Sunday, July 21, 2019

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Stucco House

Lots and lots and lots of people out there on the internet wondering how much does it cost to paint a stucco house. In this year how much does it cost to paint a stucco house blog post we will cover the typical things a stucco painter looks at will likely contribute to cost of painting a stucco house. By the time you finish reading this how much is it cost to paint a stucco house guide you will have a pretty good idea of what it would cost to paint your stucco house and how you could go about painting your stucco house the same way.

When you look around your neighborhood you probably see a lot of different types and colors and styles of houses out there just as much as we do. Every house is typically unique in its own way including those cookie cutter houses that look identical on the inside and the outside. When it comes to quoting a customer to paint a stucco house there are several things that are painters look at to help us determine the price of painting the house the cost and time involved and truth be told if we are even interested completing that painting for our customer. Some stucco houses are easy to paint and some stucco hoses are not easy to paint.

The biggest thing that you are up against when painting a stucco house that is going to cost you the most is actually the size of the house itself and the amount of area of stucco that needs to be painted. I figure stucco house will obviously require more stucco painting hours and more stucco paints to complete then say a small bungalow house that requires stucco repainting. The size of the house itself will determine how much paint you need and how much painting needs to go into the house to complete the new stucco coating.

The type of areaand surroundings around the stucco house and connected to the stucco house is also going to have some influence on how much it cost to paint a stucco house. A very small stucco home with no trees or fences near or attached to the house or home that allows one to freely walk around wall painting a stucco house makes for pretty easy painting for any painter out there. On the other hand, trees in the yard and close to the home, shrubs and bushes around the house. And uneven ground level can make for really tough painting just as much as a fence with no door that requires to be worked around. Property in the yard or around the house and home will require additional attention and simply cost more money.

The type of stucco that you have on your home is also going influence how much paint and labor is going to be required to paint your stucco house. Flat style stucco makes for the easiest type of painting almost like painting drywall. Uneven course custom stucco patterns with a million different angles nooks and cranniescan make for a tough job even from the most professional of stucco painters. You can expect your stucco painter to charge more if he has a tougher job to paint your stucco.

The types of colors that you decide to paint your new stucco with are also going to contribute to the cost of painting your stucco house. Simply said white based or lighter colored paint colors cost less than darker color paints. White paint cost less than black paint. You pay for that extra color every time, you really do. The absolutely cheapest paint color for you to use is an almost perfect or near match color match to your existing color. You will use way less paint in two coats over top of the same existing color then if you do a color change.

The amount of surfaces on your house and home that require covering is also going to contribute to the cost of your stucco painting bill. A house or home with a front door and a back door and a couple of windows is much easier to prepare than a 5-story walkout with 26 windows in it requiring days of ladder work just to prepare the windows.

The amount of soffits that you have and the type of soffits that you have and the type of painting that you were going to do will also contribute to the cost of painting your stucco house. Stucco paint jobs where the stucco paint is being painted on to say a wooden soffit is much easier to complete then painting just the stucco wall with metal soffits which will require taping and masking to cover up before painting.

With all that masking covering up done it's time for primer and paint. when we paint stucco house we typically don't use a primer for the first coat for the first time stucco has been painted. We just get on with painting the stucco house with stucco paint. Being a color match or a color change two coats is usually needed.the type of paint that you use to paint with and the way that you go about painting your stucco house with a brush or a roller or with a spray machine it's going to have an impact on the price it's going to cost you to paint a stucco house.

A stucco based house finished with stucco can be painted with just about any type of paint that you want. The reality is is that any type of paint will work but some types of paint are better suited for the job than others. You definitely want to use an exterior paint and you definitely want to use an exterior paint that is not a stain. You do not want to use stain. Preferably you want to use a masonry paint or a stucco paint that is specifically designed stick to stucco stone brick etcetera. Stucco paint is the thickest paint in the industry and as such one coat of stucco paint is typically better than two or three coats of regular exterior typical paint.

You make a lot of extra work for yourself when you take on painting your stucco house by hand with a brush or roller. According to us the ideal way to paint a stucco house is 2 spray paint the stucco will stucco paint using a spray painting machine. We aren't talking about one of those little hand-held spray paint machines we are talking about a conventional airless spray paint machine without your 3000 pounds per square inch to get that thick paint-spraying. Most of the time painting stucco by hand is simply the wrong way to go and you make a lot more work for yourself and you make a lot more mess with the paint.

When you find your not up for spray painting your stucco house you should consider hiring a professional stucco painter who will paint your house with stucco paint and a spray machine. Spray painting stucco with a spray machine allows you to get really thick coats of really thick paint into an over top of the stucco. We have never had a stucco house fail even two dozen years later things are still holding up very well. Do you think you're going to get that type of performance out of just any type of exterior paint? Well you might if you're lucky or you could just go with stucco paint for painting stucco and that is pretty much what you were going to expect to get.

Don't let any other stucco painter out there tell you differently. Elastomeric paint or masonry paint is the right paint for the stucco painting job. Most of the time your painting contractor will get you exterior stucco paint or elastomeric paint for about half the retail price that you can expect to pay. On medium and large size hoses that could add up to several thousands of dollars discounts just in the savings in the paint alone. On top of that your stucco painter will do a much better job painting your stucco then you will. Unless of course you have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stucco painting jobs under your belt then you might be able to out paint your stucco painter but it's not likely.

And there you have it my friends. Every house with stucco on it is different and it's going to cost different amounts of money depending on the stucco, the type of paint use, the way that your house is built, and the way that you go about painting the house. Yes you will do well saving some money if you go about painting your house but the bottom line is you will probably just make a mess all over your house and do it the wrong way and at some point down the road wish that you called the stucco painter in to get your stucco painting completed by professional.