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Which Interior Paint Is The Best

Which Interior Paint Is The Best

Shouts out there again. Your local friendly and cost effective low budget Calgary Painter again with this here which interior paint is best blog post. There's a lot of interior paint products out there. So when it comes to painting the inside of your home there are a lot of things to consider. Prices are definitely a factor. 

Today we're gonna be testing 11 different types of paint. Some of them costing four times more than the least expensive paint, and we're going to see if price really makes a difference in performance. So let's get the testing underway and see which brand is the best. All 11 paints that we'll be testing are Flat interior latex paints. 

We'll see which product does the best at painting over stains. We will also see which is best for painting wood paneling. We're also gonna see just how good these paints are at stain resistance and cleanability. And the first test will be seeing which paint has the best one coat coverage. We'll see which paint can do the best job painting over these dark green stripes to make a solid flat light finish. 

The least expensive paint we'll be testing is this Valspar Pro Express coat. Costing only $12.98 per gallon. That's cheaper than you can buy paint at most local paint stores unless you have a deeply discounted paint discount at the paint store. The second least expensive paint, costing sixteen dollars and eighty four cents for the gallon size container is this color place interior paint. 

Now it comes with a 15 year warranty. It claims to be durable, washable, and easy application. The third least expensive paint at eighteen dollars and 98 cents per gallon is this Glidden premium interior paint and primer in one. It has a lifetime guarantee. Certainly we will be putting that to the test. Crabble in washable Pittsburgh paramount paint is $21.98 for a gallon. 

He claims to have the most advanced protection one coat that provides a durable and washable protective shield, exceptional stain blocking and hiding. Fossil Soviet Menard is this Dutch boy forever paint costing $29.98. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It's supposed to provide a paint and primer stain blocking technology, advanced washability, and stain resistant. 

My original tip was to test flat white paint, and unfortunately I grabbed the wrong type of paint with Nautica, and I just decided to try to roll with it to see how it would work, and it's definitely not going to work for the purposes of this which interior paint is best. You could say it is a complete failure and not worth your time or money. Some of throwing all the testing results involving the Nautica paint at $33.98. 

PPG timeless interior paint and primer claims to be a complete one coat hide in coverage. It claims to be the toughest, most wear resistant interior paint, color protect technology, outstanding washability, square ability and stain resistance at $36.90. This Valspar signature is one of the more expensive brands it claims to be high hiding paint and primer stands up to anything yet a scuff shield technology which means it resists scuffs and stains. 

Costing thirty-eight dollars a ninety eight cents for the one gallon container is this HGTV home showcase paint. It's a stain blocking paint and primer, stays clean longer, advanced stain and scrub resistance, one coat coverage, is guaranteed, at 40 dollars and 98 cents per gallon. This Behr marquee paint is the second most expensive paint we'll be testing. 

It has a one coat hide, guaranteed lasting beauty and durability. The most expensive paint we'll be testing is the sherwin williams emerald, costing $50 per gallon. It claims to have exceptional beauty, wash ability, and easy application. Ready to give these paints a couple hours to cure. And when we come back and take a closer look at each one of them. 

It's been 24 hours since I applied these paints so let's take a closer look at each one of them. Valspar Pro is the least expensive paint and you can see a lot of the dark color paint underneath it did not do a very good job with a one coat coverage. The Walmart brand color plates actually did quite a bit better than Valspar Pro as you can see it did have quite a few areas where it didn't quite provide a good one coat coverage. 

But when you consider the price, the paint it actually did fairly well. Good and premium actually did quite well for a budget paint. When you consider the difference between Glidden premium and counter plays you can see there's a lot better coverage. Pittsburg paint is a little bit more expensive than Glidden premium and it also seems to have done a little bit better job. 

You can still see a little bit of a shadow underneath the paint but it's not quite as bad as a Glidden premium, that's why it did a respectable job. It doesn't seem to have done nearly as well as Pittsburgh at covering up the dark paint. PPG timeless most definitely did a better job than everything to the left. With that said there's still a little bit of shadowing and the coverage isn't quite as good as some of the brands were about to look at. 

Valspar signature definitely had slightly better coverage than PPG timeless and there's a little bit less shadowing. The HGTV home did not seem to do quite as well as the Valspar signature coverage and you can see a little bit more shadowing with paint. The performance between the Behr marquee and the Valspar signature I would call it a tie. 

