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Best Paint Colors For The Whole House

Best Paint Colors For The Whole House

Hi it's The Cheap Calgary Painters again from 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting. This Best Paint Colors For The Whole House blog post is all about the 20 best paint colors for your whole house. There's definitely a time and place where you may need a single paint color for a large area of your main floor, or perhaps you've got a rental and you just need a good neutral paint color for the entire house. 

So I have compiled the list of what I think are the 20 best whole house paint colors and these should be at the very top of your list of paint colors to sample in your home. If you've been on Instagram at all lately you have seen that white walls have been making a huge comeback in a very big way and they're really a big trend this year.

You're going to see several of my favorite whites for the whole house listed here in this Best Paint Colors For The Whole House post, but also check the best white paint colors for interiors blog post for a lot more great options. First of all, I have Swiss coffee. And Swiss coffee by Benjamin Moore is just a true classic. 

It's been a designer favorite for years because it's beautiful, it's warm, and it has this really nice creamy quality to it that makes it really versatile. And it works really nicely with dark colors creating a really pretty contrast. Next up is Chantilly Lace. Now this is a really crisp pure white and it's also great for trim and ceiling, so if you really just want to create a cohesive all-white look in your room go with Chantilly lace. 

Alabaster with Sherwin-Williams color of the year back in 2016, and there's no doubt that Alabaster has become a true favorite for homeowners and designers alike. Now Alabaster is a nice warm white, and it brings a really nice softness and serenity to any room with a good hint of creaminess to it. Paperwhite while technically a white, really looks like a very pale gray, so if you're looking for that hint of gray on your walls this is a really great paint color choice.

It will lighten and brighten your space, but it does lean toward the cool side if you're looking for something that will go really nicely with blues and greens, or you have some really nice marbles like in a bathroom, or kitchen. Paper whites are really good choice for you. now Grayish are just blends of gray and beige. It can be the best of both worlds because it can appeal to those of you who really like the look of gray but you're not really sure about moving too far away from the more traditional feeling of beige.

So Grayish make a great whole house paint color choice, because they tend to go with everything, and they tend to appeal to everyone. Probably the most popular grayish paint color out there is Benjamin Moore's Revere pewter. And it's no wonder that designers love this color, because it has just the right mix of gray and beige to satisfy almost everyone and it works with pretty much every design style. 

So this is a really great choice for open floor plan, and it is a paint color I recommend very often to my clients who are looking for that whole house paint color. Colonnade Gray is another favorite of mine and it happens to be the whole house paint color that we chose for our Calgary home. It is sometimes referred to as the Sherwin-Williams version of Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, and it is true they are very close and bring in warmth and in to any room.. 

However some people say that Colin and Gray is just a touch more neutral, in that it won't really take on any green undertones that sometimes people say they see in Revere pewter. Balboa mist is a beautiful grayish with a faint hardly noticeable purple undertone, and it is one of Benjamin Moore's most popular neutral colors. 

It's nice, and soft, It's light. It's elegant and but it does have a bit of a chameleon quality to it such that the color can change slightly during the day and in different types of lighting due to its tendency to shift color a little bit. This is one color you really need to test thoroughly on your walls before you commit to it. 

Sherwin-Williams agreeable gray is one color that everyone seems to agree is a perfectly balanced grayish paint. It's not too dark, It's not too light. It's a great choice for absolutely every room in your house, and it has become a huge favorite in the interior design world, and is one that designers everywhere wholeheartedly recommend. 

Edgecomb Gray is just a lovely soft gray, it leans a little more to the beige side than some others in this category. It has a nice kind of classic vibe to it. It's fairly reserved, which is why it pairs so well with just a wide range of natural materials, like woods, stone, and even granite. Over the last decade we saw gray overtake beige to become the most popular wall color for absolutely every room in the house. 

Grays are still very popular, they're very flexible too, offering just a fantastic neutral backdrop for a wide range of design styles. First up is Benjamin Moore's classic grey. This is a minimal barely there gray that really almost reads white, so it's a great choice if you just want to add the slightest contrast against white trim, but you want your overall look to be very light and bright with just that hint of gray to it. 

