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How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling

How To Paint Popcorn Ceilings Is Best Done By A Professional Popcorn Ceiling Painter With An Airless Paint Spraying Machine.

Don't Even Think About Brushing And Rolling In A Popcorn Ceiling - Ever!... You Could Ruin Your Popcorn Ceiling.

How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling
How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling Professionally.
You might be searching around online looking for information about How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling for an upcoming popcorn painting project you got planned and want to know how to get professional Ceiling Painting results each and every time. That sounds like you and your popcorn ceiling this how to paint popcorn ceiling post has got you covered. Our popcorn ceiling painting expert Calgary Painters use the exact same popcorn ceiling process on each and every popcorn ceiling painting job that we take on and complete.

There are basically three types of popcorn ceilings that you might come across and might need to know how to paint. We will look at the three most common types of popcorn ceilings out there and how to go about painting each and every one of them. If you follow the guide below even an amateur with no experience should be able to get pretty good results the first time around. We use the methods below everyday when we paint popcorn ceilings for customers.

The first type of popcorn ceilings that we come across in our professional painting and decorating careers on our way to becoming journeyman painters and decorators is new construction popcorn ceilings. You typically find new construction popcorn ceilings on anything that is being built or specked with a popcorn ceiling finish. In our part of the world popcorn ceilings are very popular with home builders and home buyers.

New construction painted popcorn ceiling comes in two types. Primed and textured popcorn ceilings and primed and textured and painted popcorn ceilings. Regardless of which type of new popcorn ceiling is being installed the process is almost always the same. Mask out tape up and plastic out all of the walls in such a way that you are only exposing the ceiling. After covering up everything that needs to be covered next comes priming the ceiling.

Most of the time we spray paint primer on new construction ceilings. It's way faster, it covers way better, it covers more imperfections with more paint, and any spray painter worth his salt can spray tens of thousands of square feet per day with a spray machine. When you are in and out of 500 new houses per month spray is the way to go all day long. Brushing and rolling in paint primer is for newbies and do-it-yourselfers on a budget who are going to get budget results. Not to say that you can't do a good job doing it by hand but I am sure you have heard the phrase the right tool for the job.

Once you have trying to the ceiling either by brushing and rolling it or by spray-painting it drive time is required. all of the primer on the ceiling needs to be completely dry. Sometimes that can take as little as 20 minutes and sometimes it can take all day. It's important that you allow the primer on the ceiling to dry before applying the popcorn texture.

Painting Out Popcorn Ceilings Professionally Isn't Easy.

The easiest way to spray paint or brush and roll a ceiling with primer or paint is to walk in the room and start immediately above the door that you walked into. We usually use a spray machine and start with walking around the entire room perimeter and spray painting in the corners. after we have walked in the room and walked around the room spraying the corners we spray in the middle areas making sure that wear wet paint meets wet paint only a dusting coating is applied over top of an existing coat. This is to ensure uniformity and consistency of your dried primer coat.

After every room in the house has been painted the same way with ceiling primer it's time to get out the texture machine and to get the popcorn flying. Our painters texture ceiling with popcorn ceiling texture the same way that we spray prime a ceiling. Into the room you go just start above the door, a walk around the perimeter of the room spraying in the corners, followed by filling in the middle areas and lightly joining texture patterns together let's just a little bit of spray so everything blends nicely together and dries to a nice looking consistent professional finish.

That is about all of the work you can typically do in a day. Most new construction homes in our part of the world are made this way. Not a lot of customers out there really order a custom home with new popcorn ceiling texture and a new paint job over top of the new popcorn ceiling texture. We have seen it and we have done it but it is one of those one in several hundred jobs that you'll see out there in your career. The texture needs a day or two to dry before we can spray paint over top of it.

A day or two later the popcorn ceiling texture has dried out and now the popcorn ceiling painting can begin. We paint popcorn ceilings the exact same way that we trying in new drywall before the ceiling texture goes up. We walk into a room, start above the door, we walk around the perimeter of the room spraying in the corners, and then we spray paint in the middle open areas again making sure that we lightly overlap the wet paint areas so that everything has a nice consistent coat of paint on it.

A couple of hours later the first coat of paint has dried over top of the popcorn ceiling texture. A couple of quick looks around the house to make sure all of the popcorn ceiling paint has dried before you continue with a second coat of popcorn ceiling paint is required. You cannot skip this part or you are essentially applying another coat of paint to a coat of paint that has not yet dried and you still only really technically have one coat of paint.

For the second coat of paint again we put it on exactly the same way as a primer coat of primer and the exact same way we put on the first coat of ceiling paint over top of the popcorn ceiling. The painter goes into the room, the painter starts above the door, the painter walks around the room spraying paint into the corners, follow up with the ever so common spray painting and filling in the middle of the areas that are not yet painted all lightly trying dust the areas with paint that already have wet paint on them.

