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How To Paint A Textured Ceiling

How To Paint A Textured Ceiling Like A Professional Painter.

And Get Perfect Textured Ceiling Painting On Every Textured Ceiling.

How To Paint A Textured Ceiling.
In our part of the world textured ceilings are an in thing and used on most if not all of the new house construction going on around here. We've seen and painted plenty of textured ceilings in our painting careers, and it turns out there are actually plenty of people out there online on the internet wondering and searching for How To Paint A Textured Ceiling information and visiting internet web pages and blog posts just like this one. 

If you happen to be looking around on the internet on line for Calgary Painters and or how to paint a textured ceiling guide so you can decide if you can tackle painting a textured ceiling yourself this guide might help. If it becomes obvious to you that painting out a textured ceiling and getting professional Ceiling Painting results is not really as easy as the internet says and you are committed to hiring a ceiling painter or a textured ceiling painting contractor or painter, or painting company or painting contractor to get you painted this guide should help too. You should know everything you need to know to decide if you are going to paint your textured ceiling yourself or if you are going to hire a painting contractor or a painter to complete your ceiling painting needs and requirements. Maybe you decide your paint a textured ceiling is out the window for you and your house or home or property. If you are taking on painting a texturing ceiling if you are not a professional you might want to consider an Interior Painting expert to help you.

Painting textured ceilings comes with its own unique challenges. As most textured ceilings are made and finished by spray priming primer and then spray texturing Ceiling Texture onto the ceiling early in the house building process, by the time we see the typical paint a textured ceiling type of paint job the house interior or property interior is usually finished and usually occupied by the home owner or tenant. Painting out a textured ceiling in a finished and occupied house or home makes for a difficult job for the painter or the team of painters. Expert taping, masking, protecting and covering of the walls, floors, and property inside the house is required. Safe business for you the customer, and the painting contractor means oil priming a textured ceiling and then top coating the oil primer with oil based paint or latex based paint. Anyone that has been around oil based paint knows it's always a good time when the oil based paints get flying. The best looking and longest lasting great looking results come from spray painting the primer and spray painting the paint onto the textured ceiling. If your textured ceiling is an original build textured ceiling you must spray paint the primer and spray paint the paint the first time the textured ceiling is painted. If you don't spray paint the first primer coat and the first coats of paint and attempt to brush and roll the textured ceiling the texture on the ceiling will simply fall off and you will get a mess.

Spray Painting Oil Based Stain Killer / Stain Blocker Is A Must On Painting Textured Ceilings.

The best paint job you can buy for your textured ceiling is a high quality spray primer and spray paint type of paint job. The reason oil based stain blocker or stain blocking primer is used is to prevent yellowing of the ceiling. What you don't see underneath your textured ceiling is that the drywall board that has primer and texture on it is yellowing. Just like an old piece of newspaper yellows in the sun, the same thing is happening on the exposed drywall board that does not have drywall mud on it. Out of sight, out of mind, you the home owner or customer would never know. The color of the ceiling will stay the same as it is today. But, as soon as you get the ceiling wet with water or latex based paints, the ceiling texture, primer, and exposed drywall board underneath the ceiling texture will suck up the water or latex primer or latex paint, and mix with the yellowed drywall board. As the ceiling dries out the yellowing will show up in minutes and you will be able to see how your ceiling was boarded and taped. You will know how your ceiling was boarded and taped because all of the areas that have drywall mud covering over the drywall board will stay the color of your new well painted ceiling, but the rest will yellow. The fix for fixing a yellowed ceiling that was soaked with water or painted with latex paint or latex primer will be to hit the ceiling with a single coat of oil based stain killer primer. It works every time.