Sherwin-Williams repos gray is an excellent light medium gray paint. It's not too dark. It's not too heavy, and it's often described as the perfect gray color. It looks fantastic against pure white trim, and it's a really good whole house choice for those of you who are looking for something that looks like a true gray, but not too dark. 

Benjamin Moore silver chain is possibly one of the truest grays out there. It has no apparent purple, or strong blue green undertones. This is one that tends to stay gray on your walls in almost any lighting conditions, and it's neutral. Neutral really lets it work well with a wide range of styles. If you ask any designer, it's very likely they've heard of stonington gray. 

Stonington is part of Benjamin Moore's historic color collection, and it's just one of those timeless colors that works in both traditional and more contemporary homes. It's a light gray, but it does have a slight blue undertone, which means that it can read a tad blue in some light. It works really well with cool tones if you're going to be decorating with blues and greens, and it also works very well with marble. 

Grail by Benjamin Moore is always on my list of gray paints to recommend a client, and it's a color you'll find over and over again in photos of designer rooms. It's considered to be a true gray, but it really has more subtle blue grain undertones to it. And because of this it can look very different from one room to another. So it's really important to test this one out in a variety of lighting conditions. 

Moonshine has quickly become a Benjamin Moore bestseller. It's a pale gray with some green undertones to it, and it looks really pretty when paired with soft blues, and leaves so it's often used in bedrooms. However moonshine has this kind of ethereal nature to it, and it's a got a great ability to add just a subtle hint of color without really competing for your attention, so this quality makes it a great choice for the entire house. 

Even though grays and whites have become today's neutral color of choice, beige will always remain a timeless plastic. It's ability to work in a variety of rooms, and really warm up a space, makes it just a great choice for a whole house. Neutral, back when beige ruled the world. Sherwin-Williams killing beige was king. Page is a very warm comfortable beige that has been a top seller for Sherwin-Williams for many many years. 

If you love beige, and you want to feel of a cozy space, this is a great choice for you. Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan. It's a really nice light sandy beige, that's neutral enough to work well throughout your entire house. It's a favorite amongst designers because it's quite flexible. It's have more of a casual feel to it and it plays well with others. 

With just a touch of gray in it, it pairs really well with other grays in your home, like stainless steel, or gray stones, and it looks really pretty with a wide range of wood tones. A whole house color should be versatile, which describes accessible beige by Sherwin-Williams to a tea. Beige yes, but with enough gray to keep it nice and subtle, and very flexible for really any room in your house. 

Accessible beige is gorgeous in spaces with lots of natural light, and it provides a nice warm elegance in the evenings. If you're finding that some of the grayishes are looking too great for you, this is a great next step to take. Next up is Benjamin Moore's shaker beige. Now this is one of the top selling colors of all time for Benjamin Moore and part of their historical collection. 

This inviting paint color it's just a true classic. It's warm, it has a nice medium value to it, It's a real nice sandy color, that never really looks too yellow or two pinkish. So it's very nicely balanced. Candace tan is soft and fresh, and it's probably one of the most neutral of all the beiges on this list. It reads kind of like a pure tan without any obvious undertones, but it's also light enough to really nicely brighten up a darker space. 

So if you're looking for a classic light tan for the main areas of your home, this is a great place to start whole house paint colors for your home. Now be sure to grab samples of those paint colors before you commit to one. It's really the best and only way to choose your paint colors, and make sure that they work for your unique lighting conditions. 

You can typically have tester quarts or test color paint made up in any color at any paint store or hardware store near you. Simply get the color card or fan deck with the color you want, and bring it in to any paint store or hardware store near you. The friendly staff will be able to mix up as many colors as you need to test your new colors with.

Be sure that you pick yourself up a couple of different cheap paint brushes to test your new potential paint colors with. And always be sure you do two complete test coats of your new color over top of your old colors. Most professional painters know that two coats of paint or more is needed to get you painted and looking great in your new paint colors.

Once you have your new paint colors selected, you are probably ready for painting. You will likely get the best possible painting result simply calling in a painter to professionally paint your new selected paint colors into place. The skilled and talented Calgary Painters over at the low cost painting company 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting can help you save time and save money on professional painting. Call (587) 800-2801 to get a free painting estimate or free painting price quote. Our painters can usually beat most painting price quotes and estimates other painters in town have provided you.