good adherence to the paint. It doesn't have to be like take a long time or anything. 

Like honestly just doing that is a lot, so we'll kind of use the edge here of the paper, and get into these grooves where the paint tends to start peeling most of the time like 10 years later. Yeah that's it. Shouldn't take more than a couple minutes to do your sanding. Then we'll give it a quick brush with the duster brush to get everything nice and clean and dust free. 

So with everything I'm doing, I'm pretty much always moving top to bottom. That goes for everything on any house, but same with doors. Just start in your top section and move your way down clearing dust, painting, whatever it is. Top down. Always. That's it. Okay. So that's all done. So with the five in one, I can open my paint can. 

Just go circular around the paint can lid. Actually because this paint here has sat over the weekend, all right, I don't know good practice, to just give everything a shake before you pop the paint can lid off of the paint can. Be smart and give your paint can lid a wipe with the brush a couple of times to get any excess paint off of the lid. Every drop or brush full of paint costs you money so save the paint.

Okay so the first order that I'm gonna do on this door is I start with the interior stuff here. So I'm going to get all this interior work brush work done first. I'm not going to do that. And then I'll work my way up to the edges. And then I'll want to apply a lot of this paint fairly quickly especially if it's really hot outside or this door is catching a lot of sun.

How To Paint A Door Black.

I'm gonna want to move fairly quickly with rolling it out so that the paint doesn't dry out while we are in the middle of painting it so it can finish up nice. The word is uniformity. The hotter it is, the quicker you better paint, or the better you have to plan out the movement of the door. This stuff you're not going to notice if I painted this at a different time than that nearly as much as if that square is painted 25 minutes different than this one and i forgot to roll it so.

The terms are called feathering. As I move through I'm going to be feathering the door or back rolling the odd spot or tough area. To make sure it kind of like goes from harsh to kind of fades out so that I fade the next section in to the door. So let's get her started here. And really it's just becoming good at cutting these lines. I cut all my edges of the glass first, and then I roll the face. 

Because the face is what's gonna actually show. Be sure to make sure it's got that uniform and consistent looking finish. Okay, so you can see, as I cut that edge, then I cut the other edge, and then the main piece is the front here. I just want to get a nice roll. That's it. So that section is going to have a nice finish at the end. So now I just kind of feather this parts out and then I'll lead into the next section. 

I'll feather in to the next one. So I can drop down here, and I'll do the next one here. So I really go on a big angle, it makes it a lot easier to not hit the glass. So you can see I kind of hit the glass right there so I'll do a quick show of how I would deal with that. Kaboom. Done. Like it never even happened. That's it. Looks good. Some people even just hit the glass, and they just afterwards it hardens and scrapes it.

I don't think it's a good practice. Become good at cutting is the best practice. So that's done. Now I'm just going to apply tiny bit of paint on the front, and then I'll just feather it into the top section. So there we go. So now I'll move to the next ones. So that's all that's done. Okay, all right. So now that we are done, I've done painting all the interior doors. All the interiors. There was a lot. 32 interior doors.

How To Paint A Door With Glass Panels.

I did them hanging, and i did them in sections. Like I cut the edge, and then I whizzed roll the front edge to give a nice uniform look. And I just kind of slowly feather in the sections making sure they don't look inconsistent. I'm not doing too much brush work before I do the rolling. Otherwise it could dry and then it's hard to fix, or if it dries too much you'll have to sand it and fix it all. 

And that has happened. And it does happen, and it sucks. When it happens so yeah base a lot of your behavior switching back from brush to roller, on what's going on with the weather, and how hot it actually is. So you can see today we're in the shade and luckily we have a shade cover. If this door was not in the shade as much as it was i would have to paste the whole thing on. 

When basically where the sun is at any given moment, so I want to go into the shade because the doors just need time to dry. That's my biggest concern, is that sections dry at different rates. So now that this is done, you'll notice I did not cut this edge yet. I left it open. Because you're going to see how I feather that all in. So next section here, I'm going to fill that in right now. 

So this gets right into this little edge nice and thick. And I'm going to do the whole door really quickly, and then right away I'm going to get this feathered, so that I can do the rest of the door. So basically I want there's a lot of paint here. W want to just smooth it all in, and you call that feathering. So I'm going to go right into this edge. I'm going to re-roll the front edge right here. 

Re-roll that part. So see how I do this. This is feathering. And you notice that I'm keeping the whole thing in one direction. So not switch. I can switch this way, but then I have to come back another come back. Go in the same direction as well okay. So now I can get all of this a little bit of an exception on this one little section here. 

How To Paint A Door With Acrylic Paint.

So when I'm seeing paint starting to dry, it gives these a little defined things. I'm going to kind of like just push on it to disrupt it and break it up so that's about right. So that's kind of me making the entry into the face of the door. And now I can just do the same thing. I'm going to break off into sections. So I'm going to do next section. 

