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How To Paint A Ceiling Without Making A Mess

Knowing How To Paint A Ceiling Without Making A Mess Is Key To Professional Ceiling Painting Results.

The Right Tools For The Job, Right Experience, Right Primer & Paint Products, Are Required.

How To Paint A Ceiling Without Making A Mess
How To Paint A Ceiling Without Making A Mess.

Like many of the other hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of questions people out there on the internet search for about painting, this How To Paint A Ceiling Without Making A Mess question is one of them. In This here helpful how to paint a ceiling without making a mess blog post guide that will help you paint a ceiling like a pro without making a mess every time. If you are considering Ceiling Painting, or maybe even thinking about Interior Painting, and are thinking about doing things yourself, or if you are thinking about ceiling painting and considering hiring in a painting company to complete your ceiling painting needs and requirements here is a few tips about mess free ceiling painters direct from our Calgary Painters. House Painting is not easy, if your professional job type does not include the words House Painters and does not include the words Interior Painters, the right move is calling in a professional.

Painting out a ceiling without making a mess is not easy. It is easier if you are a professional ceiling painter but even then it's not easy. Even more so if you are painting a ceiling in a finished house or home and if the customers or clients property is inside while the customers are also living in the residence when the painting is going down. It's easy to make a mess on your ceiling, and it's easy to get paint and primer all over the floor, walls, and property if you are not careful. If you have never ever painted a ceiling before you are going to be much better off painting extra and hiring a professional painter, painting company, or painting contractor to complete your painting.

The best ceiling painting results come from spray painting in a ceiling. Safe painting means spray painting stain blocking oil based primer and high quality latex or oil based top coats. It doesn't matter if your ceiling is currently a flat finished and painted ceiling, or if your ceiling is a textured ceiling, the best looking and longest lasting results come from spray painting your ceiling. It's very import that you always use the right products. While it's never pleasant to work with, starting every ceiling painting job with an oil based stain killer primer is a must. It's safe business for you, and it is safe business for the painter. 

Be Sure To Spray Prime And Spray Paint Your Ceilings - No Exceptions!

Stain blocking your ceiling with primer first primes and readies the ceiling for paint. Painters never know what type of paint or primer, if any, is on your ceiling. Your painter or contractor can take an educated guess, but if you are wrong, you will have costly repairs. The best painting, and the safest painting is oil priming your ceilings by spray painting primer on to the ceiling first, and then top coating or finish coating the ceiling with two coats or more of spray painted oil based or latex based ceiling paint. You can always get away with flat paint for ceiling paint in any oil base or latex based product.

Now that you know there is a safe way to paint your ceiling, and there is a best way to paint your ceiling, we can get on to what you can do to paint your ceiling without making a mess. The first thing you should realize is that everything except for the ceiling needs to be covered up. After all, spray painting your ceiling with primer and spray painting your ceiling with paint is like bring in a pressure washer into your house to paint. That is pretty much what you are doing. In order for you, or any painter, or painting company, or painting contractor to pull of professional ceiling painting results very professional masking, taping, and covering with plastic and paper and tape is going to be required. 

If you do not do a very good job covering up all of the floors and all of the walls with plastic and tape and paper, you will see where you did a poor job covering and protecting the walls and the floors and property when you finish your painting and remove the plastic. Most of the time will be spent covering the walls and taping the angles in where the ceilings and the walls meet. Not only do you need to do a sharp job of masking out the ceiling with a masking machine or by hand with tape and plastic, you also need to know which tape is the best to use and actually use the right tape so you don't make a mess.

If you are not a professional ceiling painter, you might have hopefully figured out by now that professional ceiling painting, professional ceiling painting results, and pulling off a professional ceiling paint job without making a mess is a huge skill in itself. Painters and decorators that go out into the public and into peoples houses and homes and properties need lots of practice and very refined skills to pull of a spray paint job on your ceiling and not make a mess. It should seem obvious that if you have never spray painted out a ceiling, let alone covered up the walls and floors on a professional ceiling painting job before, you really are better off hiring in an experienced ceiling painting expert. 

Do A Perfect Job Covering Your Walls, Floors, And Property - Or You Will Make A Mess!

The last thing you want to do is try to save your self a couple of hundred of a couple of thousand dollars in money doing it yourself at the expense of wrecking your ceiling, wrecking your walls, and wrecking your property. It happens. We've seen plenty of ceiling paint jobs that went horribly wrong by the professional do it your self persons out there. Making a mess is very easy and very expensive if you mess up. Don't mess up. Don't paint your ceiling yourself if you are not a pro. If you've ever wondered how to paint a ceiling without making a mess this how to paint a ceiling without making a mess post is made for you. By the time you finish reading this guy you'll know how to paint the ceiling like a pro and you'll know how to paint the ceiling like a pro without making a mess every time.

there are two main ways to successfully and professionally paint the ceiling without making a mess. The first and most professional results come from spray painting the ceiling followed by brushing and rolling in the ceiling if you are on a budget or not too picky about the type of finish you will get on your new ceiling. Both ways to paint the ceiling work and you can successfully paint a ceiling without making a mess using a brush and roller or by spray painting the ceiling with ceiling paint.

