Saturday, February 1, 2020

Why You Should Paint Your Home Before Moving Into Your New House

There Are A Couple Of Good Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Home Before Moving Into Your New Home From A Professional Interior House Painters Or Interior Painting Companies Perspective.

Why You Should Paint Your Home Before Moving Into Your New House

Moving into a new home can be the start of a fresh new experience and the start of a great time to pull off a super high quality professional paint job on your house interior or exterior before you move in. If you find yourself in doubt about Why You Should Paint Your Home Before Moving Into Your New Home if you are planning to paint, these notes might help better inform you of a few good reasons.

You might want to consider calling in these friendly Calgary Painters if you are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and looking for a paint job before you enter and occupy your new house and home. Our interior painting professionals save hundreds of customers a year hundreds to thousands of dollars off of the cost of all types of interior and exterior residential house and home painting and decorating services.

Getting your painter in the door to complete your painting before you move in while you deal with the stress of packing and cleaning and moving from one residence to another it's a great way to save time and money on pulling off a paint job on your new home while you're moving out of another one. Taking on a small, or medium or large or huge size paint job, renovation, or complete interior makeover is ideal when the house is empty and there's no furniture, or property, or customers, for clients, or tenants, or homeowners inside getting in the way.

With the right painters on board you can transform whatever your current interior or exterior looks like into the look and feel and Vibe and taste you really want a lot faster and a lot cheaper with a lot better results if you get at it while the house is empty. House, home, condo, townhouse, condominium, flat, apartment etc. It's all the same when it comes to painting. Empty houses and homes interiors get better quality paint jobs and for much better prices.

With the right professional painters on board before you move into your new house you can really get yourself a really good deal on painting and decorating and then a really good timeline. Of course if money time is no object you can complete your painting at any time you want to before you move in, while you are moving in, after you've moved in, or a combination of two or three or all of the above.

It can easily be said that getting your painting and decorating done while your house or home is empty will see to it your interior or exterior renovations or painting and decorating are completed in about half the time compared to if the house is occupied and full of property and customers and clients.

Here and that's why you should paint your home before moving into your new home blog post will cover the finer details of money saving techniques to painting your house while it's empty and painting strategies that keep the houses or homes final price to paint down to the lowest prices possible.

If you have lots of money and lots of time and you're willing to pay two or three or four or 10 times more than the going amount for interior or exterior painting then this why you should paint your home before moving into your new home blog post probably won't help you very much.
Top tested reasons to paint before moving into your new home.

1. You Will Get Better Painting Results For Less.

Every professional painter and decorator out there knows there is easy painting and there is hard painting. Easy painting on an interior is the easiest when the house is empty and there's no one around getting in the way. Hard painting on an interior is the hardest with the house is full of property and there's plenty of customers and clients and homeowners and tenants around getting in the way of the painter and the painting.

If you're on a budget I'm looking to save time and money on painting getting your painter in the door for you occupied a residence will save you time and money. The professional painter or professional painting contractor or professional painting company that you hire will be able to complete the job you need done a lot faster if the house is completely empty.

That could easily mean saving a couple of days of labor for a couple of professional painters to be busting out a couple of days on your interior or exterior. Easier painting means easier painting costs for your wallet and you really will get better painting results with no one in the way.

2. Your Paint Job Will Get Finished Faster.

It can't be stressed enough that empty houses and homes can save a lot of money on painting. From the cost point of view your paint job will require a lot less plastic and tape and paper and painting labor to get the job done. Every dollar saved is a dollar saved. On full and complete interior repaints an empty house free of people and property allows money and time saving painting and decorating to be completed.

Saving money on plastic and tape and labor required to cover your floors and ceilings to complete ceiling painting can save you a couple of hundred dollars. Saving time and money on the painting labor required to cover up and protect all your walls and all your property and all of your floors, doors, windows, etc to get your painting completed will add up to huge savings fast.

Instead of it taking a couple of days for a team of painters to completely cover all of your property and paint all of your ceilings, a single painter can typically ready, cover, and protect everything that requires covering and protection, and spray paint out just about any ceiling in a day.

When it comes to walls, most capable and competent painters out there should be able to roll out the walls on a medium to large sized house in one very long and tough day. You won't be able to pull that off in a day with your house full of property and people.

3. Less Chances For Messes And Accidents.

Any professional painters and decorators out there that have a couple of hundred or thousands of interior and exterior residential and commercial paint jobs under their belts and brushes has a couple of good dirty painting stories.

