Thursday, August 1, 2019

How To Paint A Ceiling Like A Pro

Spray Paint A Ceiling To Get Those Pro Ceiling Painting Results.

How To Paint A Ceiling Like A Pro Is Best Left To The Pros.

How To Paint A Ceiling Like A Pro
How To Paint A Ceiling Like A Pro.
Find yourself thinking about How To Paint A Ceiling Like A Pro for an upcoming professional ceiling painting job you got in mind? Thinking about maybe doing it by yourself, or considering perhaps thinking about hiring a painter, painting contractor, or painting company near you listen online on the internet on google, bing, yahoo, or on the yellow pages or yelp, etc. If that sounds like you, could be you, maybe is you, then this how to paint a ceiling like a pro guide should help you understand the basics required to pull off a professional ceiling painting job, or a ceiling repainting job, so you will know what it takes to know how to paint a ceiling like a pro. Then you will know if you got what it takes to paint your ceiling by your self like a professional, or hire in a professional ceiling painting company to take care of your ceiling painting needs and wants for you.

There are a lot of different types of ceilings out there that you can paint. Not every ceiling out there is a flat finished and primed and painted finish painted ceiling. We've seen, painted, and repainted a lot of ceilings. A lot of clean ceilings, and a lot of very dirty ceilings. Just about 99% of the time we spray prime ceilings and spray paint ceilings with a spray painting machine. Everything from a brand new ceiling in a brand new house currently under construction all the way over to the existing ceiling sitting in your living room. You could have a bare drywall ceiling or you could have a primed and ceiling painted ceiling or textured ceiling or a painted and textured ceiling with crown molding and all the extras maybe even including some borders in there too. When interior painting always make sure you paint your ceiling to get the best results all around consistently in each and every room.

Painting A Ceiling Like A Professional Isn't Easy If You're Not A Painter.

Regardless of the type of ceiling that you have there are basically two different ways that you can paint the ceiling. Hire in one of the best Calgary Painters or do the ceiling painting work yourself. You will be better off going with a professional providing professional painting services. The most well-known and good old fashioned way it's the paint the ceiling by hand with the good old brush and roller. With enough paint and enough backbreaking work you can turn out a really good high quality ceiling painting finish with just about any brush and roller out there and enough paint and sore neck time.

The other way to paint a ceiling is to spray paint a ceiling with a paint machine. Spray painting a ceiling with a spray painting machine allows most painters to spray paint thousands of square feet of ceiling area per hour. In fact the only hold up I'm spray painting out ceilings is the amount of time it takes keep reloading the paint machine with paint if you are using a conventional airless spray paint machine.

Both spray painting a ceiling and brush and rolling a ceiling provide good results but time and time and time again spray painting a ceiling produce is much better looking results with way less effort at the cost of costing you more in paint and plastic and tape. if you want the best of the best of the best ceiling painting results spray painting a ceiling is the way to go. Most houses and homes can have the ceilings primed and spray-painted in a single day which might take you a week doing it by hand to save a hundred or $200 in paint.

So now that you know what your ceiling painting options are now you need to know how to prep the ceiling and the surrounding areas so you can brush and roll or spray super high quality ceiling painting finish. There are typically two types of ceiling painting jobs you might find yourself on possibly three depending on how you look at it. In the new construction house we're home or residential building you will be able to get in and paint the ceilings before the floors are in the walls are finished and the place is occupied. Most times only minimal covering is required allowing for maximum ceiling painting footage per hour.

The other type of ceiling painting you might find yourself on is occupied and finished interiors we're just the ceiling itself requires painting. As in only the ceiling is being painted no walls are being painted and the customer lives in the house and home have has their property left exactly where it was when you showed up for the price quote or estimate. This type of painting it's going to require a lot more preparation time then a ceiling in a house that is under construction with no floors and it not even close to being anywhere near completion.

While the method of painting the ceiling will be identical regardless of whether you are brushing a rolling or spraying the ceiling more prep time is obviously going to be required for an occupied home or property then a new house or home or property under construction. The idea is not to be making a mess inside of people's houses or homes or property and just pull off a super high quality ceiling painting job.

It Takes A Professional Ceiling Painter For Professional Ceiling Painting.

Any super high-quality ceiling painters out there that have painted just the ceilings on an occupied house or home or property no there is only one way prepare a house for home ceiling for a paint job. Complete and total coverage of all surfaces in the house or home or property with only the ceiling exposed for the paint job. With a whole lot of plastic and whole lot of tape there is a way that you can completely cover your home safely with plastic and tape that you can walk into your home with the spray paint machine or pressure washer and safely hose down the ceiling with massive amounts of paint absolutely risk-free.

Once you have prepared to home for ceiling painting by covering all walls and floors and exposing just the ceiling for paint you are ready to get on with painting the ceiling. Most of the ceiling painting we do is spray painting of the ceiling with a sprayer machine. We try not to do any type of ceiling painting by brush or roller unless it is a very small ceiling area like a small bathroom or perhaps some closets. Anything bigger than that we spray the ceilings.

Now that it's time to paint the ceiling it's time to think about primer and the type of paint that you will use to paint your ceiling. A new construction house ceiling will generally require a primer coat of primer and then to top coats of paint to complete the ceiling. For most drywall ceilings you can use either latex based paint or oil-based paint and primer products with the industry mostly using latex based paint over oil based paints for new construction houses these days.

On aresidential repaint where one is repainting an existing painted ceiling you can very likely skip the primer coat and simply spray out two coats of paint. You can try latex or you could go oil. Are preferences that we use oil-based paints and primers for residential house and home and property repaint.

While the oil based paints might cost more an inconvenience you with the smell while they are being applied it's a way better product that last a lot longer in all types of conditions and will easily save you a ceiling painting job just for using a better product up front. Not to say that latex is bad but oil is better especially when it comes to the ceilings. You think about that greasy stove and that grease getting up on your latex-based ceiling. You will never get that out without using oil paint over top of that grease. That's just an example.

Always Use The Right Ceiling Paint For Every Ceiling Painting Project.

Oil paint is also waterproof so it will repel water. Think about that pipe near upstairs bathroom bursting and your oil based ceiling making it through unscratched because you paid a little bit extra for oil based paint instead of latex based paint for your ceiling. That's another example that can go a long way keeping your ceiling painting cost down in a long run if you find yourself in your forever home.

For any type of non drywall based ceilings oil paint & primer is certainly the way to go. Oil paint & primer sticks to absolutely everything. Including all those on paintable services out there.yes you can do a really great job with latex paint on your ceiling and we have completed hundreds if not thousands of them to date. it was our house and home we would be going with the oil base paint because we know better.

those are really the basics that you need to know how to paint a ceiling like a pro. With the information above in mind you know what you need to know pull off a pro ceiling painting job or to help you find ceiling painting contractor to do the work for you. The hardest part about painting a ceiling is the preparation time required when you are painting a ceiling and a person's house or home. No one wants a mess and no one will pay for a mess so only perfect professional ceiling painting results will do.