The key to a super high-quality ceiling painting job and results is lots of paint and lots of ceiling painting practice. With lots of paint and lots of ceiling painting experience a professional ceiling painter can paint any type of ceiling with any type of paint or primer products and pull off professional results fast cheap and easy and clean. The key to pulling off painting a ceiling professionally and successfully painting a ceiling without making a mess is plenty of tape and plastic and a handy dandy guide that shows you how to do it. Just like this one.

Ceilings are made and built in come in all types and colors. From flat painted ceilings all the way up to sloped and textured ceilings and a combination of flat painted and ceiling textured ceilings with borders and a lot of other ceilings not covered in this guide. Regardless of the type of ceiling that you paint the idea always has to paint the ceiling without making a mess. And we are not just talking about making a mess like paint drips and paint drops falling off the brush or roller or spray machine and getting all over the floor but also the end result the customer sees along the way towards the ceiling painting being completed.

simply said the best way to paint the ceiling from a professional House painters perspective it's the simply spray in the ceiling with ceiling paint and a spray painting machine. Not just any spray painting machine though but works very well is a conventional airless spray painting machine. We have completed hundreds if not thousands of spray Prime and spray ceiling paint spray painted ceiling jobs along the way and the bottom line is spray painting the ceiling provides the best results and requires the least amount of skill and effort.

Never Ever Use A Brush & Roller On A Ceiling - You Will Make A Mess.

We're not saying you can't pull off a professional paint job on a ceiling with a brush and roller but we are saying it does make a mess and it is a lot harder work. the best thing that you can do for your house or home ceiling is to have your ceiling spray painted. If it is a flat painted drywall ceiling like your walls might be these types of ceilings can be brushed and rolls are spray-painted to good results. However if the ceiling is textured with popcorn ceilings texture, knock-down ceiling texture, or splatter ceiling texture, or orange peel ceiling texture you will make a mess and ruin the texture if you tried to brush and roll it in.

It doesn't matter what type of tools you use or the type of paint that you use if you try to brush and roll in a textured ceiling you will make a huge mess and the bottom line is your ceiling texture full of wet paint will fall off the ceiling and land on the floor and that is what we call making a mess. Not to mention that brushing and rolling in that textured ceiling could require you to provide your customer with a brand-new textured ceiling because you thought you would be a hero and know it all and go in and try to paint the ceiling that's textured with a brush and roller. Just say no to painting a ceiling with a brush and roller of any type and go with the spray painting of the ceiling and you will get excellent results every time no matter what type of ceiling finish you have.

So if you were wondering how we actually go about painting a ceiling without making a mess we will share that with you now. The key to pulling off a super professional-looking and super clean painting job that shows we know how to paint a ceiling without making a mess is to spray paint the ceiling with a sprayer machine after plenty of preparation and masking around the home that completely covers and seals off the floors and the walls and exposes just the ceilings. Once all that preparation work is done and completed you can get on with brush and rolling the ceiling. By the time you have walked out of a bedroom and completed one coat of brush and roll of the ceiling we will likely have half of the house sprayed.

By the time you're actually done putting a single coat of paint on a textured ceiling with a brush and roller are other Pro painters using a conventional spray painting machine and ceiling paint will likely have completed a full coat of paint on the rest of the entire house and probably use the whole lot less paint. Brushing a rolling in ceilings has to be the worst type of painting job in the entire painting industry. It's hard on the arms it's hard on the legs it's hard on the neck it's hard on the quality of work and it is very hard on the pocketbook. Not to mention you could completely ruin your ceiling and require a new one because you decided to save a couple of dollars.

Hire A Professional Ceiling Painters If You Are Not A Professional Ceiling Painter.

When we do find ourselves brushing and rolling in a ceiling against our will we use the same exact ceiling painting process every single time. After the covering and preparation and masking it's completed we go into the room we start above the door and we start painting right above the door going into the room. We brush in the angles or the corners where the wall and the ceiling and meet all around the entire room. We follow that up by grabbing the roller and start rolling in and feeling in the unpainted areas. After that coat is allowed to dry we look for ceiling repairs or dents or dings in the ceiling or missing texture that needs to be repaired, complete the repairs, and allow everything a couple of hours to dry.

After everything I've had a couple of hours to dry and the repairs if any have been completed we go in for the second or third coat of paint. When we spray paint ceilings we generally only ever need to full coats of paint to completely paint out a brand new looking ceiling. When we brush and roll paint ceilings in it's always two coats of paint or more and a lot of back-breaking work. the key takeaway here is that all of the walls and all of the floors are completely covered and sealed up in plastic which allows you to complete the painting of the ceiling fast cheap easy and clean.

And with that said my friends that is how to paint a ceiling without making a mess for your customers or clients to clean up after you of charge them thousands of dollars for ceiling painted and completed the job. Making a mess painting a ceiling is for amateurs. Perhaps more better title for this post should have been how to paint a ceiling professionally without making a mess. That's how it's done folks. Simple common sense. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands and thousands of interior drywall and textured ceilings spray painted to absolutely beautiful finish paint results Time and Time and Time and Time again.