Always Use The Best Painting Practices And Painting Tools.

Again a couple of hours later the popcorn ceiling painting paint should have all dried out. It is a good idea to take a good look at your new painted popcorn ceiling before you remove the plastic covering the walls and floors. The last thing you want is to see that you missed in the area or you find an area that requires a bit more paint after you have removed all of the plastic. Always be sure to take a good look around before you pull the plastic. The guide above pretty much sums up how to paint popcorn ceiling in a new house being built.

The next type of popcorn ceiling painting that we do a lot of is renovation painting. Most of the time on renovation painting the idea is that the ceiling walls and trim are all being repainted. The floors in the place may or may not be being kept and used again. Like any pro ceiling painter the idea is cover up everything that means to be covered and to spray just the ceiling and not make a mess anywhere. Customers don't like ceiling painting messes.

Painting popcorn ceilings in a renovation goes down almost the same way that it does inside of a new house construction popcorn ceiling. The method of going about painting the popcorn ceiling is identical to that of a new house. The only difference is you need to be a little bit more aware of the type of paint to use for a popcorn ceiling in a renovation house or you could cost yourself Moore paint and more labor to correct the problem.

The problem with old popcorn ceilings and a new popcorn ceiling painting job about to go on it is that popcorn ceilings have a tendency to yellow out if you use latex based paints. If you use latex based paints to paint your ceiling popcorn your ceiling could turn yellow within minutes of the ceiling paint being applied. you will have to wait until the ceiling completely dries out and then painted it again with oil-based paint.

We have completed thousands of popcorn ceiling painting jobs with oil-based ceiling paint products and not a single one of those oil based ceiling paint jobs has ever let us down, turned yellow, or failed us or our customers. Unfortunately we cannot say the same thing about latex base paints over top of popcorn ceilings. Yes you can get a good paint job for your popcorn ceilings with latex paint but the sure and safe bet is to use oil-based paints.

Make Sure You Use High Quality Primer & Ceiling Painting Products.

Our painters find that zinsser stain killer primer and paint products work the best on all types of ceilings. And we have sprayed hundreds if not thousands of them. Not a single failure. Oil based ceiling paint cost about twice the price of latex-based ceiling paints but they are essentially risk-free and good business for the painting contractor and the customer. You can try other products but we just paint with the paint products that we have tested ourselves and have withstood the test of time.

And that leaves us with the last type of popcorn ceilings to paint. The hardest type of popcorn ceiling painting out there is painting a customer's house or home that is occupied by the customer and his or her property. Just like every other professional popcorn ceiling painting job that we do the idea is not to make a mess. oil paint is not very forgiving and does not clean out very well at all. Most of the time on a popcorn ceiling paint job is spent on covering everything up and readying the home ceiling for painting.

On most homes you are going to need a couple hundred dollars worth the poly and tape to pull off a successful cover up and tape job that will contain all of the mess you're about to make. Sharp straight typing skills are essential. Only the ceiling can be exposed. Tape must be applied exactly to the corner of where the ceiling and the wall meet and plastic hung from the tape around the entire house. We call this a bag out or sacking out the house. In a nutshell absolutely everything is covered and taped off except for the ceiling.

Bagging out the house or sacking out the home can take a couple of days depending on the house and the amount of property in the house. An empty house is much faster so you can expect it to be much cheaper but painting popcorn ceilings in a finished and occupied home as more than doable with some practice. After all the plastic is hung out you paint the popcorn ceiling with two coats of paint with adequate dry time between coats and pull the plastic on your done.

Again the safest way to paint a popcorn ceiling is with oil-based primer and paint products. You will pay more for the paint, the paint will be harder to use, more time and patience will be required to properly prepare the house or home, but the results are perfect and flawless long lasting results with the best products in the industry and some of the highest popcorn ceiling painting quality results you can get for your house and home.

We have successfully painted and repainted hundreds if not thousands of popcorn ceilings. About 90% of the time we paint popcorn ceilings with oil based primer and oil-based paint products. If the house is relatively newly built within the last 5 years you can typically get away with using latex paint in any color that you want. We typically don't see a whole lot of those because the houses are still under warranty but when we do we try to push the oil based paint products so it's safe business for everyone.

And there you go. A couple of thousand words on how to professionally paint a popcorn ceiling and just about any type of house or home environment got a typical painting contractor, Painting company, or painter will typically come across. Spray painting popcorn ceilings is always the way to go. Never brush or roll a popcorn ceiling unless it has previously been painted or all you will do is make a mess. you don't want to make a mess with oil-based paint products you will never get it out. Hope that helps and thanks for reading this how to paint popcorn ceiling guide.