Sunday, June 14, 2020

Exterior Painting Tips

Professional Exterior Painters Know The Best Exterior Painting Tips To Keep Your Painting Costs Down And How To Get The Best Looking And Longest Lasting Exterior Painting Results.

Exterior Painting Tips From Professional Exterior House Painters That Get You The Best Exterior Painting Results.

Exterior Painting Tips from professional house painters that have completed hundreds, if not thousands of completed exterior painting jobs completed to date. With a bit of reading and luck the information below should help make your new and rocking professional exterior painting finish look the best, last the longest, and help you save a couple of bucks along the way.
For best results in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area, simply consider calling in the 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Calgary Painters to get the best bang for your bucks if you are not up to painting or repainting your exterior yourself. There is a lot to be said about exterior painting and there is likely quite a few exterior painting tips out there by the pros that will help make short work of your exterior painting for the do-it-yourself were out there.

1:) Hire a Professional Painter.

The first and the best exterior painting tip we could share with you it's to hire professional exterior painter to complete all of your exterior painting and decorating needs. You might think that you could do it yourself, and you probably can, but professional exterior residential house and home painters with hundreds or thousands of exterior painting jobs completed can likely paint exterior coatings a lot better faster cheaper than you can.

Sure you might be tempted to save yourself a couple of thousand dollars off the cost of professional exterior painting but there is plenty that can go wrong really fast that will cost you even more money up front and in the long run. And we haven't even mentioned the mess that you can make let alone the loss of property value on your property because of your so-called professional paint job. If you are really looking for exterior painting for your property biggest and best exterior painting tips that we can provide you is to simply hire professional painter to complete your exterior painting for you.

2:) Give Your Exterior A Good Cleaning.

The second best exterior painting tip we can provide is to thoroughly give your exterior a good cleaning and dusting before you paint before you prepare or prep the surface for painting. Lower areas near the ground and the tops of sitting horizontal services like tops and bottoms of windows door frames and casings etc are prime locations that require moderate amount of cleaning and dusting before preparation. Most of the time this is quickly done and easily done with a garden hose with a pressure head on it. Simply use your garden hose spray down your house get rid of the dust before preparation.

Every now and then we see a house that requires pressure washing. This can happen for various reasons such as chimney soot from the next door neighbor coating your exterior or a failed paint job where the paint didn't stick. While an electric pressure washer or power washer do a good job for those hard to remove surfaces such a soot sometimes you have to break out the big boys toys and go with hard with a gas powered pressure washer they got all the dirt off. Lucky for you most houses can be cleaned with a garden hose and without the need for a pressure washer.

Many people out there seem to think when you talk about power washing or pressure washing your exterior that you mean to aggressively power washer pressure wash surface. You really don't need to be aggressive pressure washing or power washing the surface. It simply enough to get the dirt off by any means necessary and most of the time simply using a garden hose is more than enough. Some painters will indicate they require a pressure washing before painting but reality says most good paints today will stick to the dirt so you don't really need to be so perfect. Clean is enough.

3:) Paint A Coat Before Preparation.

While most old school painters and decorators will swear up and down that preparation before painting is the tried-and-true method we say you might want to doublethink that. The reality is is that if you go ahead and put a coat of paint on the surface before you start your preparation you are more likely to do a thorough job of patching and repairing all found trouble areas or damaged areas with a new coat of paint on the wall. Putting a new coat of paint on the wall or the exterior surface will allow you to more easily find and see and repair trouble areas.

Most painters will likely not agree with that method of painting and decorating but you can always tell they did it their way because they always seem to miss dents & dings and scratches all over the surfaces. Not much sucks more for a painter that having to get out of mud and then to the paint and then back into the mud again because you missed a couple of scratches that were right there in front of you. 

For best results install one coat of paint first and then get started on your repairs. For even better results check your repairs throughout different times of the day such as the morning, lunch time, dinner time, and early evening. Checking the surface repair areas 1 different types of natural light are available will help you find impaction repair all those trouble spots a lot easier.

4:) Always Spray Exterior Surfaces When Possible.

Not much beats spray painting and producing high-quality spray painting results. Spraying an exterior surface gets an even amount of consistent looking paint across the surface and onto the surface and provides the best results. yes you will use a lot more paint when using the spray machine and more preparation is required but the results are the best that your hard-earned money can buy. No brush or roll paint job is ever going to beat the quality or the finished results of a spray finish. if you have the choice between a spray finish or brush and roll finish definitely go with the spray finish.

More time will be required to prepare the house. Some exteriors will require the soffit and the parging to be masked off as well as most housing homes and properties usually have exterior doors and windows that should be masked off with plastic. some painters will often to use paper to mask out the windows and doors but you can't see through masking paper if you have to leave it up for the night whereas with plastic you can still get some sunlight in the room. Spray painting allows the painter to apply a lot of paint to the surface and more paint on an exterior surface means more protection and more time before you're required to paint again.

5:) Use Thick Paint For Exterior Painting.

Believe it or not not all paint is created equal. We see a lot of exterior painters out there hustling paint jobs and using very expensive and very thin paint. Nothing like paying $89 or $100 per gallon for paint when a $25 gallon of paint that's five times as thick will provide you better-looking results and decades of years of holdup time compared to that more expensive paint. 

Using thick paint for your exterior is the way to go to fill up all those little dents & dings you typically find on most exterior surfaces. Choosing the right paint for your exterior can and will save you money up front and in the long run before you need to consider painting again. These are some of the better exterior painting tips that will help you get the best looking and longest lasting painting results.