Most painters out there know other painters out there that have had accident and been injured on the job putting their lives on the line to get painting completed for customers. Accidents happen, and paint and primer gets spilled. It's part of the job. It just happens, despite best efforts on every ones behalf. Painting and decorating inside of an empty home free and devoid of all property and people will lessen the chances for accidents to happen and messes to be made.

Customers seem to have a habit of touching wet paint or walking on the drop cloth with a couple of paint drops on it and tracking it all over the house. It happens more often than you think. Painting and repainting in an empty house before you move in is simply the way to go. It's safer, cleaner, you will get better results, and you will help avoid messes and accidents that no one really wants.

4. More Extreme Color Changes & Tools Can Be Used Easier.

Not many people out there actually go about painting the interior or exterior of their houses and homes and properties and use the same colors as their neighbors or other people in the neighborhood have used. Most potential painting customers and clients out there pick their own new painting colors.

In the event of major color changes, like dark brown walls or dark grey walls to white or off white colors, instead of brushing and rolling in 3 or 4 or more coats of paint with a brush and roller, a spray painting machine can be used to get the major color change completed in two coats of paint.

Saving 50% off the cost of painting labor on any job will easily add up to hundreds of dollars in savings to thousands of dollars in savings. Major color changes in empty houses and homes and properties are a lot easier to complete with the right tools for the job, the right painting environment, and good masking preparation.

Instead of taking days and days and days to brush in and roll out multiple coats of paint, a day or two of masking can be completed, and the spray painting completed on the walls in just a couple of hours. You are unlikely to use this painting strategy inside a house or home interior when its full of property and people.

5. Your Interior Will Finish Up A Lot Cleaner.

Most professional painters out there know how to paint clean regardless of the type of painting or the painting tools and strategies that are used. Spray painted paint and dust that is kicked up from sanding ceilings, walls, and trim can travel far. Keeping your interior clean is all part of the interior painting process.

Curious painting customers and clients like to visit often and check in on things and seem oblivious to the small messes they make. No painters really want to make a mess inside of your home or house or property interior but sometimes a painter will make a mess to make your interior beautiful. You should expect to get your interior residential house or home or commercial interior back in the same condition it was in before you started painting and decorating.

Skilled painters and decorators have the skills and the experience to help keep your entire interior as clean as is possible. If you are buying or renting a new home and the interior is immaculate it's all the more reason to complete your painting and decorating before you move in. You will move into a well painted interior that is fresh and clean and ready for you to enjoy more. After moving all of your property into your new home the last thing you want to be thinking about is cleaning up after a dirty paint job.

6. You Won't Have To Move Furniture Twice.

Any professional painters and decorators out there usually like moving heavy pool tables, big pianos, the big screen tv and pictures on the wall that cost more than the entire price of the paint job. Unless you are paying your painters and decorators extra to move your furniture around and out of the way to complete your painting, you will save time and money covering and protecting your furniture for painting by simply moving in after you complete your painting.

Plastic and tape isn't cheap. Neither is your property and possessions. Keep everything clean and in the same shape and condition they are in by keeping it out of your house while the painting is going on. Of course, some people can't move their property and possessions on their own be it moving into a new house or inside of their own house or home at the time of painting, and pay the painters extra fees to move the furniture around as part of the paint job.

While it is likely safe to move furniture in while the painting is on going, or perhaps even before the painting starts, it will in fact cost you more money in time and materials and sundries and paint supplies to get everything covered, keep everything covered up while the painting is proceeding, and moving things out of the way or working around them. Empty homes get painted faster.
Hire A Professional Painter To Paint Before You Move Into Your Home.

There is no right or wrong way to prime, paint, or texture. Hiring the right painters and decorators to tackle your interior painting needs and requirements before you move into your house or home is simply the best choice possible for a whole lot of different reasons. At 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting we've been painting Calgary houses and homes for over a decade and a half.

Each year our painters and decorators help a couple hundred happy customers and clients with all types of professional painting and repainting and decorating services. We save our customers time and money on professional painting of all types and we are very confident we can help you and your house and home too.

Be sure you check out all of our Google My Business Reviews and our online interior and exterior residential and commercial painting portfolios online on our website or on our Google My Business listing to check out some of the previous work we have completed. If saving time and money on the best possible professional interior painting results sounds like a good deal to you, then you have likely found yourself the right Painters. And there you have it. A few good ideas and notes about why you should paint your home before moving into your new home.