Both of these paints did extremely well the only thing I don't like about the Behr marquee is it reminded me of Lucas heavy-duty oil stabilizer. This stuff is extremely sticky and thick and it goes on very heavy however it does provide an incredible job as far as one coat coverage. This emerald paint really surprised me at just how good it is. 

What surprised me the most is this paint doesn't have a very high viscosity compared to Behr marquee but if you look at the surface it seems to have done a better job with one coat coverage. Coming at first is emerald. Valspar Signature and Behr marquee tied for second, PPG timeless forth, and HGTV fifth. 

Well, it's not good practice to apply paint to wood paneling that has not been primed. We're going to do so to test the ability of these paints to deliver one coat coverage, while also preventing yellow bleed through from the wood paneling. Oftentimes the stains used in this wood paneling will bleed through the paint and leave the paint with a very yellow appearance. 

Looking to see how well these products did as far as one coat coverage, and we're also looking for yellowing, just like we saw before. Valspar Pro didn't seem to do a very good job as far as one coat coverage, however there's not too much yellowing compared to some of the other brands. Color play seems to have done quite a bit better than Valspar Pro as far as the one coat coverage, however there is a little bit of yellowing that's taking place. 

Color place and Glidden are very evenly matched. They both seem to be about the same. There does seem to be a little bit more yellowing with color place than there does with the Glidden. Pittsburg definitely did a better job with one coat coverage than Glidden, however there does appear to be more of a yellow appearance to it than there does with the Glidden. 

For one coat coverage, Pittsburgh seems it may be slightly better than Dutch boy. They both did pretty good job, but there is definitely a little bit more yellowing with Dutch boy than there is with Pittsburgh. PPG timeless did a great job as far as one coat coverage, but that does seem to be quite a bit of yellowing too. 

This would bounce parks signature seems to have done a better job at one coat coverage than PPG timeless, and also there just isn't that much yellow tint to it. Sherwin Williams didn't do quite as good as Valspar signature as far as one coat coverage, and there's a little bit more of a yellow tint to the paint.

Behr marquee did a great job as far as one coat coverage, as well there is a little bit more yellowing though than there is with the Valspar signature. So I'd say Valspar signature seems slightly better than the Behr marquee. Emerald definitely did the best of all the paints we've tested as far as one coat coverage, and there's definitely less yellowing than any of the other brands. 

Once again, emerald came in first. Valspar signature second, Behr marquee third, PPG timeless fourth, and HGTV fifth. Most of these paints claim that they are excellent at staining coverage. We'll see how well these products do at covering up crayon stains. Let's see how well these paints perform covering up a permanent marker stain. 

If you have kids and pets, you gonna end up with a little bit of ketchup and mustard on the walls. Let's see how these paints do at covering up a grease stain. It's been about five minutes since I applied these stains. Let's see if we can get them off. We allow this wall to dry out, we'll come back to this later in the which interior paint is the best blog post. 

The stain from the crayon shouldn't be too challenging for these paints, but the permanent marker is definitely going to put these paints to the test. A permanent marker and the crayon stains proved to be a very challenging task for the Valspar Pro. It's pretty easy to see the crayon stains as well as a permanent marker from perfect, but still Color place did a lot better job than Valspar Pro at covering up the permanent marker. 

Color place definitely a better job at covering up the permanent marker than glidden premium. Color place actually did better than Pittsburgh at covering up this permanent markers stain. However Pittsburgh definitely did better than Glidden premium and very close between Pittsburgh and Dutch boy.

But looks like Dutch boy may have edged out Pittsburgh by a little bit on this permanent marker stain however color play seems to have done better than both of these two brands. PPG timeless and the other premium paints definitely outperformed all of the less expensive paints. With that said PPG timeless did a great job of covering up the permanent marker stain. 

Was still visible it actually seems better than Color place and the rest of the less expensive brands. PPG timeless actually looks a little bit better than Valspar signature but again Valspar signature did a pretty good job. It's very close between Valspar signature and Sherwin williams, but I think Valspar signature edged to outshine Sherwin Williams.

PPG timeless, Valspar signature, and Sherwin williams all seem to have done slightly better than Behr marquee at covering up this permanent marker stain. Emerald definitely seems to have won this showdown once again. This is a very good job of covering up this permanent marker stain. While there's still a shadow there it definitely beat all the other brands. 