Don't take the risk of having your ceiling yellow on you. The smart move, the best business move, and the smart painting choice is to simply start every textured ceiling job with a primer coat of stain killer oil based primer. After the oil based primer has been sprayed on and allowed to dry the first coat of ceiling paint or flat paint is spray painted into place. After the first coat of ceiling paint or flat paint has been sprayed into place and allowed to dry the second coat of flat paint or ceiling paint can be sprayed into place and the job is completed. If you understand that it is a smart and informed move or decision to start every textured ceiling job with a coat of oil based primer, then hopefully you will also understand that the smart move to painting a textured ceiling is to spray paint a textured ceiling. That means spray painting the oil based stain killer blocker primer, spray painting the first coat of latex ceiling paint or oil based ceiling paint, and then spray painting the second coat of latex or oil based paint. After the oil primer stain killer primer is installed you can use latex based paint or oil based paint to top coat and finish coat the ceiling. It does not matter which one, but oil paint costs twice the price that latex based paint does, and latex ceiling paints are also much easier to spray paint with.

Spray Painting Primer & Spray Painting Paint Provides Premium Quality Results.

And that's how to paint a textured ceiling blog post we cover how professional painters and professional house painters paint a textured ceiling and provide super high-quality professional-grade textured ceiling painting results time and time again. 

Texturing ceilings and painting textured ceilings as one of our specialties. Painting ceilings and painting textured ceilings is very profitable for house painters. Typically painting a ceiling or painting a textured ceiling is the cream of the crop when it comes to making money easily in the house painting business. Any ceiling painting at all provides the most amount of money for the least amount of effort when it comes to house painting.

As such because painting a textured ceiling is very profitable and because that textured ceiling is typically inside a customer's house or home where it will be looked at repeatedly it's important to deliver professional results for the customer the first time around. To consistently pull off the highest in quality textured ceiling painting time and time again we use the following routines and ceiling painting methods to pull off a perfect textured ceiling paint job for our customers.

To start with it is extremely important that you do a very high-quality preparation job masking up, taping up, and hanging plastic all around the walls and completely all over the floors before you start painting. Ceiling painting a textured ceiling painting is a very dirty job and attention to detail is required. Painting is textured ceiling in a customers house or in a customer's home requires skill, practice, and commitment to seeing a high quality textured ceiling paint job through from start to finish.

The painting of a textured ceiling is actually very easy labor wise. Most of the time and most of the effort that goes into painting a textured ceiling goes into the preparation required to expose just the textured ceiling for paint. Most of the customers houses and homes that we deal with live in the property while the textured ceiling painting is going on and won't tolerate a mess paint and texture all over their house and home and property inside the home.

On a typical sized house in our part of the world with the house and home occupied by the customer and the customers property and family preparation to paint the ceiling can take upwards of a full day or more just and a hanging and taping a plastic. You really can't cut any corners masking out and covering up customers house or home what plastic before you start painting the textured ceiling.

Expert Masking, Covering, And Taping Is Required For Sharp Looking Results.

There is an easy way to make short work of hanging out and taping up plastic all around the house. Our painters and decorators prefer to use painters plastic in a box approximately 400 to 500 ft long and 9 to 10 ft tall. Our house painters typically start right above the front door and work our way left continuously hugging the wall as we hang out plastic tape it in right where the ceiling and the wall meet all around the floor. If you take some time and think about this it really is only one way to do it. You want to use a continuous piece of plastic all along the walls all around the house. We call this hanging the tops.

After the tops have been hung and taped in it's time to cover up the floor. Again we go back to the customers front door and we start hanging plastic with tape off the wall about hip high. We follow the same route that we did when we were hanging the tops. will follow the same route that we did when we were hanging the cops all around the house until the bottoms are hung out. With the tops and the bottoms hung out the only thing left is to fill in The middle's of the open areas with more plastic. A quick check up on all the tape and a bit more taping over top of the open or questionable looking taped areas is essential to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Once the tops the bottoms and The middle's have been filled in it is time to paint the textured ceiling. Now the first thing I have to say about painting a textured ceiling is that there are two ways to paint a textured ceiling and only one of them works. The best way to paint a textured ceiling is to spray paint textured ceiling. Never use a brush or roller on a textured ceiling the textured ceiling has never been painted before. Your chances of pulling off for professional textured ceiling paint job are just about zero. On the other hand if the textured ceiling has previously been painted and has previously been painted well you can get away if brushing and rolling a textured ceiling the good old-fashioned way.

