Sunday, September 1, 2019

How To Paint A Stipple Ceiling

Professional Stipple Ceiling Painters Know That How To Paint A Stipple Ceiling Is Key To Delivering Premium Quality Professional Stipple Ceiling Painting Services Again And Again.

Curious about How To Paint A Stipple Ceiling like a professional and how to get professional stipple ceiling painting results the first time around? Ceiling painting is usually pretty easy and routine if your painter is a professional painters knows what they are doing. If you've never done it before, or you are a pretend painter without a couple thousand ceilings under your spray painting machine guns this How To Paint A Stipple Ceiling guide should get you up to date fast. In this how to paint a stipple ceiling guide we cover the most professional way to paint a stipple ceiling and get the best in professional stipple ceiling painting results. 

Our professional Calgary Painters use this exact same stipple ceiling process on every stipple ceiling paint job we take on. Always Spray Paint A Stipple Ceiling To Get The Best Professional Stipple Ceiling Results. Brushing & Rolling In An Original Never Before Painted Stipple Ceiling Never Works. Always Go With The Spray!

You will learn what you need to know about painting out a stipple ceiling so you can decide if you can take on the job yourself, or what you need to know about painting out a stipple ceiling so you can find and hire a quality stipple ceiling technician or company to complete your stipple ceiling painting needs, wants, and requirements. 

Hire A Professional Stipple Ceiling Painter.

Simply said, spray painting in a stipple ceiling is the most professional way to go about painting a ceiling in general, and more specifically when it comes to painting a stipple ceiling the first time or repainting a stipple ceiling again the second time.

To start with we are assuming that we are talking about painting an already installed and finished stipple ceiling in an occupied house or home or possibly stipple ceiling painting in the middle of a house or home renovation or a new house currently under construction. We will review the three ways that our professional stipple ceiling painters go about painting these types of stippled ceilings.

In our part of the world stipple ceilings are very popular. From the home builders perspective stipple ceiling is the fast cheap and easy way to finish the house interior ceiling. Last drywall mudding and taping work is required before the stipple ceiling is applied and stipple ceilings cover not so great mudding and taping work very easily. 

Typically the new drywall ceiling is spray primed first, followed by a little bit of sanding to get out the rough spots, followed by about a quarter-inch to half-inch thick coat of stipple ceiling texture. Once the new stipple ceiling has dried out for a day or two they will have brightened up providing a very bright finish. 

After adequate dry times have been allowed some people go on to spray paint the new stipple ceiling with a new color in either latex or oil-based paints. In our small part of the world here most of the time the stipple ceiling is applied and left as-is with no further paint being applied to the ceiling.

As this is a new house under construction 99% of the time we get to call to stipple a ceiling after the drywall is installed the tape and mud has been applied and before the flooring has been installed. Sometimes most of the trim is installed most of the time it's not. 

The key takeaway of painting a stipple ceiling in a new construction house is that the floors are not installed yet. With no floors installed only the walls need to be covered with plastic while the stipple ceiling is being installed. This saves time and money and material costs all around.

High Quality Professional Masking And Covering Is Required.

After the new construction house has been hung out in poly and taped in and taped up to expose just the ceiling it's time to spray Prime the ceiling. You could use a brush or roller and brush and roll a primer coat on the ceiling by hand too but that takes a lot of time and effort and provides okay looking but not the greatest results. Spray priming the ceiling with primer is the way to go.

Most of the time we use a latex based white as possible interior drywall primer and sealer product to Prime the ceiling. You can use an oil-based white as possible interior drywall primer and sealer if you want. 

Latex based primer and sealer it's just easier to use and more often than not is what we use for mass production stipple ceiling coatings on most of the new houses and condos we provide stipple ceiling services to. If in doubt go with the latex primer based sealer and you won't have any difficulties.

With the poly hung out and the ceiling primer painted and allowed a couple of hours to dry completely it's time to get on with stippling the ceiling. Stippling the ceiling can be done with two different types of stippled ceiling machines. 

You're typically don't stipple a ceiling by hand although there are a couple of guys out there on the internet that show you how to do so. The first setup is a small air compressor and texture Hopper. This is a mobile and go anywhere set up that gets the job done but at a slower rate.

The second step of ceiling setup is commercial grade stipple ceiling machines for mass production of stippled ceiling coatings. Almost all brand new construction houses have the stipple ceiling installed buy bigger and heavier duty stipple ceiling machines that allow a stipple ceiling technician to spray out thousands of square feet of stipple ceiling texture per hour where are the handheld setup might just be two to three to five hundred square feet per hour.

In both cases the idea it's to take care of the hard work first and work backwards towards the easiest stuff. this is accomplished by starting usually on the top floor in the bedrooms and working your way out and off of the top floor down the stairwell towards the main floor. Most top floors have more Walls and More rooms then the main floor. At least in our part of the world they do.

No matter where you decide to start your stipple ceiling texturing the idea is you want the spray finish to look consistent in each room and have each room consistently match each other. The bedroom on the top floor should look identical to the main floor bathroom ceiling. 

To pull that off consistently you need to be able to consistently install stipple ceiling finishes and that requires you to do the same process again and again and again and again for each and every room in the house.

Think About Oil Priming And Latex Finish Coat Finishes.