Emerald came in first, PPG timeless second, Valspar signature third, HGTV fourth, & Behr marquee fifth. The test for stain and abrasion resistance, we will apply each paint to a properly primed piece of drywall, allow it to cure for several days and we'll do some testing with it later in this which interior paint is best blog post on this house painting website.

We'll see just how scuff resistant each of these paint brands are. I've attached a shoe to this PVC pipe and there's five pounds of weight to test. I'm gonna drag to heal this shoe across each one of the paints and we'll see how they perform. Next up we'll test crayon permanent marker. I have a little bit of mustard, have a towel wrapped around a five-pound weight. 

And the weight is connected to this PVC pipe. I'll be running this towel across the shoe scuff to see how much of it comes up off the paint, and see how much staining was left behind. Now Smart Pro seems have done slightly better than Color place on the shoe scuff test. Glidden premium definitely did better than color place, but Pittsburgh did a really good job in this test. 

In fact I would say this is one of the top brands we've tested as far as resisting shoe scuff. Valspar also did very well, but not quite as good as Pittsburgh. PPG timeless has actually did fairly well, but not quite as good as Pittsburgh. And I was really surprised that Valspar signature didn't do a little bit better in this test. 

Definitely PPG timeless is better than Valspar signature. HGTV did about the same as Valspar signature. Quite a bit of scuffing. Look at Behr marquee very good Job. In fact Behr marquee took the top position as far as the shoe scuff challenge. Emerald I would say is probably second, Behr marquee came in first, emerald second, Pittsburgh third, PPG timeless forth, and Valspar signature fifth. 

Apply an all-purpose cleaner each one of the paint strips and then I'll use five pounds on top of this towel to apply very light pressure to see just how easily these stains come out. At first glance the Valspar pro looks really good, but upon a closer look the paint actually washed away. Not just a marker stain. Unfortunately color place did not do very good. 

Quite a bit of mustard stain left, the marker did not go anywhere. Still quite a bit of crayon stain and the scuff. Glidden premium definitely did, but it in color place as you could see a little bit less mustard stain. Some of the marker was started to come off. There's still quite a bit of crayon staining and a little bit of scuff left. 

Pittsburgh did remarkably well, most of the mustard stain is gone, and the scuff mark is gone as well. Obviously quite a bit of crayon left as well as permanent marker, Valspar did a pretty good job as well there is a little bit more mustard staining compared to Pittsburgh, but the amount of crayon seems to be fairly close maybe a little bit less with Dutch boy. 

And of course the scuffing has been removed from PPG timeless. All right, all the paint's seem to do a pretty good job. PPG timeless didn't do quite as well as Valspar signature as far as the removal of the crayon stain. Also the amount of mustard staining seems to be about the same between the two brands.

HGTV has a little bit more mustard staining than Valspar signature, and the PPG timeless, Behr marquee did a terrific job. There isn't any more scuffing and most of the purple is gone even some of the permanent marker stains been removed. There's still a little bit of mustard staining but overall a very good job. 

Sherwin Williams Emerald seems to have done the best. Most that purple is gone. No more scuffing. The permanent marker actually started to come off, and there just isn't that much mustard stain left. emerald came in first, Behr marquee second, Valspar signature third, PPG timeless fourth, and HGTV fifth. 

Taking into account the average score for all five tests, emerald won by quite a large margin, with Behr barely edging out Valspar signature, while HGTV did beat out Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is also much less per gallon than HDTV, and performed nearly as well. Pittsburgh also proved to be a better paint than Dutch boy. However if you're loaded with cash you got to go with the sherwin-williams emerald. 

It is a really good paint. I'm really surprised at just how well it did. Now if you're willing to pay a little bit less than that, and still looking for a really high quality paint, I highly recommend both the Behr as well as the Valspar signature. Those are both really really good paints. Now if you're looking for something about half the price, a very good value paint and a pretty good performer is the pittsburgh paint.

Thanks for stopping in and reading this which interior paint is the best blog post on our cheap Calgary painting internet website. Most of the customers that call us are looking to save time and money on professional residential house and home painting services. We can paint out any paint that you want, but in our option, regardless of the information above, after paint has dried out a month, you could basically say paint is paint. Happy painting, and be sure to look out for our next blog post.