Sunday, June 14, 2020

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Is Always A Good Choice For Your Exterior Painting And Decorating Needs If You Simply Like Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Or Got A Lot Of Extra Money.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

A Lot Can Be Said About Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Products. From A Professional Residential Exterior Painting Contractors With Hundreds Of Completed Exterior Paint Jobs Managing A Couple Of Good Exterior House Painters That Have Completed Hundreds Of Exterior Paint Jobs.

Surface Wise Thousands Of Interior And Exterior Painting Jobs Completed Here Is A Couple Of Notes And Some Information About Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Line Of Products We've Used And Tested Over The Last Decade. Simply Said Any Type Of Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Is Not Our First Pick Or Choice For Exterior Painting And Decorating. Our Friendly And Clean Calgary Painters Prefer To Use Thicker Paint On All Types Of Exterior Surfaces For A Better Look And A Longer Lasting Better Looking Finish.

1:) Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Costs A Lot.

There Is Easy Exterior Painting With Easy To Use Exterior Paint Products And There Is Hard To Do Exterior Painting With Hard To Work With Exterior Paint. Exterior Paint Products Are All Different But One Thing That Really Sets Them Apart The Most Is The Cost Of Exterior Paint. Benjamin Moore Paint Products Cost A Lot, And Most Benjamin Moore Paint Stores Do Not Provide The Greatest Painting Contractors Discounts No Matter How Much Paint You Buy From Them. Benjamin Moore Paints Caters To The Do It Your Self Painter And The Customers And Clients Out There That Want The So Called Best Paint Products.

Paying A Lot Of Money Per Gallon Of Paint From Benjamin Moore Does Not Mean You Will Be Buying Into The Best Paint Products On The Market. If You Are A Brand Name Type Of Person And Think Benjamin Moore Paint Means The Best Paint, There Are More Painters Out There That Will Say Other Wise Having Tested Each And Every One Of Benjamin Moore's Exterior Paint Products. 

Sure, You Do Get Decent Paint When You Select Any Type Of Benjamin Moore Paints Out There But In Our Professional Exterior House Painting Opinions There Is Better Paint Out There That Holds Up Decades Longer And Cost About Half The Price Of Most Benjamin Moore Products Out There.

2:) Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Can Be Tricky To Work With.

If You've Tested All Of The Exterior Paint Products Out There Put Out By Benjamin Moore You've No Doubt Noticed Most Benjamin Moore Exterior Paints Are Very Thick Paints. Probably Thicker Than You Would Have Expected. 

Not The Thickest Paint Ever, But Thick Enough It Can Be Tough To Do Clean And Straight Painting. With The Exception Of The Aura Brand Paint Products, Which Are Thinner And Easier To Work With, You Could Find Yourself Faced With A Tougher That It Looked Paint Job, And Require A Lot More Paint Than You Expected To Buy And Use To Complete Your Paint Job. 

You Are Likely To Get Equal To Or Less Than The Expected Coverage Area Quoted On The Can. If Money Is No Object And The Amount Of Paint Doesn't Matter Any Benjamin Moore Paint Products Out There Will Generally Do The Trick. Most Of The Benjamin Moore Paints For Exterior Surfaces Out There Are Generally Thicker Then You Expect.

3:) You Could Pay A Lot More For A Lot More Paint.

Depending On The Surface, Flatter Surfaces Requiring Less Paint, Different Types Of Surfaces Will Require Different Amounts Of Paint Depending On How Exactly The Paint Is Being Applied. The Least Amount Of Paint Will Be Used If You Use A Brush And A Roller To Apply The Paint, Saving You Money, Where Spray Painting The Exterior Surface With Benjamin Moore Paints Will Use A Lot More Paint, Get More Paint On The Surface, And Look Better And Last Longer. 

Just Because The Paint Can Says You Will Get 300 Square Feet To 450 Square Feet Of Painted Surface Area It Really Depends On How You Are Actually Applying The Paint.

Where Possible It's Always Best To Use As Much Paint As Possible. Using More Paint To Cover The Exterior Surface Produces A Thicker Film Or Coat Of Paint And That Means It Will Hold Up Longer And Better To The Exterior Elements. Where Possible, Spray Painting The Surface Gets The Most Amount Of Paint Onto The Surface With The Least Amount Of Effort, And Looks Much More Consistent Then Using The Old Brush And Roller. 

We Are Not Saying You Can't Do Some Really Great Work Brushing And Rolling In Your Exterior Surface Because You Can, But Any Painter Out There That Has Brushed And Rolled And Spray Painted Exteriors Know The Best Looking Results Come From Spray Painting The Surface.

4:) No Great Paint Discount From Benjamin Moore Paint Stores.

Some Painters And Painting Companies Out There Simply Buy A Lot Of Paint From Paint Stores And Use A Lot Of Paint. Most Painters Like To Roll With A Preferred Brand Of Time Tested And Cost Effective Exterior Paint Products And Naturally Use A Lot Of Paint While Painting. Most Paint Stores Are Eager To Take On Busy Painting Contractors That Are Painting And Using A Lot Of Paint. 

As Such Most Paint Stores Out There Have Paint Reps That Set The Price Of Paint That The Painting Company Will Pay To The Paint Store. The Hungry Paint Stores Out There Call Every Painter In The Book Every Year To Offer More Discounts Than The Previous Year To Keep The Painter Buying And Using Their Brand Name Paint Products. Some Painting Companies Out There Are Picking Up Primer And Paint Products For As Little As $5.00 Per Gallon.

Not So With Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Paint Stores Do NOT Cater To Painting Contractors No Matter How Much Paint You Purchase From Them. As Such Any Painter Out There That Does Not Have An In To Special Pricing Will Tell You Straight Up That Benjamin Moore Paint Products Cost A Lot, Are Mostly Hard To Work With, Is Good Paint, But There Is Better Paint For Less That Is A Lot Easier To Work With And Costs Less Up Front, Lasts As Long Or Longer, And There Are Huge Discounts Available From The Paint Store. 

When It Comes To Counting Pennies, And It Really Doesn't Matter What Type Of Paint You Use Because Pro Painters Can Paint Out Any Paint, Most People Want To Save Time And Money On Painting And Get The Best Results. Benjamin Moore Is Good Paint But It Costs A Lot And There Aren't Any Discounts.