If it was my house or home and I was painting textured ceiling in my house I would spray paint in the textured ceiling with a conventional airless paint machine. Just about anyone can pick up contractor grade spray paint machine for about 3 to $500 and it is worth every dollar. Painting a textured ceiling is so profitable that you could buy a new airless spray paint machine with each and every textured ceiling paint job that you do. Why spend hours and days painting a textured ceiling the brush and roller when you can spend about an hour spraying out several thousand feet of paint on a textured ceiling with a spray machine.

Before you actually start painting the textured ceiling you should really know what type of paint you are going to use to paint your ceiling. You could use latex paint or you could use oil based paint. Again, if it was my house or home I would be painting a textured ceiling with oil-based paint products. Nothing against painting a textured ceiling with latex but the reality is painting a textured ceiling with latex can cause problems that will not occur if you use oil based paint products. Always go with the oil. Be sure that you paint a textured ceiling with oil-based paint products and a spray paint machine or you're just doing it wrong.

If you decide to go with the latex paint make sure you get yourself any type of latex paint that says it is a stain killer based latex paint. Chances are very good that when you paint your textured ceiling with latex paint that your entire ceiling could yellow just like that old yellow colored piece of newspaper you see blowing down the street. that is the risk that you take if you use latex based pants to paint a textured ceiling. if you go with the latex paint and your ceiling yellows you will have to let it dry out for about a day and then spray painted in with an oil-based paint to correct the problem. Oil based paint is the safe way to go even if the oil base paint cost twice the price of latex based paint.

Always Use Professional Primer Products And Professional Paint Products.

Now it's time to get the paint flying and to actually paint the textured ceiling. The textured ceiling painting process is pretty routine even for newbies and novices alike. You go into a room of the house that has the plastic up on the walls and down on the floors exposing just the ceiling. You start above the door you just walk through. You turn around. You point the spray machine gun approximately 6 inch away from the corner where the wall on the ceiling meet. You pull the trigger causing the pain to fly out of the paint machine and halfway on to the walls and halfway on the ceilings. you walk around the room until you get back right to the door again.

Now it's time to fill in The middle's. The idea to painting the room is do you want to paint in both directions. So if you spray in the ceiling spraying east to west walking backwards while you paint then on the second coat want to spray in north to south direction creating a crisscross of spray-painting across the ceiling. Once you have completed the first room go on to the second room. Once you have completed the second round you go on to the third room. once you have completed the third room evil want for the rest of the rooms in the house and paint them all in the same way

it is very important that you let the first coat of paint dry before you apply the second coat of paint to the ceiling. If you do not take a timeout and let the first coat of paint dry before you add the second coat of paint you still really only have one coat of paint on the ceiling. Avoid the problems that this can cause by simply allowing the first coat of paint to dry on the ceiling before you paint in the second coat of paint on the textured ceiling. If you have used oil based paints you will certainly be waiting at least a day before you can even go into the oil based paint ceiling areas and got a second coat in unless you have a professional face mask to help you get along in the oil based paint chemicals in the air.

Bring In A Professional To Paint A Textured Ceiling For Professional Results.

Once all the ceiling painting is completed now is a good time to start taking down the plastic. You could go back to the front door where you started hanging the top plastic and hanging the bottom plastic start removing the top hung plastic first. If you get behind the plastic and nice and gently pull on the tape you can easily pull all the top hung plastic down in any house in about half an hour.

With the bottoms are still on the wall and covering the floor you can throw the top on plastic mess into the middle of the room for later cleanup. With a cop on plastic removed you can start with the bottom hung plastic. Should be able to roll everything up into one big large ball of plastic containing all of the mess inside. Now is a good time to grab a big thick roll of tape completely tape up that big ball plastic containing all the paint mess inside which will make for easier disposal.

And that is how you paint a textured ceiling. We have used the method above to paint out hundreds if not thousands of textured ceilings for our customers and clients. It works every time. It provides professional results every time. You can't go wrong using how to paint a textured ceiling strategy above to pull off the highest in quality textured ceiling paint jobs in your part of the world.