I think I'll do is from here to there, so like that top third of the door. So with my brush, I'm going to apply the paint on these side edges. The brush is just a faster way to get the paint onto the door. And I want to get quite a lot of paint onto the door especially because the thinner the layer of paint that I put on, the quicker it dries as well. 

Now this is really just about giving the uniform look, and making sure I end don't just end with like a really harsh end, like that you want to get it feathered out, which means that the paint just spins out into a nice fade, so that when I want to resume I can fade into it again, and it's good. So now roll it out. 

If sometimes a little bit of the cloth or any debris might get stuck in it, or if you do see it, just pick it out with your finger, or with a rag. If it dries into the door, once again we'll have to come back to sand it. Especially with a red glossy paint very hard to fix the uniformity. So it's all about catching everything while it's nice and wet, which does not last long because it dries very fast especially in the summer months.

Then at this base part here, I'm going to feather it out into for the next section of the ease of merging and before things dry too much as well. I noticed I did hit on my little hand, on my little silver part here, a little bit, so I'll get it while it's wet, or I could have taken the plate off, but I think that would have taken me to take off a doorknob and put it back on. 

How To Paint A Door With High Gloss Paint.

It's probably like 15 minutes at least, and most people forget how to put it back on, but if you get good at it, it becomes easy as well. So whichever method you pick for to use more often is okay. Okay cool, hard part is done. I'm gonna do a quick inspection. You do want to be, like I said, kind of quick. 

So if it's kind of half dried, and then I try and fix something the risk is that i could just end up peeling a section off because it's half dried to the door already. So time is of the essence with how you move through the door, and sectioning, and feathering, right. So this is all good. You can see I've feathered this stuff for the most part, and it's not very hot right now and we're in the shade at this time. 

So I can pretty much finish this whole bottom section of this door. I don't want to be switching back and forth between tools all the time, because that it's a waste of time. Whether it's on a door, or in a house, you always want to use your biggest tools first, and use your smallest tools as little as possible. But then I'm weighing that against sun management and heat management. 

So we don't have much sun. So I'm going to finish the door right now. So once again do my cut lines first, just tons of paint, just get it onto the door and I'll deal with everything else after with the roller. Getting into the cracks obviously, way easier with these brushes. So I'll kind of now get it nice, and one direction with the brush okay. 

So feather it into this top section. Sometimes I'll even do these little boxes similar to the method I use up here. Just because you have to change the angle a little bit okay. Step back, have a final inspection, make sure there's not any blotches or runs or anything like that. If there's any additional feathering you need to do so that looks good to me. Cool that is how you paint a door. 

How To Paint A Door Frame.

These are the tools you need. Those are the technique that you will most often be using. Most doors don't have all this. So usually you can do it during like 15-20 minutes. It's just these squares and we'll just do it in four sections. Then you just let it dry. In this case we're just gonna move over to this door right here, and by the time we finish that in an hour this will be dry for another coat.

If you just happen to have multiple doors, like four, or five doors, you can just move around the house moving your equipment and paint, and by the time you get to the next two doors done, then you can come back to the first one. So once you're finished the base door, one thing that people often miss. which you don't always have to do but you'll be able to tell based on what's going on with the door previously is this inner edge. 

And in this case, it's clearly brown, so we want to be changing that color. It's going to look weird when you and most of the time you won't find out until you're long gone and the job's done, the clients paid, and then they call like a week later, like hey you missed the inner part of the door, which is really easy to get. Same idea, we apply with the brush. 

We open the doors. Fully open the door, brush, and then you can cut the edge with the roller. So I'll do that, and then I'll make sure afterwards that I didn't overlap onto my front part of the door. So in which case, I'd have to use the feathering technique again. So I'll definitely have to use the feathering technique. 

I'm basically going to get this front edge, and then just fix my front part of the door first, before I finish the rest of it. Because to get into this groove, I kind of have to hit the front the front part of the door here. Very important. Just like when you're painting in general. Whenever you have a something you've hit that you're just not supposed to, sort of like maybe a wall.

How To Paint A Door With A Brush.

Which you're gonna have to come touch up later anyways, just get it while it's wet. So having your damp rag handy can save the day. Because it becomes way harder to deal with later on once the paint is dry. And you've missed it. So I hit a little bit of this white and I'm just going to wipe it off immediately. 

Cool so the first thing is get re-fix the front part. So you can see it just overlapped a bit so. I'm going to put most of the tension there and just really light on the other side so that there's it and yeah good luck on your doors. When painting doors in white colors, or light colors, you should be expecting to paint in a full three coats of paint to get everything covered. Black to white doors take four coats.

That's all there is to painting most types of doors with a brush and roller. Your other option is to spray paint your doors with a spray painting machine. The friendly and painting efficient Calgary Painters over at 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting can likely help you with your interior door painting and your exterior door painting needs and requirements in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Give a call today and get a free price quote today.