Typically what we do and we are looking for professional stipple ceiling results is to walk into any room into the house and start immediately above the door that we walked into. We take whatever stipple ceiling machine we are using and we spray in a consistent coat in all of the angles where the wall and the ceiling meet. 

We start above the door we spraying all the corners and then we fill in the middle with a consistent finish. Then we go into the next room. Again we start above the door, again we spray in all of the corners, and again we feel in the middle. This is the only way to get consistent results in every room of the house.

After the stipple ceiling has been applied and allowed to dry you could go on to paint your stipple ceiling. The first time you paint a stipple ceiling you need to use a spray machine. Using a brush in a roller to paint a stipple ceiling that has never been painted before it's going to make a mess. 

All of a stipple ceiling will come off when you brush and roll it. Using a spray machine to paint a stipple ceiling remove that issue completely and allows you to get a consistent spray finish over top of the consistent looking stipple ceiling.

That brings us to how to paint a stipple ceiling in an occupied and finished home. Again the answer is the easiest and best way to paint a stipple ceiling is with a spray machine. Read that to mean that the easiest and best way to paint a stipple ceiling is to have a professional ceiling painter spray your stipple ceiling with a spray machine. Make no doubt about it that is your best option and is highly recommended.

The idea a painting a stipple ceiling in a finished home that is occupied and being lived in by the customer is to pull off a professional stipple ceiling painting job without making a mess. The easiest way to avoid making a mess is to use plenty of plastic and plenty of tape to completely seal off the entire home in such a way that only the ceiling is exposed. This is typically a two-part process.

The two-part process comes down to hanging the plastic off the wall at the top and hanging the plastic off the wall at the bottom plus feeling in the open and exposed areas. Most of the time the customers belongings and property can stay exactly where it is. 

With lots of tape and lots of plastic the entire interior of the house can be completely covered in a safe way to allow a painter to paint a stippled ceiling with a spray machine without making a mess. Most of the time an effort will go into hanging and taping up plastic. The actual painting of the ceiling will likely take only an hour or two per coat for the whole house. Hanging and taping the plastic could take days.

Painting a stipple ceiling with a sprayer machine is done the same way that you go about installing the stipple ceiling on your ceiling. After the plastic is hung you walk into the room you start above the door you spray in the angles and then you spray in the middle. 

Then you go on to the next room you start above the door you walk around the room spraying in the Angles and corners and then you fill in the middle. The idea again has to do the hardest part first which usually means starting upstairs in the bedroom and working your way out down the stairwell and towards the front door.

Always Used Time & Job Tested Quality Primer & Paint Products.

Most of the time spray painting a stipple ceiling requires two coats of paint. Some people might decide to spray paint the stipple ceiling first with primer and then go on to paint the stipple ceiling with two coats of paint. 

The only time that we use primer on a stipple ceiling is when the stipple ceiling is first being installed. Every now and then we do get a customer that asks us to spray Prime the ceiling first and then spraying two additional top coats of paint but not very often. Two coats of paint is usually the job and usually what the customer requests.

Some time and money can be saved if you are going to paint your walls. The set up above is for new construction houses and for occupied homes. If you know that you are going to be painting the ceiling and the walls and even all of the trim in your house you can't save money by cheating on the ceiling painting a bit without breaking any rules. 

If you know you were going to paint your walls and trim you can get away with covering only the floors and covering up the doors and windows. This saves plenty of taping time and plenty of tape and plastic. The idea on this it's the same in terms of how about you go about your painting of the stipple ceiling. 

Instead of the plastic being taped up in such a way that only exposes the ceiling the plan is to overspray the ceiling paint onto the walls because we know we are going to paint over it when we get onto the wall painting. 

This allows you to get your ceiling painted a lot cheaper and a lot faster. You don't really need to tape up the whole house to expose just the ceiling when you're going on to paint the walls. You could but it would cost you a lot more time and a lot more in material and it doesn't need to be so. It's not required.

Hire Professional Stipple Ceiling Painters If You Are Not A Professional Painter.

Just like any other ceiling painting you walk into the room you start above the door you spray in the corners and then you fill in the middle. After that coat of paint has had time to dry and you can see that the entire ceiling is completely dry you can put on a second coat. 

You walk into the room you start above the door you spray in the angles and then you fell in the middle again. Next room. Next room. Next room. Your stipple ceiling painting has been completed the only thing left to do is to clean up and remove the plastic and tape from the house. 

All of the mess is on the top side of the poly. Smart stipple ceiling painters got behind the Polly and tear down the plastic and tape in such a way that they can simply roll up the mess into a big ball of plastic and walk it out the front door to be taken to the dump or to the recycling plant.

And that my friends is how to paint a stipple ceiling. From a professional painter that has painted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of stipple ceilings do yourself and your stipple ceiling a favor and spray paint your stipple ceiling. 

Anything less and you are just wrecking your home and paying way more money for an inferior stipple ceiling finish. Don't let any other painter or stipple ceiling painter or do it yourself or out there tell you differently. If you do it by hand you could wreck your house I have your horrible painting finish and requires thousands in repairs to fix your mess.

And there you have it. A couple of thousand words from a professional team of painters that know how to paint a stipple ceiling. Hopefully these tips and tricks and tidbits of information will help you perfect your stipple ceiling painting.